The Soon To Be Suppressed 1% Try To Darken The 99% | #OccupyOccupyWallStreet VS #OccupyWallStreet

Friday October 7,2011
New York
Wall Street
The #WallStreet Movement

Is this a farce? See the video below of the recent counter counter revolution. That is, a pair of Wall Street men, calling themselves #OccupyOccupyWallStreet, the 1%, have set up a counter Occupation within the #OccupyWallStreet Protest. the domain was created on October 6,2011, the Registrant is ‘A Happy DreamHost Customer’.

It is obvious that the real 1%, will never really show themselves in public, for any real cause, simply because they have no desire to. As has been traditionally done, the 1% always sends out Minions, for their cause, or to exploit one.

It may be possible that by creating a counter occupation, a right left wing of the occupiers will develop. Not any different from our political system. really, is a Democrat any different from a Republican? Especially, when they are controlled, and influenced by the 1%, via contributions, and sponsorship. If so, this will remove the focus from the real 1%, and place the focus on the Minions. For real?

The other possibility, is that the pair of counter protesters are not really associated, in any way to the 1%, and are doing this purely for the exposure, and the assumed, short-lived fame.

Time will tell, however, The #WallStreet Movement, will spread, until it reaches [a pre-determined] release.

Or, if this has already not been said, that the #WallStreet Movement, has really been manufactured as a means for the 1% to implement their desired goals. That is, the New World Order. When the whole world is occupied, by the sheaple, or minions, whomever has control, can control the Globe. Just saying. it may be a possibility. Let us not forget, ‘Never waste a good Crisis’.

Either way, Today, October 7, 2011, was day two of the #OccupyOccupyWallStreet. See the short video clip below, and decide for yourself: