#OccupySTL | Playing for Change 10.14.11 | An Occupy St Louis Concert

Friday October 14,2011 Occupy St Louis Join us this Friday for another concert to benefit the St. Louis Occupation, Playing for Change 10.14.11: Here’s the Line-Up 530- Zagk Gibbons 6- Ciera Goodwin and Darwin 615-630 Tef Poe 630- Union Electric 745- AutoMagik 830- Aaron Kamm and the One Drops

#OccupySTL | National Day of Action Saturday October 15 2011

Friday October 14,2011 #OccupySTL Wake-up St. Louis! We need your support this Saturday. Join us to celebrate this national day of action by hitting the streets to talk to people in St. Louis about the Occupy Wall Street movement. We will gather at Kiener Plaza at 2pm and then break out into teams to go to Cherokee, Grand, the Loop, Soulard, and other neighborhoods to reach out to people. We will talk together first about different ways to engage people and spread the word before heading out.  


Workers, jobless Missourians, students and seniors will join Occupy St. Louis at Kiener Plaza and then march to downtown banks, calling them out for failing to invest in our communities and for their shady foreclosure practices. March continues to the western edge of the Arch grounds to see a few of the highways and bridges that need work – infrastructure projects that could be creating good local jobs.
Friday October 14 at 3:30 p.m., hundreds of union members, community organizations, students, seniors and jobless workers will gather at Kiener Plaza in Downtown St. Louis, joining the growing movement Occupy St. Louis, one of encampments in cities nationwide in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. As Missourians in St. Louis and across the state have joined the nationwide movement, the demand that politicians work for all of us has been growing. Friday’s rally will continue the calls for elected officials to represent the 99% that have been left behind in this devastating economy. At the rally at Kiener Plaza, a broad cross-section of St. Louis will unite in solidarity, demonstrating that the 99% left behind in this economy includes union workers as well as unemployed workers, senior citizens along with families with young children, teachers and students. People are frustrated, sad and angry-and it isn’t hard to see why. Families are continuing to lose their homes and their hope, students are facing an increasingly bleak future after graduation. Hundreds will then march to Bank of America, calling out the banking giant for unjust and unfair policies that have kicked working and middle class families in the teeth, keeping millions from relief from underwater mortgages and forcing many in Missouri and across the country from their homes. By calling out the hypocrisy of banks bailed out by taxpayers yet hoarding assets that could be used to invest in communities and get the economy back on track, the Occupy movements have shone a light on the ways Wall Street banks have been harming local families, small businesses and communities. Meanwhile, the jobs crisis continues. Reckless and greedy corporations and their millionaire and billionaire CEOs have shipped away good jobs and shut millions of families out of the middle class. Rather than being “job creators,” by hoarding resources and limiting investments, these short-sighted privateers are killing jobs and our communities. From Bank of America, the marchers will head over to the Western side of the Arch grounds, where jobless workers and labor leaders will point out the great need for infrastructure investments in the St. Louis region. The St. Louis region has well-trained, skilled workers that are left on the bench while schools, roads and bridges are left to crumble. Contributing to the problem, too many of our elected officials listen only to the CEOs and Wall Street bankers that wrecked the economy, ignoring their own constituents. Wall Street and corporate America wrecked our economy, and it is time that banks and big corporations step up to fix it. The march Friday and in Occupy actions 24/7, construction workers, seniors, cashiers, janitors, and students demand that elected officials start leading: invest in America and start creating the kind of good jobs that support a family, rebuilding our infrastructure and improving our schools. Foreclosures and the flood of underwater mortgages must be halted so families can stay in their homes and our communities can recover. To achieve the American Dream, we have to support the 99% of Americans, including the hundreds rallying Friday Downtown. Who: Union members, community activists, jobless Missourians, Occupy St. Louis participants What: We are the 99% rally and march When: Friday, October 14 from 3:30-5 pm Where: Kiener Plaza (100 N. 7th St.) in St. Louis  

#OccupySTL | The Sixth Official Statement of the Occupy St Louis General Assembly

Occupy St. Louis issues the following statement of solidarity in response to the police actions taken against various Occupy Movements in the last 48 hours: 1. We specifically condemn all attacks and arrests made by the Boston police force against the persons of Occupy Boston, as well as all attacks and arrests made by any police force against any Occupy Movement. 2. We specifically condemn the destruction of the property of the Boston Occupiers. 3. We stand by our brothers and sisters as they assert their right to assemble peacefully and create a space in which their voices can be heard. 4. We support all occupations within the Occupy Movement in their efforts to maintain and occupy their chosen spaces. 5. We condemn all coordinated actions made against any occupation within the Occupy Movement. 6. We condemn all media bans of Occupy Movements worldwide. 7. We specifically support the cooperative spirit of the Mayor of Seattle in his requests to the Seattle police force to pull back from its actions against the Seattle Occupiers. 8. We specifically condemn the breakdown in cooperation between the Mayor of Seattle and the Seattle police force, primarily because of its potential to facilitate violent police action. 9. We wish to express our support for the continued, collaborative efforts of all Occupy Movements to disseminate information and updates about police actions taken against any Occupy Movement. 10. We wish to express our support for the continuation of every city’s Occupy Movement, no matter the opposition it has faced.