Restore The 4th / SF32 Discussion & Other Events

OccupyMN – The People’s Movement Receive important calls to action via text. Text “@OccupyMN” to 23559 to join! __________ In This Issue: *Friday, Feb. 13 – Rasmea Speaks *Sunday, Feb. 15 – Seeing The Truth Through The Lies – A Tribute To Michael Ruppert *Monday, Feb. 16 – Restore The 4th – SF32 Press Conference *Wednesday, Feb. 18 – Restore The 4th – SF32 Discussion Night *March Against Monsanto – Support SF335/HF351 For GMO Labeling ========== MINNEAPOLIS: RASMEA SPEAKS __________ Friday, February 13 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm 4200 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minn. Organized by the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression Spend your dinner hour with us – we’ll order pizza. Childcare available – please RSVP if you’re bringing a ton of kids. Rasmea Odeh will address supporters and respond to questions via live stream. After her remarks, local activists will address how folks in Minneapolis can support her with the March 12 sentencing hearing that will take place in Detroit. Donations for Rasmea’s defense will be requested. Palestine Protest before the live stream event! 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., at the corner of Snelling and Summit in St. Paul. Come over after, warm up and eat! RSVP & SHARE: [] ========== SEEING THE TRUTH THROUGH THE LIES – A TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL G. RUPPERT __________ Sunday, February 15 at 3:00 pm 4200 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minn. A tribute to the life of Michael Ruppert, a cop who became an investigative journalist. Sam Wagner, a local activist who corresponded with Michael over the years, will present clips from some of Ruppert’s movies, “The Truth and Lies of 9-11″, “Collapse”, and “Apocalypse, Man”. Discussion will follow. There will be light refreshments. About Michael Ruppert: Right after 9-11, Michael Ruppert came out with “The Truth and Lies of 9-ll”, a documentary-style film that gives an in-depth historical background leading to the events that took place that day. It is a film that shows definitively how a false flag attack on 9-11 provided the rationale for attacks by the United States on Iraq. It poses questions about what happened on that day that still remain unanswered. Unfortunately we lost this bright, principled and courageous man last year to suicide. His […]

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Justice For Cecily McMillan!

OccupyMN – The People’s Movement __________ URGENT ISSUE: *Nearly 150,000 people are demanding the release of Cecily McMillan. Are you one of them? *Additional Information ========== NEARLY 150,000 PEOPLE ARE DEMANDING THE RELEASE OF CECILY MCMILLAN. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? __________ Justice betrayed! Cecily McMillan is a young woman who was sexually assaulted and then falsely arrested by a NYC police officer! She is a committed social justice advocate with no prior criminal history, yet she was then convicted of assaulting HIM and may be sentenced to seven years in jail? The court process showed clear bias on the part of Judge Zweibel in favor of the prosecution. Evidence of the officer’s prior acts of aggression and falsification of evidence was not allowed.  Video of rampant police brutality against peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters who were gathering just to socialize the night of March 17, 2012 was not allowed. Cecily is now at RIKER’S with NO BAIL, and has a sentencing hearing on Monday May 19. She is not an elopement risk! She is a graduate student who plans to write her thesis on Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin! The police were not peaceful that night and justice has not been served.  9 of the 12 jurors who sat on the jury to hear her case have even said in writing “We would ask the court to consider probation with community service. We feel that the felony mark on Cecily’s record is punishment enough.” Governor Cuomo and Mayor de […]

OccupyMPLS Meeting Rotation & More!

OccupyMN - The People's Movement __________ In This Issue: *Occupy Minneapolis Meeting Rotation *Anti-War Committee Demonstration *Strike McDonalds! Global Solidarity Action *Minnesota's First Malcolm X Days *March Against Monsanto - May 24th *Prisoner Letter Writing - June *Occupy Duluth General Assemblies Continue ========== OCCUPY MINNEAPOLIS MEETING ROTATION __________ Occupy Minneapolis weekly meetings are rotating locations around town. May 14 at Muffin Top Cafe, 1424 Nicollet Ave starting 6PM. May 21 at Diamond's Cafe in Northeast. 1618 Central Ave NE starting 6PM. May 28 TBD June 4 @ 4200 Cedar - Tentative. Meeting Event pages here: May 14th - May 21st - ========== ANTI-WAR COMMITTEE DEMONSTRATION __________ This Thursday, (May 15th) the Anti-War Committee will be at the Minnesota State Capitol demanding that the US Government: * Say NO to U.S. aid to Israel. * Demand the right to return for Palestinian refugees. * Demand justice for Rasmea Odeh, say no to repression of of Palestinian and solidarity activists. ========== STRIKE MCDONALDS! GLOBAL SOLIDARITY ACTION __________ On May 15th, a global strike of fast workers is taking place. In over 150 cities around the world low wage fast food workers are walking off the job to demand a living wage and better working conditions. These workers have boldly raised the demand for a $15/hour wage which is now being taken up in cities like Seattle. Let's show McDonalds that Minneapolis stands in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters taking action across the country and around the world. 4:30pm - […]

Concerned About Minneapolis Police Brutality? Help Us!

As many people in the community are aware, Minneapolis police officers harass, beat, and even kill community members on a regular basis with impunity. The Star Tribune recently reported that out of 437 complaints against police officers in a year-long period, not one of the officers implicated had been punished. It is egregious enough that Minneapolitans, especially people of color, the homeless, and the poor, are being routinely harassed and beaten; but to make matters worse, when an officer is successfully sued for police brutality, it’s the taxpayers that pay for it. That’s right. When an officer is sued – sometimes in excess of $1 million in one case – the city automatically pays for these lawsuits out of the city’s general fund. This has amounted to $20 million of wasted taxpayer money in the past 7 years, in Minneapolis alone. In response to these myriad injustices, members of the Minneapolis group Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) banded together to form the Committee for Professional Policing (CfPP). CfPP’s first big undertaking is a charter amendment campaign to require police officers in Minneapolis to carry professional liability (malpractice) insurance. As previously mentioned, Minneapolis is currently self-indemnified, meaning that when an officer is successfully sued for brutality, the city automatically pays for the lawsuit and all court fees from the general fund. By requiring officers to carry professional liability insurance, the city will benefit from a risk management mechanism against brutality. In other words, an officer will face increased premiums on […]

Why We Occupy

By: Sam Wagner [Sam Wagner - Radical News Media and Photography] It makes me happy to see you are here reading this. If you made it to this website it demonstrates to me the many threads we all have in common. You’ll have to please excuse my tone throughout this article. I’ll be honest with you all, I’ve lost two friends to suicide within the last week and I am in a period of reflection. I am a human being, a son, and a brother. I am also an OccupyMN media activist, but I’ve done work with many different organizations; including the Minneapolis Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement. I’ve taken pictures of actions put together by WAMM, Vets for Peace, Idle No More and others. I am , what I would consider, a revolutionary. An amalgam of profoundly new ideas, just waiting to be shared. It matters not what each of our ideal social systems are, so long as we recognize that there is a problem that requires drastic action. I am going to write today about “Why We Occupy”. This is a difficult question, as we all know we come from different backgrounds, situations, and places, the answer would be different to every one of us. So before we can begin to answer that question, I should first start by asking “What do YOU think, when you hear the word Occupy?” Again, mixed answers. So let’s start with the  political movement, Occupy Wall Street. In 2011, after many months, […]