Noon Rally Tuesday April 30th on Public Square: One Year Later

Join us downtown on the anniversary of the arrests of the Cleveland 4 and the reemergence of the Occupy Cleveland movement.

When: Noon, Tuesday April 30th 2013

Where: Public Square. Most likely at Tom Johnson Quadrant on the north west  quadrant at W. Roadway  and Rockwell Streets.

Since the events of a year ago the Occupy Wall Street movement has been suffering the effects of coordinated campaigns to suppress dissent and protest in public spaces as it actively promotes a better model of social change from the grassroots. Part of that strategy by post 9/11 law enforcement and homeland security agencies has been to attempt to entrap activists in terror plots promoted by these agencies. This happened here in Cleveland a year ago with 5 members who participated with us in open, transparent general assemblies. Our movement suffered by the actions of both law enforcement and these individuals’ misguided collaboration with an ex-con informant (never part of Occupy Cleveland) with multiple felonies working for the FBI off the premises of our movement. We have survived the damage done and are willing to engage the public and media about how we move forward, support our friends paying the awful penalty with long prison sentences, and rally for Joshua Stafford who is attempting to fight his charges this summer.
Occupy Cleveland has always affirmed its commitment to the principles of non-violence, following the Occupy Wall Street movement’s example, from the beginning of the movement here in October of 2011. It confirmed this following the events of April 30, 2012 and has firmly disavowed any participants who strayed from the proposals passed by the General Assembly early on concerning our movement’s commitment to non-violence. Occupy Cleveland was clear on May 1st 2012 with the public and media about what we stand on the issue of non-violence. We continue that commitment today and on the anniversary of the events of the arrests.

Join us tomorrow and help us spread the story of the Cleveland 4 and the impact of free speech and assembly here in Cleveland.

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