No-Slumber Party! NPS, Let Us Sleep

Join Occupy DC and the sleep strikers this Friday for a night of music and festivities to show solidarity with the community’s right to sleep as part of our struggle for a better world.

On the night of Friday, Feb 3rd, Ricky Lehner will be on the fifth day of his sleep strike. Come show your support in McPherson Square by joining the strikers in complying with National Park Service orders to stay awake all night.

At 6:30 we will have a teach-in by Rev. Karen Brau, Senior Pastor of Luther Place Memorial Church, on the biblical teachings on the right of all people to have a comfortable, secure place to sleep, and how radicals have been displaced from having this human right throughout history. Then we’ll have music and fun with the sleep strikers for the rest of the night.

Pajamas welcome. No justice, no sleep!

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