Earth Week / IMF Action!

On April 19th through 22nd, a broad coalition of activist groups will take the streets to protest the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the economic, social and environmental harm caused by the global capitalist system. There will be four days of actions divided into four elements: air on the 16th, fire on the 17th, water on the 18th and earth on the 19th. Occupy Earth Week and the Anarchist Alliance DC network will raise their voices together by having three days of actions, on the 19th through 22nd which will include several trainings, a Critical Mass ride, rallies, direct actions and guerilla theater. The 20th will be the main day of action, starting at 6 AM, with a march, and ending late that night.

The common factor in all of these abuses is international capitalism, which is represented by unelected groups like the IMF and WTO. For this reason we are coming together in a broad coalition of groups to speak out. We believe our diversity combined with our common interests is our strength. We intend to change the world and show the alternatives to this unjust, ethically bankrupt system. Check our calendar for more information.

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