Drunk Driving: Why It is Always a Bad Idea

Auto accident attorneys in Everett, Washington, will agree that drunk driving is a significant problem in law enforcement as well as public safety. Several lawsuits can be avoided if drunk driving is avoided, as well as countless, senseless deaths. It not only puts innocent motorists in danger but also its driver. You may have the best of intentions, or you may have done it before and came out without a scratch, but you were lucky. So was everybody else around you. It won’t be like that all the time. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are the reasons why you must avoid driving under the influence.

Your Body Suffers

The physical and mental state of someone driving under the influence can be obscure and minute that a slightly tipsy driver can deem themselves coherent and alert enough to drive home safely. However, your blood alcohol content tells a vastly different story. “Blood Alcohol Content” refers to the amount of alcohol present in your bloodstream after the intake of alcoholic substances. Legally, you need to reach up to a BAC level of 0.08 before you can be considered drunk, but even much lower BAC levels can be lethal.

For instance, in as low as a BAC level of 0.02, your visual functionality starts to suffer, and you tend to have mood swings. It makes you more prone to road rage. Going up to a BAC level of 0.05, you find that you are moodier than ever. Your attention span suffers, and you cannot detect swift movements. Also, your level of alertness lowers, and your control of the small muscles decreases a bit.

This problem is exacerbated when you reach a level of 0.08, where your coordination becomes weak, your speech is slurred, and you find it extremely difficult to keep the vehicle within the lane. In a BAC level of 0.10 to 0.15, you find yourself unable to process information at all. Your visual functionality is significantly stunted, and your reflexes become too slow to save you. It is considered lethal for the most part. But even going lower than a BAC level 0.08 poses high risks.

drunk man with car keys on bottle

Your Finances Suffers

Let’s say you survive a car crash. It’s not the end of the world, but at the same time, your life has been impacted significantly, whether you admit it. You suffer financial expenses. Some cars are too damaged even to repair, and you might end up taking public transportation for a while. That is the least of your problems. You might be traumatized psychologically by the event and might even find it extremely difficult to ride a vehicle.

Your Loved Ones Will Suffer

The worst effect of driving under the influence is the loss of life. Think of all the things you still want to do, your dreams and hopes, and the other things you could miss in the future. Think of your family waiting for you at home, your parents, spouse, or children. Think about your pet and how confused it will be if you don’t return. If you want to go home and you are too drunk, call up a sober friend or get a taxi.

A night’s sacrifice of not driving yourself can make a tremendous difference, especially if that means saving your and others’ lives.

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4 Tips for Single Parents: How to Raise Your Child

We know that raising a child is a hard job in itself, even with both parents doing what they can to help. Imagine how much more challenging it is for single parents who have to be both a mother and a father to their child.

If you’re a single parent, you’re not alone. Over 11 million families are composed of single parents. That should tell you that it’s not an impossible feat to undertake. Being a single parent can be stressful, but it’s also quite rewarding at the same time. Here are some tips to help you raise your child.

Make time for your child

Becoming a single parent is indeed challenging. Not only do you have to take care of your child, but you also have to do chores, perform in your job, and run errands. Almost everything is in your hands, so it can get overwhelming.

But no matter how hectic things get, you have to make sure you’re spending enough time with your child. Without you being present often, they can feel alone, and this can take a toll on their emotional health.

Schedule playtime with your child and abide by it. This will help reinforce and strengthen your emotional connection and family ties.

Seek support

Single-parent families are becoming more common nowadays. That means you have a lot of people going through the same struggles as you. You’re not alone in this, so seek the help and support of similarly situated people.

Accepting the advice of other single parents will help take the load off of your shoulders. They can give you tips and tricks to handle different tasks while being a single parent. Experience is the best teacher, so learn from others’ encounters.

Teach your child to help you out around the house

Being a single parent doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Your child is your companion, collaborate with him or her to help you accomplish tasks. You can teach them to do simple chores like sweeping the floor or washing the dishes.

