#OccupyNH | Clarification and Info Regarding Domains | Fake Occupy Sites

Saturday October 15,2011 #OccupyNW, Occupy New Hampshire, discovered that many false Occupy sites have recently been created, by non Occupiers, and purely as a means of profit. Most are registered with the '.COM' extension, and are meant to confuse the public, or are held, so they can be sold to the namesake city Occupiers. The true Occupy website are generally setup as '.ORG' extension, which indicate an Organization. If you are aware of such sites, reply, and spread the word.

Clarification and Info Regarding Domains

It appears that a cyber squatter has purchased a number of domains for websites in the “occupy[state].com” format. As such, please be informed that occupynewhampshire.com is a fake website intended to generate revenue for someone else, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Occupy movement in New Hampshire. If anyone from the mainstream press reads this, it may make for an interesting story to do some whois searches on these domains, as many point to the same Australian privacy screening company. These domains were registered 10/2, well ahead of plans for the NH branch of the Occupy movement to create a website. Other websites, such as occupyboston.com or occupynewyork.com were registered earlier in September, and thus are official sites for their respective Occupy movements.