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Tuesday October 11,2011

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General Assembly Minutes 10/11/2011 – 6pm

List of facilitators: Ben – Facilitator Victoria “Sister Fire” – Co-facilitator Imani – Stack Becca – Time Scarlet – Minutes Tim – Vibe ***I apologize in advance for the misspelling of anyone’s name*** The bible was not able to be located for the agenda meeting or the 6pm GA, so I had to take notes […]

Group Text Messaging

I’m the co-founder of BeGrouped.com and I want to help out. My website has the ability to provide texting to large groups (such as universities, non-profits, etc..). I would like to offer you our services for free because I believe in the “Occupy” movement and I want it to succeed on all levels. We have […]

10/11/11 12PM General Assembly Minutes

General Assembly Minutes 10/11/2011 – 12pm (Noon) Last night – arrest started being made in NY and other cities. We had a minute of silence for those who sacrificed for the cause. This is a mini-general assembly- 15 minutes due to leaving to march early. Ben- review consensus Did not get other names of facilitators […]

10/10/11 Generall Assembly Minutes

Minutes from General Assembly Monday October 10, 2011 6pm Announce Facilitator Training Facilitator-Sarah Stack-Brandon Time-Jessica Co-facilitator-Joe Vibe-Tim Explained Concerns Announcement from last General Assembly – None Announcements Erin- Wednesday 6pm 3250 Euclid avenue AFLCIO Union Applegate Form alliance and ask for assistance. Wednesday, Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Speak with lawyers. Open meeting. If wanting to attend, […]

Occupy Boston 2nd Camp arrested in Violent Police Assult

Last night over 200 local and state police surrounded one of Boston’s Occupation camps, with many reports of harsh beatings of non-violent protesters. We are the 99% and we stand with you in solidarity, Boston.

Needs List

Here’s a list of items that the Public Square occupiers need. Drop them off anytime during the day. Mats, pillows, blanket Wash laundry Tents & tarps Hand sanitizer Socks Towels Food Tupperware Cooler ice Walkie talkies If needed, cook food before you bring it Vegetarian dishes Any food donations always welcome Water proof storage bins […]

BBC: World Have Your Say is in Cleveland

Monday’s broadcast (10/10/11) Inside the Allen Theater, 1-2 p.m. @ City Club of Cleveland’s Free Speech Conference Admission is $150 if you’re not a City Club member. Ironic that admission is so expensive for the conference’s topic of discussion. I suggest participation: listening via radio and sending messages and calling (see below). Tuesday’s broadcast (10/11/11) […]

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