Digest – Jan. 27-29, Fri. & Weekend –

Digest for Jan. 27-29 (Friday & Weekend)

Win for Environment and Health: Six Coal Plants to Shut Down * Call for help in Canton * Update: Help in Canal Fulton * Call for commitment to help people at info tent * Food and other donated items and services needed at info tent * International, national, state news * Today & tomorrow’s events * Today’s poetry * GA recap links * Weird WePay problem * Bank walk-away project * Upcoming events * Meetings / WAGs * More reading / links * Call for information for Occupy Plain Dealer and Info Tent * Call for information

Weekday Schedule: Today and Tomorrow’s Special Events; 6-7 PM GA M-W-F, OPEN FORUM T-Th; 7 PM Community Chat; 8-10 PM Entertainment; 10 PM-2 AM Night Shift #1; 2-6 AM Night Shift #2; Upcoming Events; We are continuously in the NW Quadrant of Public Square 24/7 at the Info Tent

Weekend Schedule: Today and Tomorrow’s Special Events; 10 PM-2 AM Night Shift #1; 2-6 AM Night Shift #2; Upcoming Events; We are continuously in the NW Quadrant of Public Square 24/7 at the Info Tent

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Win for Environment and Health: Six Coal Plants to Shut Down

The Northeast Ohio Sierra Club reports that First Energy is retiring six of its dirtiest coal fired power plants in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The plants will stop burning coal by Sept. 1.

According to the Clean Air Task Force, this will prevent more than 174 premature deaths, 282 heart attacks, 2,677 asthma attacks and 136 asthma emergency room visits.

Earlier this week, Ohio also announced plans for a 91-turbine wind farm. Good week!

More info…

Update: Call for help in Canton

Occupy Canton has asked for Occupy Cleveland’s assistance (and anyone else who is interested) in helping a church which has been foreclosed on. On Wed., Feb. 1, there’s a rally to show support of Deliverance Christian Church in Canton, and on Thursday, Feb. 2, a day of protest to picket First Merit. More info…

Update: Help in Canal Fulton

The person we were going to work on supporting in Canal Fulton needs help cleaning and presumably packing. She is suffering from cancer and has made arrangements to stay with family (we were going to see what we could do to help her in the case she was evicted). Ask in the Occupy Cleveland NV and open forums for info.

Call for commitment to help people at info tent

The people who have been manning the info tent in Public Square regularly have been suffering from exhaustion. They are calling for more regular commitments from new people, and for people to show up when they do make a promise to do so.

Food and other donated items and services needed at info tent

When visiting the info tent, please think of bringing down some healthy and delicious hot meals and/or some easily preparable food such as tuna, easy mac, healthy choice fresh mixers, soups–things that don’t have to be refrigerated but that can be microwaved… canned fruit. The food situation at the tent has been pretty sparse when it comes to healthy items so hot meals will be much appreciated. Also please consider bringing some dog food as there is at least one dog who stays at the tent much of the time.

Some occupiers have been doing this almost nonstop since the start of the movement here three months ago, and need help. Please consider asking people at the tent if you can take them to your home for a shower or if you can help do some laundry.

Other needed items: foot and hand warmers, warm socks especially! More people volunteering to stay at the tent for regular shifts will be much appreciated.

International, National, State News



Ohio & Cleveland:

Upcoming events and WAGs

In addition to our regularly scheduled weekday events, here are some special events that are happening today! Lots to do! Unless otherwise noted, events are in NW Quadrant (Tom Johnson/Free Speech Quadrant) of Public Square or nearby in the white tent area. More upcoming events after today are here…

Special Events Through Monday

Upcoming GA Votes - see Proposals section

Regular Daily Events

  • 6 PM GA on M-W-F, Open Foum T-Th- GAs are formal assemblies at the NW corner of Public Square or in white info tent west of this area. At this assembly, proposals and announcements are made. This is where consensus items are decided. Please review stances/thoughts at viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1003 for discussion in today’s GA. Recent GA recaps
  • Community Chat Following GA Today & Tomorrow – Informal assembly
  • Today & Tomorrow – 10 PM – 2 AM and 2 AM – 6 AM Evening Shifts – Please sign up at the white tent for an evening shift so that we can maintain effective occupancy overnight and relieve people who are overburdened. Dress extremely warmly with lots of layers and bring appropriate gear to keep yourself warm.