This will help lighten your load a little bit. Plus, it gives you more quality time with your child. Doing household chores together is a great bonding activity that will make you closer. And it will teach your child to be responsible and independent.

Allow yourself to rest

father and daughter reading a book

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if it’s tiring and stressful, know that you’re doing a great job handling it. You’re juggling everything at once, so you have to be patient and understanding with yourself as well.

No one deserves a break more than you! Allow yourself to rest, unwind, and relax now and then. Watch a movie with your child, go to the park, or take a vacation. It might be tempting to do the laundry first before unwinding, but that can wait until tomorrow. Recharge your energy so you can continue being a great single parent to your child.

If you’re a single parent because you’ve recently gone through a divorce or separation, you might be juggling legal matters along with raising your child. To help carry the load on your shoulders, consider hiring a family lawyer in Denver who can help you with child support matters.

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Connecting with Your Audience Online: Will SEO Help You?

Even before you implement any strategy to reach your audience online, the first step is to know them. Through various analytics tools available in social media, you can get details about people who follow your accounts, including their location, gender or age.

Knowing Your Online Audience

To manage a successful online business, you must have an established online audience to serve, which is why the question of knowing your audience comes upfront. Once you have a hint of what your audience is, including their general interests, you can proceed to formulate a product or service that matches those interests.

All the same, the big question is, how do you reach your audience? Well, you have utilised social media and Google analytics to know the kind of people you serve. You understand their questions and the answers they need. You understand the problems they want to be solved.

But now, how do you connect with them? How do you ensure that they remain hooked to the information about your product or service? For the growth and success of your business, you should expand your reach and visibility to meet your business goals.

Tapping On Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the ways to get your online audience hooked to your brand. It happens through quality content with ‘take-away’ elements. However, the content must win you enough shares, comments or likes so the information can remain relevant online.

In the digital space, webmasters use SEO to rank websites on search engine result pages such as Google. It’s the reason some websites rank higher than others on search engine result pages (SERPs). With support from a reliable digital marketing agency in Melbourne, you can optimise your content to match the needs of your visitors and rank your website accordingly.

The more your website remains optimised, the greater are your chances of reaching your target market. Here are various ways to optimise your content for SEO:

  • Mobile optimisation

Search engines such as Google give priority to websites that utilise the mobile-first indexing. This implies that such websites are optimised for use across various devices including mobile phones. Research by Statista in 2018 revealed that mobile phones generate up to 52 per cent of website traffic. If you skimp on mobile optimisation, you can easily lose half or more of your web traffic and leads.

  • Using relevant keywords

Google handles over forty thousand search queries per second. With such a huge number to process, your content can only show up for the target audience if you use relevant keywords. This is achievable with proper keyword research according to the requirements of your audience.

  • Building quality backlinks

Back linking is the art of using authority and reputable blogs to link to your page. It’s a way of winning the trust of the authority sites to see your page as a credible and reliable source of information. You can do this through guest posting on other blogs, which eventually highlights the authority of your website.

Importantly, social media analytics tools could help you know the type of content that your online audience prefers. Therefore, it’s important to conduct regular audits of your social handles.

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3 Reasons to Get a Paralegal Certificate

Everybody knows what a lawyer is – a person who defends a client or prosecutes an accused person. But not everyone is aware of what a paralegal does or that such a profession exists.

There are institutions that offer paralegal certificate programs in Illinois and other places. You can enrol in these courses if you wish to pursue a career in the field. These institutions provide courses in various formats to suit the needs of different students: text-only, online, DVDs, and live lectures. They have partnered with various colleges and universities that offer legal courses. They also tackle a comprehensive array of paralegal topics such as:

  • Legal terms, ethics, procedures
  • Fundamentals of the profession
  • Legal writing and research
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Conducting investigation and interviews
  • Structure of the court

But aside from gaining significant knowledge of the legal procedures and other things related to law, what are the other benefits of being a paralegal? Here are three reasons you should pursue a career in this field:

Wide-ranging career opportunities

While one may think that a paralegal could only find employment in a law office, the truth is quite the opposite. In fact, paralegals have a rather wide field of options when it comes to the jobs that they can apply for.

Among others, a paralegal professional may land a job at a bank, a health organization, an insurance company, and a government office. This is because the training, skills, and knowledge that a paralegal takes can be applied in a wide variety of fields. It’s like studying several courses packed into a single one.

Handsome salary

Finance and Money concept

If you’re a paralegal working in a major city and has quite an impressive CV, then you might expect to earn close to or around six figures annually. This is because paralegals are typically paid a little less than what lawyers get hourly.

Your salary will also greatly depend on where you work, the type of employer that you have (those in the government are usually paid the highest), your experience, and level of education. So, if you’re a paralegal who is considered a top-tier one, then you’ll most likely enjoy quite a handsome annual salary.

Professional growth

As paralegals gain experience and skills in the field, they tend to achieve tremendous growth as professionals. If we are to list down all the duties and responsibilities of a paralegal, it’s to see how this could happen.

Paralegals not only act as an attorney’s right-hand person, but also handle tasks that may be applied to other fields, such as analyzing chunks of data, file management, coordinating activities, preparation of various documents, and a host of other tasks.

With these valuable skills, a paralegal can really be an asset in many organizations and fields that require an individual with a solid and wide-ranging set of skills.

If you wish to start a career as a paralegal, be sure to enrol in a paralegal certificate program offered by a reputable institution. This way, you’re sure to gain reliable and high-quality training.

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Filing for Divorce First: Understanding Its Financial and Legal Benefits

Divorce is never easy, whether it occurs early or in the later years of your marriage known as a grey divorce. It will take a toll on both parties, emotionally, physically, and financially. But taking the first step might just be for your good in all aspects. Here are the possible pros of filing for divorce first.

The Financial Benefits

Taking that first step means being able to attend the proceedings while you are financially prepared. Filing for divorce first implies you had the time to gather all necessary files, such as wills, bank and investment account statements, social security cards, life insurance policies, property division, and more. Doing so gives you a better picture of your assets and debts, making it easier to divide what should be yours and what belongs to your soon-to-be-ex-wife or -husband.

Marriage Story, a movie on Netflix, perfectly shows the grueling process of divorce, which happened between the main characters, Nicole and Charlie. The former filed for divorce first, giving her the upper hand in the process. The ball was in her court since she was prepared financially, unlike Charlie, who was taken by surprise.

Just like Nicole, it pays to be financially prepared. Data show the national average cost of divorce is about $15,000 per person. Some couples even spend about $30,000 in lawyer’s fees.

The Street reports the costs of divorce vary, depending on several factors, including:

  • The hourly rate of lawyers
  • If the divorce is contested or not
  • The location where you filed the divorce, plus the local filing fees

divorce lawyer

On top of that, you also have to pay for mediation and alimony. Add the cost of child custody lawyers whether you’re from Albuquerque or Las Vegas. These are the costs you will have to face when it comes to divorce.

The Legal Benefits

If you file for divorce first, you can request a Standing Order from the court when you file the petition. Now, what is the Standing Order? It prevents the other party from doing any changes to the beneficiaries on policies. This includes pre-need purchases, like life insurance.

A Standing Order also prevents the other party from making other financial moves, be it changing bank accounts or making any modifications to retirement accounts. Some parties do this in a bid to hide assets, but a Standing Order prevents them from doing so.

Take note that the person who files the petition often presents the case first, should the matter go to a hearing. This may appear as a minor setback for you because going first somehow reveals the strategy you and your lawyer are opting for.

There are many reasons marriages end, from infidelity to physical or emotional abuse. But every beginning has an end. In the case of marriage, divorce defines its finality. To free yourself from the reins of marriage will come with problems. But just like in the game of chess, you have to come up with a strategy that will give you the success you need.

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