Cleveland Public Square Curfew Ordinance Declared Unconstitutional

Occupy Cleveland members WIN the right of citizens to freely assemble, communicate thoughts, and discuss questions in public space guaranteeing their 1st Amendment rights.



Ohio State Court of Appeals Reverses Arrests of October 21, 2011 

Erin McCardle and Leatrice Tolls were the two last remaining of the 11 arrested on October 21, 2011 in the Tom Johnson Quadrant of Public Square in downtown Cleveland who took their case for appeal to the State of Ohio. ¬†Their separate judgments were consolidated in a test of the 1st Amendment rights of Ohio citizens in public spaces. What follows below in the written opinion is a tour de force to sweep away an ill thought out city ordinance designed to keep the quadrant free of homeless and undesirables for the “safety and cleanliness” of the square.

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