Pros and Cons of Using Website Builders

If you are thinking about opening a new site, you may be confused as to how you should approach the matter. Those who are familiar with internet languages and coding may want to build their own site from scratch. But someone who does not have this experience would be hesitant, and that is why so many turn to website builders like But are these sites worth it? Here is our assessment of the pros and cons of using site builders.


These services cost very little money, which means even a single person who is attempting to open an online business can have a professional site created within days.

The ability to drag and drop pictures, text and other items is so useful for those who are not familiar with coding and internet languages. Someone who has no clue how HTML works can still get the different pages of their site set up without a problem.

Most website building service providers will offer a good amount of customer service for those who are struggling or stuck on a step. If you find the process a little challenging, you can always visit the site’s customer support section.

You could email or call up someone to get help as you are designing your site. For those who are not too familiar with how websites are created and customized, having someone on call to provide assistance is invaluable. It is the difference between being permanently stuck and getting the project finished!


The biggest con to using a site builder is the lack of customization. While you can choose from so many different templates, and tweak them for your needs, you are still relying on the base template to an extent. You cannot create a site from the ground up when you are using a DIY site building service.

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