Arrests and rotten deal at the Albany Bulb

From: Amber Whitson <phlamber.the.bull AT gmail DOT com> The settlement is public information now and will be announced at the Council meeting tonight: “On Friday, April 11th, Albany Police raided a camp on the Albany Bulb, arresting two Bulb residents at one of their longtime homes. One of those arrested is currently dealing with serious medical issues and missed an extremely important surgery while locked down. Not content to merely criminalize the homeless, the city used their arrests as a pretext to exclude the two targeted Bulb residents (who happen to … Continued

Heels to Heal: A Walk Around Lake Merritt for Alan Blueford May 3rd, 2014.

“Not all kids get to grow up the same in America. Not all kids get to finish growing up.” Please join the Blueford Family in a walk around lake Merritt as we use our heels to heal the community on the 2 year anniversary of Alan’s death–the event will be a celebration of Alan’s life and a time for The People to unite to “use your heels to heal the community”   A SOLIDARITY WALK AROUND LAKE MERRITT ON SATURDAY MAY 3RD, 2014 We will gather at the gazebo at Lake … Continued

Here’s a spiffy alternative health idea: craniosacral therapy!

The best Craniosacral Therapist in Columbus, Ohio area is Lisa Gillespie over at Gillispie Partners in Wellness, LLC. Just thought you’d want to know! If you’d like to read up on cranial sacral therapy you can always just find the wikipedia entry and bone up.

Fun facts:

Cranioascral therapy is also known as Cranial Sacral Therapy — they’re both the same thing.

Lisa is the guru of Columbus craniosacral therapists. She’s been doing it since the nineties and there’s just no one better qualified to manipulate your skull!

It’s a form of bodywork that is fantastic, in my opinion, for addressing head injuries — no matter how old!

Key concepts include the Primary Respiratory System, the mobility of the cranial bones, Mobility of the intracranial and intraspinal dural membranes, Fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid, Inherent motility of the central nervous system. Cranial Osteopathy came before craniosacral therapy. You’ll also run across another word called palpation. Therapists say they “palpate” the cranial bones.

While there are a small number of incidences of complications with victims of traumatic brain injury (i.e. “TBI”), as a TBI victim myself, I’ve had spectacular results. I think craniosacral therapy is a superb therapy to try for victims of intracranial injury or head injury of any kind.

Isn’t it funny how if you go to the Wikipedia page on CST, what you find is that the QuackWatch goofballs have basically taken over that page, and it now subtly leaves you with the impression that cranial sacral therapy is only for fools or generally uncool people? The nerve. Anyway, something you should know about the Quackwatch folks (go ahead and Google them), is they hate absolutely anything that is not strictly orthodox medicine. At all. They think chiropractors are demons. They think vitamins are for geeks and suckers. A federal judge once tossed a case they filed out of court, calling them dweebs. Well, not dweebs, but he said something I think a reasonable person would not take as a compliment, but it’s getting pretty late as I write this.

The point is, watch out for the forces trying to tell you what to think. At least I’m honest that I’d like to convince you to give craniosacral a try, and I’m basing this on direct experience!


Earth Day Editorial

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California is drying up. Soon it will fall into the sea like a dead toenail. And still the 1% act as if climate change will spare their

  • Beach house on The Islands
  • Ski getaway in Aspen
  • Third Home in Malibu

and that mosquitos stop at the gated neighborhoods’ welcome desk. They don’t.

How can we be assured that our life’s blood will not be sucked up by the rattlesnakes who think they own the Earth and everything on it?

  • UN Convention declaring water a human right
  • Tax wasted water like it’s going out of style
  • Carbon Tax
  • Tie the value of currency to the number of fish in the sea.

You think that’s crazy? Think about the water sprinkler that’s been running in the desert for fifty years going off.

For The Earth,

Aria Littlhous

15th Annual Earth Day Charles River Cleanup

Saturday, April 26, 2014
9am – 12pm
At sites along the Charles River and its tributaries

Follow the conversation on Twitter: #charlesrivercleanup

Sign up now as an individual or with a team for this popular volunteer event. Spots fill up quickly so act now!