Working Group Meetings

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“I Had a Little Nut Tree…”
by Mother Goose

I had a little nut tree,
But nothing would it bear
Because my tree got GMO-ed
From my neighbor’s over there.
Then Monsanto’s repo-man
Came to visit me,
All for the sake
Of my little nut tree.

~ Marxist Mother Goose

Artwork by Tim Hosler

Please send poetry submissions to occupyclevelandpoetry (_at symbol_) gmail.com.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

GA recap links

Thanks to all who help with the movement, and thanks to notekeepers and videographers! Please post written GA minutes in the GA portion of forums in written format: http://unju.st/forum.

Wednesday Jan. 25 (Minutes yet to be posted) Video | Monday Jan 23 Minutes | Friday’s 1-20 GA Minutes | Archived notes

Recent Concensus Items

  • 1-18 CONCENSUS REACHED on petition regarding Lakeshore coal plant resolution
  • 1-9 CONCENSUS REACHED to letter to the EPA RE tentative Cleveland incinerator
  • 1-6 CONCENSUS REACHED to modify 10% blocking to 5% blocking with granularity of 1 additional person supporting the person who is blocking for it to be a block per each 20 people in attendence at GA
  • 1-6 CONCENSUS REACHED to do remembrance ceremonie for Nick Christie but might not happen on Valentine’s Day.
  • 1-2 EMERGENCY INFORMAL CONCENSUS to help woman in Canal Fulton. She is facing and unfair eviction Jan. 13 and has late stage cancer.

Recent proposals

  • 1-26 PROPOSAL in forums – “Replace Info Tent w/more suitable temp. shelter”
  • 1-20 PROPOSAL Limit foreclosure actions by OC so that 1/2 of our actions actually take place in Cleveland rather than outlying areas – DID NOT PASS IN CURRENT FORM; TABLED UNTIL FORECLOSURE WAG
  • 1-16 PROPOSAL tabled – Ohio Citizen Action proposal from 1-11 tabled for further discussion. Proposal contains petition to gov. entities to end coal fired plants.
  • 1-13 PROPOSAL in forums – “Reform Suggestion” – This is from a student regarding the state of education. The student is looking for people to interact with him on the forum to come up with an idea for a proposal.
  • 1-11 PROPOSAL in forums – Accounting Proposal – the vote on this did not happen Friday Jan. 13 but it is scheduled to happen Monday, January 23.
  • 1-11 PROPOSAL for consideration Friday, Jan. 13 RE the Lake Shore Coal Power Plant
  • 1-9 INFORMAL PROPOSAL announced to help the poor with programs
  • 1-6 UPCOMING PROPOSAL re “Prommunity”
  • 1-2 PROPOSAL for consideration Wednesday, Jan. 4 for event of remembrance of Nick Christie (Ohio man who was pepper-sprayed to death)

Weird WePay problem

Someone has set up a weird WePay link and has been posting it on the #OccupyCleveland cause page and twitter stream. Before making donations, please make sure that the link you are using to donate is: https://www.wepay.com/donate/occupycleveland.

Bank walk-away project

We’re considering working on a project involving 44 foreclosed properties from which banks have walked away. Any addresses / ideas for properties can still be emailed to occupyclevelandpermanentbasecamp (_at symbol_) gmail.com

According to the article Northeast Ohio Plagued by 30,000 vacant homes awaiting demolition, “Former Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis said he believes the number of condemned homes and buildings in Northeast Ohio has ballooned to 30,000. Rokakis blamed foreclosures and irresponsible banks, investment firms and individuals who have walked away or ignored their distressed properties.”

