Webbot Project | Standup Humans | Roseanne Barr Wins The Pie | #OccupyWallStreet

Wednesday October 4,2011 [‘year of assertion’]

Cliff High, of HalfPastHuman.com [the webbot project] has placed Roseanne Barr, on the top of his list [Standup Humans] of people whom earned their pie. Assumably, it relates to her comments on the Banksters [rich should be beheaded if they do not reform] , in a recent interview with Max Keiser , on October 2, Roseanne argued that no individual should earn more than one hundred million dollars. If they do they should be sent to reformation camp, if they continue to be noncompliant, then they should be beheaded.

Given the recent protests in the #OccupyWallStreet Movement, many people are not as afraid to stand up, and speak the truth, as they see it.

“Awaken The 99% Suppress The 1%”

A video snippet of the interview is below: