Camp Ripley is a modern military training site, five miles from Little Falls, and is equipped with numerous ranges and firing points capable of firing small caliber side arms to the Multiple Launch Rocket System. Camp Ripley’s size allows for firing of artillery into two impact areas from almost anywhere on the post. At many U.S. military target ranges, petroleum products and heavy metals used in bombs and bullets contaminate the soil and groundwater. Contaminants are spewed onto “downwinder” communities, and neighbors are subject to noise pollution from target-range bombardment. Morrison County ranks 80th out of 85th in the Minnesota County Health Rankings, which measures health factors and outcomes. Military toxins not only kill the enemy, they kill our military personnel and people living near military bases and pollute our water, land and air. The U.S. Department of Defense is the largest polluter in the world, producing more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. Some of these hazardous wastes include pesticides, solvents, petroleum, perchlorate, lead, mercury, white phosphorus, depleted uranium, and defoliants. The health effects for surrounding communities are devastating: miscarriages, low birth weights, kidney disease and cancers. Perchlorate, an ingredient of solid rocket fuel and a byproduct of rocket and missile testing and explosives, is now omnipresent in the environment, and is also one of the contaminants at nearly all military installations. More than 12,000 military sites on which live explosive training takes place release perchlorate into groundwater, where it is exceedingly mobile and persists […]

Concerned About Minneapolis Police Brutality? Help Us!

As many people in the community are aware, Minneapolis police officers harass, beat, and even kill community members on a regular basis with impunity. The Star Tribune recently reported that out of 437 complaints against police officers in a year-long period, not one of the officers implicated had been punished. It is egregious enough that Minneapolitans, especially people of color, the homeless, and the poor, are being routinely harassed and beaten; but to make matters worse, when an officer is successfully sued for police brutality, it’s the taxpayers that pay for it. That’s right. When an officer is sued – sometimes in excess of $1 million in one case – the city automatically pays for these lawsuits out of the city’s general fund. This has amounted to $20 million of wasted taxpayer money in the past 7 years, in Minneapolis alone. In response to these myriad injustices, members of the Minneapolis group Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) banded together to form the Committee for Professional Policing (CfPP). CfPP’s first big undertaking is a charter amendment campaign to require police officers in Minneapolis to carry professional liability (malpractice) insurance. As previously mentioned, Minneapolis is currently self-indemnified, meaning that when an officer is successfully sued for brutality, the city automatically pays for the lawsuit and all court fees from the general fund. By requiring officers to carry professional liability insurance, the city will benefit from a risk management mechanism against brutality. In other words, an officer will face increased premiums on […]

Why We Occupy

By: Sam Wagner [Sam Wagner - Radical News Media and Photography] It makes me happy to see you are here reading this. If you made it to this website it demonstrates to me the many threads we all have in common. You’ll have to please excuse my tone throughout this article. I’ll be honest with you all, I’ve lost two friends to suicide within the last week and I am in a period of reflection. I am a human being, a son, and a brother. I am also an OccupyMN media activist, but I’ve done work with many different organizations; including the Minneapolis Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement. I’ve taken pictures of actions put together by WAMM, Vets for Peace, Idle No More and others. I am , what I would consider, a revolutionary. An amalgam of profoundly new ideas, just waiting to be shared. It matters not what each of our ideal social systems are, so long as we recognize that there is a problem that requires drastic action. I am going to write today about “Why We Occupy”. This is a difficult question, as we all know we come from different backgrounds, situations, and places, the answer would be different to every one of us. So before we can begin to answer that question, I should first start by asking “What do YOU think, when you hear the word Occupy?” Again, mixed answers. So let’s start with the political movement, Occupy Wall Street. In 2011, after many months, […]

Idle No More and OccupyMN To Gather in Solidarity with the Mi’kmaq Nation of Elispogtog

Minneapolis, Minn. – Idle No More and OccupyMN will gather in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq Nation at noon on Monday, October 21, 2013 in Minneapolis. The groups call on all people of conscience to join them in a peaceful demonstration of solidarity with the Elispogtog’s Mi’kmaq warriors.   The groups will meet at the People’s Plaza, 300 S. 6th St., Minneapolis and will march to the Canadian Consulate General, 701 4th Ave S.   Recently, the RCMP confronted the Mi’kmaq anti-fracking blockade with snipers, dogs and camouflaged tactical officers. Numerous reports on social and mainstream media have emerged suggested heavy handed tactics, resulting in injury to at least one peaceful elder, in response to a blockade of unarmed people. “We, the Mi’kmaq Treaty beneficiary with the support of the Mi’kmaq women of Mi’kmaki’k stand united for the protection of our water as a Nation within our homeland which we hold legal title. Water is sacred, without water no life can exist. As Mi’kmaq, we have the responsibility of stewardship and this stewardship is reflected in the treaty relationship, which is based upon our covenant with Creator. To this end we have inherited the duty to defend all that is sacred.” said Elizabeth Marshall in a recent news release from Elispogtog, near New Brunswick.   Suzane Patles, an Ilnu woman and member of the Mi’kmaq Warrior issued a call for physical support and solidarity on Oct 12, and can be seen on YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um_G-iNeXkI#t=24]. Download press release: Mi_kmaq solidarity-Edit-OK-1 (.pdf)

Wisconsin Citizens Oppose the Use of Dogs to Hunt Wolves

CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT: Senator Kedzie, we will be staging a protest in the of Elkhorn, WI., Sat. Oct 26th from 12-5pm! Do the right thing and let SB 93 out of your committee so it can be debated on its own merits on the Senate floor. Why are you for state-sanctioned dog fighting? By holding up SB 93 (bill to remove the use of dogs to track wolves in the wolf hunt) you are giving a green light to canine on canine slaughter this fall. Are you that cruel? IF YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER TO STAND UP WITH OUR ROAD TEAM ON OCT. 26TH, GIVE US AN EMAIL AND WE WILL FORWARD YOU FURTHER INFORMATION. IT IS TIME TO TAKE THIS FIGHT DIRECTLY TO SENATOR KEDZIE! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 20, 2013 Contact: Adam Kassulke (608)556-1251 wiwolffront@gmail.com Wisconsin Citizens Oppose the Use of Dogs to Hunt Wolves 6500 residents living in ten Wisconsin Counties were asked, “Are you in in favor of the use of trained hunting dogs to track wolves in Wisconsin during the upcoming wolf hunting season?” By a resounding 94%, Wisconsin residents said, “No”. Adam Kassulke, founder of Wisconsin Wolf Front, sponsor of the survey, said, “Many individuals were shocked to learn that Wisconsin is the only state that allows the use of dog to hunt wolves.” The survey was conducted at public events each weekend during June, July and August by teams of at least three student volunteers from Wisconsin Wolf Front. Our student volunteers approached individuals […]