More upcoming events

Events are in the NW Quadrant (Tom Johnson Quadrant) of Public Square unless otherwise noted.

  • Sat., Jan 28 @ 7 – 10 PM – All You Need is Love (and food) – - Benefits Trinity Lakewood Community Outreach – http://www.facebook.com/events/123472157764997/
  • Sat., Jan 28 @ 8 PM – Food Not Bombs Benefit – http://www.facebook.com/events/366149950077562/
  • Sun., Jan. 29 – Occupy the Rust Belt Regional Assembly – Save the date – we’ll most likely have people participating in a regional assembly in Portage County Jan. 29 – http://www.facebook.com/groups/306042076105493/
  • Monday, Jan. 30 – 3:30 – Planning meeting for May 1. Tentatively meeting at Cafe-Ah-Roma or other place near CSU
  • Wednesdays @ 8 PM – Drum Circle at Info Tent
  • Wednesdays @ 8 PM – Womens meeting at office (tenth floor City Club building)
  • Sat., Feb. 4 @ 7 PM – Kalamazoo, Michigan – Invitation to attend 7th Inter-Occupational Sumit to celebrate the birthday of civil rights leader Rosa Parks. http://www.facebook.com/events/306523609384414/
  • Wed., Feb. 14 @ Noon to 2 PM – City Club Cleveland Debate – County Prosecutors. 850 Euclid Ave., City Club Building, 2nd floor.
  • Sat., Mar. 31 @ 7 PM – 1 AM – Occupy Benefit II: Another World is Possible – The 5 O’Clock Lounge, 11904 Detroit Ave., Lakewood. http://www.facebook.com/events/230612580354632/
  • April 14 & 17 – Possible Street Theatre for Save the Communities

Events for next month and the future can now be found on the Events page of the Occupy Site (I now have the ability to update this page).

Workgroup/Affinity Group Meetings / WAGs*

WAGS are located in the northwest quadrant of Public Square by the Tom Johnson statue or in the white tent adjacent to the quadrant unless otherwise noted, and all are welcome to come and participate! Please send your meeting/WAG info to occupyclevelandstories (_at symbol_) gmail.com so that it can be listed here.

Working Groups and Contact Information Wiki

  • New! Public Square WAG – occupycle.baseoperations (at symbol) gmail.com.
  • Grievance Declaration WAG * Every Day at Info Tent, 4 PM
  • Community Outreach WAG *
    Next TBA * Alternating Saturdays and Sundays * PLEASE NOTE CHANGED MEETING VENUE
    Coordination with groups to help grow the movement. Meeting tentatively at Gypsy Bean and Baking Co. (6425 Detroit Avenue) to see about using their extra room for the meeting. Will update everyone as soon as I know. 11/20 meeting notes. Outreach email: occupyclevelandoutreach (_at symbol_) gmail.com.
  • Occupation WAG * Tuesdays and Thursdays after 6 PM GA Coordination and research of physical occupation
  • Tech WAG * Wednesdays 8 PM OccupyCLE.tech (_at symbol_) gmail.com, 216 200 6278
  • Direct Action WAG * Every day after GA (7 PM Weekdays, 4 PM Weekends) Coordination of Direct Action communication and initiatives. Wed., Nov. 2 Mtg Notes.
  • Communication WAG * 1-3 PM Daily Check-ins Facilitates communication with reps from each group–check in with John between 1-3 PM in Public Square–phone coming.
  • Foreclosure and Bank Action WAG – Video/Phone Conf * 8 PM Mondays Concerns ways to brainstorm to change the situation with banks such that banks are held accountable for foreclosure impact on community
  • Theater Subgroup of Arts and Culture WAG * Next Mtg. TBA *
    Collaborative Theater Meeting
    This particular meeting pertains to theater event(s) and other creative actions. occupyclevelandtheater (_at symbol) gmail.com
  • First Aid/Housekeeping/Sanitation WAG * Next Mtg. TBA
  • Silent Demonstration and Public Art Affinity Group * Next Mtg. TBA

