#OccupySLC | Occupy Salt Lake City | Day Three 10/09/2011

Sunday October 9,2011
Salt Lake City

This is day 3 of Occupy Salt Lake City, at Pioneer Park. the Ocupation started on October 6,2011 ‘at the Utah State Capitol and marched through the financial district of Salt Lake City, stopping at the Federal Reserve, Chase, Zions Bank, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and the Corporate News.’

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OccupySLC – Revolution:

A brief statement of their goals and purpose:

Occupy Salt Lake City is joining Occupy Wall Street and over 80 other cities on October 6 to demonstrate against the centralization of power and money to a few select persons and corporations, and how this inequality is compromising our social, political and economic institutions. Our grievances transcend gender, race, religion and politics.

The demonstration will begin at the front steps of the Capitol at 10 AM, October 6, with a march to Pioneer
Park where the movement will be occupying until our cause is recognized.

A general assembly is being held at the downtown Salt Lake City library’s outdoor amphitheater daily from 8 PM to 11PM.

More information:

The protest will be non violent, legal and peaceful in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

The general assembly will be held at Pioneer Park after the occupation begins.

Further marches will be organized and discussed daily at the general assemblies.

Source: occupyslc.org


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