Ranked Choice: 3rd Parties Can Win


Pissed about the presidential elections? Blame the system. As long as Massachusetts–and every other state in the union except Maine–continues to run “winner take all” elections, all third-party candidates will continue to be shut out of “no new ideas” races between Wall Street backscratchers.

Ranked choice voting, which is widely used in other democracies, many cities and colleges in the US, and by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to award Oscars, can change all that. If you are unfamiliar with ranked choice, check out http://voterchoicema.org/ and while you’re there, take the first step toward revolutionizing government by adding your name to the mailing list.

Voter Choice, MA, is a chapter of FairVote, a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing more voices into the electoral arena. When I go to Voter Choice meetings, I sit in a room full of people from shades of the political spectrum never seen on most ballots. Since the outrageous results of the presidential election, Voter Choice, MA has experienced an exponential surge in membership. The new members are fired up and ready to work hard to make every vote count.

Join us. Don’t let your vote end up in the trash bin of history.

If you are angry enough to hit the streets, you can find information about demonstrations aimed at pressuring the Electoral College not to affirm the latest choice of the moneyed minority, here: http://December19.us . If you are planning on going to Washington DC on January 20, or 21, 2017, I hope you will ask yourself, “What exactly will this show of force accomplish?

I have been to many marches on Washington DC and I can tell you that the laundry list of progressive, “must haves” has not changed a lot. Unless we can come together around radically changing an electoral system that silences any voice not bought and paid for by Wall Street, you can tell your comrades in arms, “See you again, next time.” I will be in Boston, MA at the anti-inaugural demonstrations, and the Women’s March, at the Voter Choice table, adding names to an effort with a vision and a plan. I hope to see you there.

Forward wildly,


The opinions expressed in this editorial are mine alone.

Fidel Speaks to Harlem

(from Mass Action Against Police Brutality)

Saturday, 12/17 11am
Film & Discussion: ‘Fidel Speaks to Harlem’
@Parker Hill Library
1497 Tremont Street, Roxbury Crossing (lower floor)

Wednesday 12/21 (time TBA)
Court Support: Cleon Ali Hodges & Codefendants
@Cambridge District Court
4040 Mystic Valley Parkway, Medford, MA


Cambridge to Charlotte: Justice for All Victims of Police Brutality

(from Mass Action Against Police Brutality)

Saturday, December 10th 3-5pm
Cambridge Community Center
5 Callender Street, Cambridge 02139

Cambridge to Charlotte: Justice for All Victims of Police Brutality

  • Join us for a community discussion on the growing national movement
  • Hear from a panel of survivors and family of victims of police brutality
  • Learn about the local cases of police killings and cover-ups
  • Discuss developments in cases around the country from Charlotte to Cincinnati to Charleston
  • Discuss how to build a mass movement and win justice for victims and their families

Speakers Include:

SHAHIDAH – sister of USAAMAH RAHIM, killed by the Joint Terrorist Task Force in Roslindale, MA June 2, 2015

MARY HOLMES – Roxbury resident who was assaulted at Dudley station by ex-MBTA police officer Jennifer Amyot Garvey on March 6, 2014

SIHAM BYAH – recently beat false charges of assault and battery on a police officer in Chelsea.

Moderated By

BROCK SATTER, organizer for Mass Action Against Police Brutality


Mass Action Against Police Brutality condemns the Cambridge police for the unlawful detainment of 21-year old Cleon Ali Hodge on October 13, 2016. We demand that Sergeant Detective Ahern be immediately fired, charged with assault and battery, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Boston Police killed Terrance Coleman after a 911 call for an ambulance on October 30, 2016 in the South End. His mother and eyewitness said he was unarmed and not a threat to anyone. Police claim he had a knife. We demand the prosecution of the officers who killed Terrance Coleman.

Across the Country…

North Charleston, SC – Walter Scott, unarmed, killed by officer Michael Slager on 4/4/2015. A bystander recorded Walter Scott being shot 5 times in the back, yet a mistrial was called this week due to a hung jury.

Cinncinnati, OH – Sam Dubose, unarmed, killed by officer Ray Tensing on 7/19/2015 during a daytime traffic stop. Despite the bodycam footage, murder trial ended in a hung jury last month.

Charlotte, NC – Keith Lamont Scott killed by officers on 7/20/2016. Although his death was recorded showing him backing away from the police with his arms at his side in a non-threatening manner, the DA announced last week that he would not charge the police officers who killed Keith Lamont Scott.

