Join us on May Day 2018!

May Day 2018

International Workers Day

Resist Deportations! Fight Back!

Immediate Permanent Legal Residence for All Undocumented Migrants!

Permanent Residence for All in the DACA and TPS programs!

Tuesday, May 1, 5:00 PM

Boston Common, Parkman Bandstand

6:30 March to Copley Square

The government in Washington and the billionaire class are leading a generalized assault on our lives, rights, and living conditions. The leading edge of this assault today is the stepped-up attacks against migrants. Deportations are accelerating. The war on the poor continues. Student debt stands at over a trillion dollars! As US wars have created massive debt and refugees internationally, the consequences of corporate greed at home have created refugees within our own borders. The recent tax cuts for the rich will be at the expense of our living standards. Get ready for more cuts in affordable housing, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and education. Millions of youth and decent hardworking people are under attack! Join us on May Day where our program will address: Migration, Labor Rights, Systemic Oppression, Threats to Human Survival, and the role of capitalism in the current crisis.

Cosponsors: Anarchist Black Cross, ANSWER Coalition – Boston, Bay State Red Sentinels, #BecomeUngovernable, Boston Education Justice Alliance, Boston Labor Solidarity Committee, Boston May Day Coalition, Boston Socialist Alternative, Boston Teachers Union, Community Church of Boston, Cosecha Boston, Cosecha Merrimack Valley, CPUSA Boston, Food for Activists, Greater Boston Green-Rainbow Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation – Boston, Refuse Fascism- Metro Boston, Socialist Party – Greater Boston, UAW Local 1596, Veterans For Peace- Smedley D. Butler Brigade, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment

Stand Out: Free Imprisoned Whistle-Blower Reality Leigh Winner

Free Imprisoned Whistle-Blower Reality Leigh Winner Stand-Out Davis Square MBTA Subway Stop-Davis Square, Somerville-5 PM – 6 PM Thursday April 19, 2018

We Will Not Leave Our Sister Behind-Don’t Prosecute The Truth

Ms. Winner has been charged under the Espionage Act, a 100-year-old statute originally designed for spies and saboteurs aiding foreign governments in time of war, for allegedly giving a document vital to the public’s understanding of potential Russian interference in U.S. election systems toIntercept, an on-line news organization. She faces up ten years and a $250, 000 fine. After having earlier this year been denied her appeal for bail by the federal 11thCircuit Court of Appeals Ms. Winner is now scheduled for trial in Augusta, Georgia in the fall of 2018. Ms. Winner arrested in June 2017 will have been in unnecessary pre-trial detain for well over a year despite an honorable military discharge from the Air Force after six years of service, no previous criminal record, no flight risk, parents ready to put their ranch as collateral, and not a danger to herself or others the normal legal standard for being bail-worthy before she has her day in court.

The charge against Ms. Winner is grossly disproportionate to her alleged offense, and is designed to create a chilling effect on investigative journalism by dissuading sources from sharing information that is critical to the public interest. We are dedicated to raising public awareness of Winner’s case in light of the U.S. government’s persistent abuse of the Espionage Act in this case and the recent case of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning to silence its critics and stifle journalism.

For more information-Goggle “Stand With Reality” or “Courage To Resist”. Also Google for an informative article on Ms. Winner’s life in the December New York magazine.

Attempting to make her case more widely known we frankly admit with everything else going on around Russian involvement with the 2016 American elections that it has gone under the radar. We are trying various spots and this month we will be in Davis Square, Somerville -Thursday April 19th5 PM to 6 PM for our seventh stand-out in defense of whistle-blower Reality Leigh Winner-The Committee For International Labor Defense-Smedley Butler Brigade -Veterans for Peace (labor donated)

April 14 – Tax Day Rally

Donald Trump Doesn’t Deserve a Tax Break!

President Trump’s tax bill is ensuring billions of dollars in profits to large corporations-and peanuts to working people. Meanwhile the President and Congress have agreed on unparalleled increases in Pentagon spending that will lead to more wars, more suffering, and take even more money from programs that benefit all of us.

Cuts in essential programs from climate protection to Medicaid, housing, Social Security and Medicare are on the drawing board. We must turn around Washington’s budget insanity! Join us April 14th at 12 pm as we rally on Cambridge Common!

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Join us on Tax Day to call attention to these dangers while promoting our budget priorities to fund the programs we all need.

The Trump tax cuts for the 1% (approved by Congress) will drain the treasury of over $1.5 trillion of needed revenue over the next 10 years. These deficits will drive deep cuts to health care, education, food stamps, affordable housing and just about every other domestic program for years to come.

Congress has voted dramatic increases in war spending and first-strike nuclear weapons. These will make the world much more dangerous and drive further cuts to our economic, social and environmental security. No first strike nuclear weapons for Trump!

President Trump’s latest Budget proposal makes draconian cuts to housing, Medicaid, food stamps, and almost every other domestic program. To top it all off, Trump has still refused to release his tax returns–the first President to do so in 40 years.

Each year the Congressional Progressive Caucus proposes an alternative, the People’s Budget, that fully funds vital social programs, taxes the 1%, and cuts Pentagon spending Join us on Tax day to oppose Trump’s budget and tax priorities.


More information:

Sponsored by Not One Penny, Cambridge Area Stronger Together, Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants, Veterans for Peace/Smedley Butler Brigade, Boston Teachers Union, UNITE-HERE New England Joint Board, The January Coalition, Massachusetts Peace Action, Dorchester People for Peace, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom/Boston Branch, Campaign for Peace, Disarmament, and Common Security, Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee, Save our Section 8, New England War Tax Resistance, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment & American Friends Service Committee

Remember: a budget is a moral document!

April 14 March for Science

Dear Activist,

Greater Boston PSR is proud to be sponsoring the 2018 March for Science in Boston, and we’re hoping to see you there:

The theme of this year’s Boston March is “Science Strikes Back!”. The focus will shift from defending attacks on scientific credibility (the theme of last year’s March) to being proactive–advocating for science-based public policy, and getting more people involved in science. In particular, the spotlight will be on climate change, where the science so needs to be heard.

Join us as we rally in Boston’s Christopher Columbus Park on Saturday, April 14th from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. There will be speakers and information about how science impacts our lives and informs public policy. Look for GBPSR’s table! Following the rally, attendees will be encouraged to advocate for climate-related bills in the Massachusetts legislature with a call-in day later in April and a State House advocacy day in May.

There are several good reasons that Greater Boston PSR is supporting this event and we think you will find great value in it, too. Please join us, and bring your friends and family.

Where: Christopher Columbus Park, Atlantic Ave. Boston
When: Saturday, April 14, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
What: Speakers, tables, playground, waterfront, friendly people
How: Blue Line -> Aquarium Station or Orange Line -> Haymarket or State St stations
Why: Because science deserves our energetic support!

MAAPB Events 3/31 & 4/4 #NotOneMore

(Posted in solidarity with maapb617)

Postermaking & Chantbuilding Workshop
Saturday, 3/31 2-4:30pm
at Grove Hall Library

4/4 #NotOneMore!!!!
Boston to Sacramento… Justice for Stephon Clark, Justice for Terrence Coleman
50 Years Since the Murder of MLK

MAAPB Rally for Justice

Wednesday, 4/4 6pm
1 Schroeder Plaza, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120
(near MBTA Ruggles Station)

Hundreds of thousands of took to the streets in recent weeks protesting gun violence in America. Largely left out of the discussion however, is the fact that police violence is gun violence. Once again this was underscored dramatically with the shooting of 22 year old black man Stephon Clark in his grandma’s backyard in Sacramento, California.

Police on the scene did not identify themselves and shot Clark 20 times within 20 seconds of their arrival. They waited 5 minutes to administer first aid while Clark’s lifeless body bled out. They claimed Clark had a weapon. All that was found on Clark was his cell phone. The Sacramento community has been enraged and numerous protests have found their way into the headlines and across the internet demanding justice.

Just nearly a day after this event took place mothers in Boston who lost their loved ones to police violence held a press conference in front of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office demanding justice and speaking out against recent police abuse in the Boston area. Rahima Rahim, mother of Usaamah Rahim, who was killed by FBI and Boston police in Roslindale on June 2nd, 2015 demanded her son’s case be reopened. Hope Coleman, the mother of Terrence Coleman who was killed by two Boston police officers Garrett Boyle and Kevin Finn on October 30th, 2016 demanded the same. Neither are giving up on the criminal prosecution of the police who killed their sons. Also Rahim spoke out against state trooper Matthew Sheehan who is being investigated for shooting an unarmed Cape Verdean ATV Driver during arrest. Sheehan was exposed for posting many racist comments online including celebrating the death of her son. Mass Action Against Police Brutality also spoke in support of the mother’s quest and announced a rally to take place onApril 4th, in front of the Boston Police HQ near Ruggles station to amplify these demands.

Come out on what is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King to commemorate his legacy and underscore that the struggle still continues and that equality is far from a reality in America. Don’t let supporters of this tyranny get away with sweeping these crimes under the rug. We demand justice now and we will continue to take the streets until we get it. Join us in demanding:

  • Immediately indict and arrest the police who killed Stephon Clark!
  • Stop any police harassment of witnesses, family, or protesters of this outrage!
  • Immediately indict and arrest state trooper Matthew Sheehan for the shooting of an unarmed Cape Verdean ATV driver!
  • Attorney General Maura Healey immediately appoint a special prosecutor to reopen the cases of Terrance Coleman, Usaamah Rahim, Burrell Ramsey-White, Ross Batista, Santos Laboy, Michael McInness, Randolph McClain, Denis Reynoso, and Daniel Gillis!
  • Immediately fire Boston Police Officer Zachary Crossen, who was recently seen harassing and racially profiling a Black resident who was not engaged in any criminal activity in a viral video!
  • Immediately fire and convict Off-duty Boston Police Officer Domenic A. Columbo, drunk and speeding, caused life threatening injuries to Dorchester resident Jose Teixeira on New Year’s Day!
  • Fire state trooper Sheehan for racist online postings! Fire BPD officers Garrett Boyle and Kevin Finn!