Occupy Our Homes-DC rallies to stop eviction

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Occupy Our Homes DC,

Occupy Our Homes DC- At noon on Monday, February 27th Occupy DC’s Occupy Our Homes group will meet at the Archives Metro Station to launch its first major rally and action, bringing the struggle for housing to the doors of a financial institution that continues to fail the public it was chartered to serve.

With the help of public money, big banks are again making record profits but continue the deceitful practices that threw the world into crisis—a phenomenon that has caused ruin here in the DC Metro area, especially in communities of color. With one in four people behind on their mortgage, Prince George’s County suffers one of the worst foreclosure crises in the United States. More than one in three homes in the county currently face foreclosure.

Now, across the country, members of the increasingly disenfranchised 99 percent are fighting back.

Occupy Our Homes DC stands with our friend Ms. Bertina Jones, a victim of dishonest banking practices, in her fight to remain in her home and community. She lives in Bowie, MD, where she raises her grandson and regularly attends church services and PTA meetings. Throwing Ms. Jones out of her home and displacing her and her grandson will only further a vacancy crisis that has haunted Prince George’s County since the housing bubble burst in 2008.

Bertina Jones has a right to keep her home. Nationwide, people have been standing up against the banksters that are trying to evict them. “Fighting for my house is not just for me. It is for all of us that they have taken advantage of. I feel that if I stand up, more will stand up and together we can do something to stop them. We bailed them out when they were in trouble, we gave them our tax money and all we asked them to do is modify the loans and help the homeowners stay in their homes,” said Bertina Jones.

We expect to win. Communities have staged successful home defenses in Atlanta, New York City ,Los Angeles, Detroit, and many other cities across the country. Inspired by this growing movement, people in the Washington DC area are taking a stand for the human right to housing.

At noon on February 27, Bertina Jones, Occupy Our Homes-DC, Senior Minister Reverend Hagler of Plymouth Congregational Christ, members of the community and the Occupy DC family will be taking action outside Freddie Mac’s downtown Washington office (7th and D streets Northwest).

Housing is a human right, not a privilege. The 99% will no longer allow profits to subvert people’s needs.The spring offensive is coming!

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