Come to a discussion about how to build a mass movement to force the government to enforce the law when it comes to the crimes of the police.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality
617-858-0104 (call/text)
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram MAAPB617

ACTION ALERT: Demand a winter plan for people experiencing homelessness NOW!

(from the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee)


Every year, the City of Boston and state release a ‘winter plan’ that outlines the services it will provide for people experiencing homelessness. These actions are integral to the fight for a safe and dignified survival of the Boston winter.

Last year’s plan consisted of “overflow” areas where guests slept on shelter floors or in chairs. The remaining individuals were bused to sleep in the front atriums of partner providers. Overcrowding and poor conditions caused an outbreak of meningococcal meningitis that took the lives of two homeless men. As such, a winter plan of a similar nature would not only be ineffective, but unconscionable.


Last year’s plan was not released until mid-January, a timeline that did not serve those most vulnerable in our community as inclement weather started months earlier. It’s imperative that the powers that be not only commit to, but also act upon a plan immediately. Temperatures continue to drop and the shelters remain at capacity. Those with unstable housing have increased health and safety risks, and these multiply tenfold in the winter months.


Participate in the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee’s call in to demand an immediate release and enactment of a Boston ‘Winter Plan.’ Call or email Monica Valdes Lupi, ED of the Boston Public Health Commission and Mayor Marty Walsh during the week of 8/5. Please act sooner than later. This action will take 5 minutes, but will have a profound impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness in Boston.

  • Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston (617)635-4500 mayor@boston.gov
  • Monica Valdes Lupi, ED of the BPHC (617)534-5395 maldeslupi@bphc.org


Hello [NAME]. My name is [YOUR NAME]. I am from [YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD] and I am calling to express the need for the immediate release and implementation of a Winter Plan including:

A commitment to the following for the duration of the winter:

  • Establishing enough public and private space that is safe, sanitary and secure to be used as nighttime shelter.
  • Providing guests with cots to sleep on, not mats or floor space.
  • Adequate storage space for guests in temporary and permanent shelters.
  • Shelter hours conducive to a worker’s schedule (at least 8 PM to 6 AM).
  • Consistent and reasonable transportation schedules for necessary busing.
  • Ensuring a minimum of 1 case manager for every 20 shelter guests.
  • Opening public facilities, such as a BCYF facility or a school, for daytime shelter and overnight drop-in.


Thank you for helping! Please take a moment and go here. If you’re interested, follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop about the Winter Plan and other news.

Phone Bankers Needed: Reach 1000s to protect ability to reverse illegal foreclosures!


We have 30 days to reach as many of the 70,000+ folks who were foreclosed in the last 20 years, up to 2014 who must file something at the registry of deeds, by December 31, 2016 (this year) .

The 120 violations of mortgage and foreclosure law means that almost every single one of these foreclosures can be shown to be illegal.

FIRST phonebanking
THIS Sunday 5:30 training/calling until 9pm (or however long you can!).
Training by skype OR
Physical location: WAFT/Pleasant St. Neighborhood Network Center, 301 Pleasant St., Worcester.

RSVP maaplinfo(AT)yahoo.com or just join us!

For hundreds of years, people have had 20 years to reverse an illegal foreclosure, the financial industry, especially the title industry, wants to end the 20 years and for people who foreclosed more than three years ago, the industry got a law passed saying they must file something (including a court filing if they have one) at their county registry of deeds.

We can get our hands of literally thousands of the phone numbers who must protect their rights and we need YOU to help us call all of them.

For electoral campaigns hundreds of thousands of calls go out in a matter of weeks, we can and must do this outreach.

Remember foreclosures have been running at three times worse the rate of foreclosures in the Great Depression. Tens of $billions of household’s wealth (and stability and health, etc.) have been taken by the banks.

If the December 31, 2016 deadline is allowed to pass without people protecting their rights in the registry of deeds, that money, that wellbeing and stability of our families, neighborhoods and communities may be irretrievable.

This is a largest wealth grab, especially from communities of color/ women heads of household that has happened since the end of slavery.

Please join the community of volunteers that will not only preserve our hundred years old rights, but begin the process of reversing these illegalities and turning the tides on the wealthiest, lawless elements of our society.

MANY thanks, Grace

Grace C Ross, Coordinator
Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending