HR347 Action

On March 12, after a day of banner drops and outreach efforts, Occupyers and other supporters of citizens’ Constitutional rights met at McPherson Square to rally in response to the passing of HR347. They did a silent “death of the First Amendment” march to the White House, where they rallied on the fence and sidewalk in front of the President’s home. After leaving the White House, they took to the streets, spreading their call for restored freedoms as they marched through the downtown area back to McPherson Square.

The “Trespass” law curtails every American’s first amendment rights to free speech and assembly. It is not limited to Occcupyers, or to people who prescribe to any particular belief system.

We believe that this continued repression of citizens’ rights to protest is part of a national coordinated effort to silence the people’s voices, and to further diminish our access to our elected officials. This is particularly disturbing because they are not representing us, and do not appear to be interested in doing so, as demonstrated by recent legislation in Nashville, Chicago, DC, Maryland, and other cities and states.

Occupy DC stands in solidarity with protesters worldwide, and will continue to challenge this and related laws in every possible way we can.

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