Why Perseverance Matters When We Talk of Peace in This Season

Erin McArdle discusses her choices to fight her charges and defend our 1st Amendment rights on Public Square. She points out the oppression on the horizon for Occupy and the importance to stand and deliver for the space to say what needs to be said on Public Square.

This interview was taken in early March after the City of Cleveland refused to dismiss the original charges. Because of their choice to prosecute and deny this was a civil rights issue, Erin and Lea had to decide for the long haul of not allowing the City Law Department and Mayors office to intimate citizens with arrests and long expensive challenges to their abuse of police powers over Free Speech. The video illustrates what it takes in clarity and execution to struggle in the Public Square for a voice for the 99%.

She ends with:

“What’s most important is that we meet that threat with Peace.”

Thank you Erin and Lea. And Peace this Season to all of Cleveland.

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