Monday: March for Gaza! End the Israeli Siege, No more US Tax Dollars, Boycott, March on HP

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march for gaza Monday: March for Gaza! End the Israeli Siege, No more US Tax   Dollars, Boycott, March on HP


  • End the Israeli Siege of Gaza
  • No more US tax dollars for Israel
  • Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
  • Join US to March on HP and let them know Occupation is a Crime

Hewlett Packard makes billions off the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

  • HP supplies computers to the Israeli army, and manages the Israeli Navy’s IT infrastructure, which has been criticized for war crimes.
  • HP manufactures and maintains a computer system of Israeli biometric ID cards (with fingerprints, retinal and facial data), which are labeled with ethnicity and nationality. IDs are used to control movement of Palestinians going to and from work in Israel and even between their own villages.

The rally will start at the US Federal building in Boston to call for an end to US aid to Israel; the US a major supplier of weapons and money. The march will proceed through downtown Boston to the Westin Hotel near the waterfront convention center, where Hewlett Packard is sponsoring a convention for HP employees. Hewlett Packard is a major supplier of Israel and enabler of the occupation.

Sponsored by Boston BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), Jewish Voice for Peace Boston, United for Justice with Peace, Northeastern University Students for Justice in Palestine, Boston University Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Boston Alliance for Water Justice, Suffolk Law National Lawyer’s Guild, Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia, International Socialist Organization – Boston, Communist Party of Boston, Massachusetts Peace Action

Download the flyer as a PDF:

Help the Street Medics this Sunday

About 30 street medics will be participating in a Street Medic Training this weekend, garnering and training more street medics for actions. We need volunteers for Sunday as simulated “victims” of all types of situations. It’ll be a gratifying and fun experience, and you’ll be helping the street medic community to keep people safe and healthy.

You’ll mostly be lying around covered in fake blood or being in a diabetic coma, not strenuous at all (the trainers will brief you about your roles). It’ll be about 4 hours on Sunday, but if you can give 2 hours, that will work too.

If you want more information or think you might be able to come, please email Mark Williams at onebrightroad(AT)

In health, safety, and solidarity.

Video/Photos-Silent Vigil For Peace In Gaza-Boston 7-23-14

Boston Common-July 23, 2014:
About 200 people held a silent vigil at Park St. in Boston, Mass.
to call for peace and a ceasefire between Israel/Palestine.VIDEO-PHOTO MONTAGE:

Boston Workmen’s Circle
Invites you to join us for an
Interfaith Silent Vigil
To call for an end to the violence in Israel / Palestine
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Park Street Station, downtown Boston
Please join Boston’s Workmen’s Circle
for a vigil that recognizes the common humanity of both Israelis and Palestinians and the complexity of resolving the cycle of violence. If you are in agreement with the following general concepts, we urge you to join us.
· End the violence on both sides. Negotiated ceasefire now!
· All lives are equally precious and worthy of respect, Palestinian and Israeli
· It’s not possible to understand the current violence in a vacuum and without considering the complex narratives of both Palestinians and Israelis
· There is no military solution
· More than ever we need a comprehensive diplomatic solution; ending the Occupation is part of that solution.
· Palestinians and Israelis both have a right to security and a viable homeland
Signs consistant with the above concepts will be provided. Please do not bring your own signs or organizational banners. Thank you for respecting this request.
For more information contact Boston Workman’s Circle at: or 616-566-6281
Mideast Peace
Our work in support of a just peace between Israel and the Palestinian people is guided by principles developed by the Middle East Working Group and adopted by the Board of Boston Workmen’s Circle:
Ending the occupation
Establishing two viable states, a homeland for the Jewish people and a homeland for the Palestinian people
An end to the violence on all sides
Making room for a diversity of views
We are proud to stand up as a progressive voice on Israel/Palestine in the Greater Boston Jewish community. But that doesn’t mean we all agree on the path to security and peace. We strive to foster an open and respectful environment in which a range of views can be aired and discussed. Through educational programs, dialogue groups, and membership forums, we grapple with many of the tough issues Jews face today concerning the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
peace and freedom,
Michael Borkson

1 A peace in palestine edit 4 266x300 Video/Photos Silent Vigil For Peace In Gaza Boston 7 23 14

Boston 7/23/14 silent vigil for peace in Gaza

Video/Photo Report On Boston Protest Against War On Gaza

Boston, Mass.-July 19, 2014:

About 300 protesters turned out at Park St. in Boston today July 19 to speak out against Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza’s Palestinians. A very emotional and spirited protest with speakers on the plight of Palestinians, loud and energetic chants of “Free Free Palestine” and ending with a mock “die-in” with the names of some of the hundreds of Palestinians killed read aloud. There was a small handful of pro US/pro Israel hecklers there which the Boston police seperated from our demonstration.

The protest today was sponsored by a wide coalition of Boston activists — Jewish Voices For Peace, UJP, ANSWER, Boston IAC, Committee For Peace And Human Rights, UNAC, as well as many others. Here are video and photo links:


Short 6 min. video: Boston protests Israel war on Gaza : 7/19/14

End all ethnic and religious wars — live together in peace.

Stand with Gaza, Rally and die-in

Stand with Gaza, Rally and die-in
Saturday, July 19, 1 pm. Park Street Rally
Join us as we mourn the hundreds killed and protest the complicity of the U.S. government that spends over three billion of our tax dollars and advanced military weapons annually to Israel to maintain an illegal and immoral system of discrimination and occupation and the calamitous siege of Gaza.
We call for:
An End to the Bombings and Killings
An End to U.S. aid to Israel
Support for the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).