Columbus Passes New City Code: Chapter 906

The following is the contents of an information packet delivered to in regard to the recently passed new city code: Chapter 906 “non-commercial event permits”

  1. the speech Robert Crane read at the Columbus City Council meeting on July 16th just prior to Columbus City Council’s passage of the new chapter code 906 ordinance      click to view
  2. the rebuttal Councilwoman Paley asked Robert to prepare in response to the Director’s office desires for how this new code/permit would be implemented      click to view
  3. the PowerPoint of the Director’s desire for how this new code/permit would be implemented (obtained via Columbus City Council communication department)      click to view
  4. City of Columbus emails (evidence) supporting rebuttal      click to view
  5. Columbus city councilmembers’ contact info      click to view

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