Occupy Congress: Schedule for January 17

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Hundreds Thousands of Americans across the nation will be heading to Washington to warn Congress that the 99% are upset with them. Congress currently has a 5% approval rating from the American public. This is unacceptable. On December 23rd Occupy DC’s General Assembly came to a consensus that Occupy D.C. will fully endorse and provide resources and guidance to Occupy Congress. Recently Occupy Congress has published the schedule of January 17th. This will be a 14 hour event, giving people the opportunity to participate after work and school.


West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill:
9am – Converge at West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill (Meetings with Representatives concurrent)
10 am – Training for volunteers on De-escalation, Legal Observing, Medical, Direct Action
11 am – Teach-ins and Open Mic start and go all day
12 noon – Multi-Occupation General Assembly
2 pm – Open Activities and Idea Sharing Sessions
*6pm* – Occupy Congress Rally and Protestand DC Voting Rights Vigil
8pm – 11pm - OCCUParty featuring local DC artists including RADIO RAHIM.


Want to give a Teach-in or an Idea Sharing Session?
To give a teach-in or idea sharing session, please sign up for a time slot on the wiki and leave your contact info

Want to give a speech or musical performance at the Open Mic Stage?
To give a musical performance or speech, please sign up for a time slot on the wiki and leave your contact info



United States Capitol Building, Washington, DC 20016 (Meet on the “West Front” grassy area)

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