* WAG: Working/Affinity Group

Check the forums for more info on working groups. There are probably working group meetings that are happening that are not on the above list. Here are some known working groups: Outreach * Phone & Q&A * Arts & Culture * Spirituality * Food * Mission/Vision * Legal * Peacekeeping * Entertainment * First Aid * Sanitation * Nightwatch * Direct Action * Facilitators * Finance * Tech * Logistics * Transportation * Permanent Occupation Base

Current haves and needs

  • Still need consistent food donations of prepared meals at the tent along with healthy nibbles for energy throughout the cold days
  • Current physical needs are now posted on the Needs page as I now have access to this page
  • Donations
  • Respect, representation, tolerance, kindness, listening, family, friends, seriousness, joy, work, kindness, self-critique, community, patience, persistence, dialogue, peace, rationality, health, equality, empathy, civic support, solidarity, idealism, courage, dialogue, mentoring, participation, calmness, respect, compassion for one another, outreach, ethical banks, small business loans from banks, energy, focus, kindness, wholeness,global tribal ethic, fostering leadership in young adults, restoring reverence to older adults, community, focus, patience, lots of love, pride, humility, moving forward, reaching out.

Other links

Recurring info

Weekday Schedule: Today and Tomorrow’s Special Events; 6-7 PM GA M-W-F, OPEN FORUM T-Th; 7 PM Community Chat; 8-10 PM Entertainment; 10 PM-2 AM Night Shift #1; 2-6 AM Night Shift #2; Upcoming Events; We are continuously in the NW Quadrant of Public Square 24/7 at the Info Tent

Weekend Schedule: Today and Tomorrow’s Special Events; 10 PM-2 AM Night Shift #1; 2-6 AM Night Shift #2; Upcoming Events; We are continuously in the NW Quadrant of Public Square 24/7 at the Info Tent

Info Tent #: (216) 202-4999 | Phone Rules

Wiki: http://wiki.occupycleveland.com

Call for information for Occupy Plain Dealer and Info Tent

The Base Operations WAG is asking for more diverse flyers to be available at the tent, and asking for other WAGs to create materials. Not just about “We are Occupy Cleveland” and our methodology, but flyers about positions, information, etc. Especially of interest would be material about our activities pertaining to helping people who have suffered from foreclosures.

Occupy Plain Dealer is asking for contributions! Contact the Tent/Base Operations workgroup for more info: occupycle.baseoperations@gmail.com or nvzftw@gmail.com.

Call for information

Dear Readers/Occupiers:

People who are planning events and work groups–please email these events to occupyclevelandstories (_at symbol_) gmail.com so I can post them rather than having dig and dig every morning through the forums and multiple facebook pages to find these items. It is taking between one to three hours to do this Digest every morning, so emailing info to me will help me get this out more quickly.

For posting to event calender on occupycleveland.com, please email occupyCLE.media@gmail.com.

Please continue to post GA notes daily in the forum “General Assembly” here: http://unju.st/forum/. It is vital to post these notes for the larger Occupy community so that we know what items are being consented to and what events are consensus events. Thank you to those who have been posting notes!


The Temporary Editor

What Would You Like to See?

Please mail letters to the editor, story ideas, meeting times, articles, etc. to occupyclevelandstories (_at symbol_) gmail.com. Also, the Daily Digest is having a working group meeting Sunday, 10/30 at noon in the Tom Johnson (NW) quadrant of Public Square. If not right in the quadrant, please check the white tent west of the square.

Call for Poetry/Creative Writing/Art Submissions – we’re looking for poetry seeds from the larger poetry community, again, a great outreach action. We’re putting together an Occupy Cleveland poetry zine and I’d like to feature some creative items in the Daily Digest as well. Please send submissions to occupyclevelandpoetry (_at symbol_) gmail.com.

Thank you to all people who are making information available!

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