#OccupyTO | occupy Toronto | Response to Toronto Sun’s Converage | 10.15.2011

Saturday October 15,2011 World Revolution Day A concerned Occupier replies to the Toronto Sun To: Terry Davidson, Editors of Toronto Sun
Journalism is not about attaching people. It is not divide, and it must not be biased. It is your choice to ignore people’s motives behind the recent protests across US and Canada. But if you chose to ignore the most critical aspect, to dig into their cause, then you have no right to be judgmental; or Instead of sticking to facts, come up with fictitious (be it imaginative) ways of tagging any given movement. No one person has ever stood up and claimed ownership of this movement. It has been made clear time and time again, that this movement is of individuals with different opinions and values, united as one. Therefore, there is no one leader. And, there is no one ideology. Would-be revolutionaries or otherwise. You also make a failed attempt to discredit this movement by referring to the age participants. It is not about rage, sex, race or religion. It is an international understanding, that people have Freedom of Speech. It is irrelevant to focus on age, rather than purpose. Not to mention insulting to your own intelligence! All of this I can understand. You are misinformed and uneducated. But what I don’t understand is you were there. You spend time counting the number of people there (also irrelevant, as even one concerned person must be taken serious). You even took time to guess the age of each person and then average it out! But where were you when it was announced that some of the labour unions have joined the movement. That they have Showed support. If you were paying attention, instead of fantasizing you would have heard that it is NOT only of a bunch of 20 year old Would-be revolutionaries, but of 99% of the population! Oh, and I don’t mind you deleting my comments… TWICE A concerned citizen, as response to your recent article: posted On Thursday, October 13, 2011.

#OccupyAtlanta | Upcoming Events 10.15.2011

October 15,2011 Day of #OccupyGlobe World Revolution Day #OccupyAtlanta Scheduled events for 10.15.2011 and 10.16.2011 at Occupy Atlanta Saturday, October 15th: World Revolution Day
  • “Jobs not Cuts” March to the capitol building 11 am
  • Group Teaching and Idea Exchange 2 pm
  • Press Conference 6 pm
  • General Assembly 7 pm
  • Possible film screening. We need a PA system! 9 pm
Sunday, October 16th: MLK Jr. Memorial Dedication
  • Meditation on Peace and Justice 12 pm
  • Non-Violence Training 1 pm
  • Solemn March to the Tomb of Martin Luther King Jr. 5 pm
  • General Assembly 9 pm