GA at Mike’s house this Sunday! Hike & feed

The Occupy Oakland General Assembly will convene over food and libation this week at Mike’s house in El Cerrito. We normally meet at 2:00 PM, but our holiday GA, hike and social will begin later than our usual time: 3:00 PM for a hike on the Albany Hill, 4:30 PM for a short meeting, 5:30 PM for a holiday meal. If you would like to attend either: - send email to Mike ( for directions - call Mike at 510-299-0493 for directions - show up at the Oscar Grant Plaza … Continued

GA will be at the SUDOROOM through Jan.: CRYPTOPARTY Dec. 15th & Jan. 19th

The few stalwarts who attended General Assembly last week at OGP decided they were tired of losing extremities to frost bite and voted to re-locate GA to the SUDOROOM through the end of January, at the normal time, 2 PM Sunday afternoon. The sudoroom is a wonderful community hacker-space dedicated to positive social change, open source and making communication accessible without corporate control. It is at 2141 Broadway, Oakland, but the entrance is on 22nd Street, ring the bell and come upstairs or use the elevator to the second floor. … Continued

Resolution in support of transit workers strikes

  Passed at the Second Anniversary of Occupy Oakland, October 10, 2013 Whereas, we support BART and AC transit workers and the demand for no concessions. Any compromises made demoralize and dis­empower the working class. For example, when there was a mass occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol by workers opposing Scott Walker’s union­-busting bill, many were calling for a General Strike. After the South Central Federation of Labor endorsed a General Strike to counter the bill, the Democratic party and AFL­-CIO bureaucrats quickly dismantled the mass mobilization with an … Continued

Massive Police Presence At OO 2nd Anniversary Party. Because. Stupidity.

Eighteen Police cars, vans and even a mini-tank lined 14th St. as Occupy Oakland peeps came together on October 10th to do such nefarious activities as Chalking! (aka vandalism) Catching up with old friends! (aka conspiracy) Eating! (aka feeding without a permit) Listening to awesome speakers! (aka talking without a permit) Watching cartoons, documentaries and movies! (aka creating a public nuisiance) thereby terrorizing downtown Oakland’s usual residents who had to endure vast quantities of nutritious food prepared by OO Kitchen peeps and Food Not Bombs instead of their usual fare. … Continued

Some Highlights from Occupy Oakland’s 1st Two Years.

Compiled by Greg Jan. Oct. 10 – 24, 2011 — Occupy Oakland — Weeks one and two — with links to lots of photos, some videos, and some essays. Oct. 25 – Nov. 2, 2011 — Essay about the Oct. 25 eviction and aftermath — along with links to photos, videos, and essays about OO between then and the Nov. 2nd general strike. Oct. 26, 2011 — Over 1400 people vote for a November 2 General Strike & Mass Day of Action. Oct. 31, 2011 – Occupy Oakland General Strike … Continued