Town Hall Interactive Forum on July, 7th

JOIN US !Help spread the word ! for a 2 part really informative , powerful and needed training Town Hall discussion on the historical perspective on repression of activists both locally and nationally in the Occupy Movement. Sunday, a training for how best to promote security culture, while protecting yourselves and how to provide jail support for those targeted …

Town Hall Interactive Forum on July, 7th
7 pm
Tom Johnson Quadrant on Public Square , Cleveland, OH
bring lawn chairs and water..

Come participate share your views experiences / and how they fit into with the repression of activists in the Occupy movement nationally w/ historical perspectives on simuliar tactics being used against Muslims and communities of color in America in a post 9-11 nightmare . Will include an update on how our 5 are fairing by those of us in the trenches and created by 2 fascilitators from OWS touring the country ..

Sunday July, 8th
5:30 PM – 7
Catholic Worker Storefront 4241 Lorain Rd ,Cleveland , OH
POTLUCK ! Bring something yummy to share ! Or just come !

Activist training info workshop on prisoner support /repression/ and how to protect yourself as we move fwd

* feel free to join us after to discuss current events and advocacy on behalf of the Cleveland 5 .

Please message me or call with any ??’s | Twitter: @lesswallmorestreet FB: lesswallmorestreet |

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