Wandering NYC Zuccottis DNC Rescue

Brothers and Sisters, we have forty Occupiers from NYC who are stuck in Charolette, NC. They have been in Charolette helping to define the protests against the DNC. Their impact has been instrumental in bringing massive media attention to the protests and to Occupy in general, and in helping to remind the world that Occupy Wall Street is very much alive and fighting against the Corporate takeover of our government and those within it on both sides who ostensibly are there to represent us.
They are figuring out sleeping accomodations for tonight and tomorrow, as the permit for Marshall Park, where the DNC encampnet was based, runs out today. Charolette has banned camping in the city, so it might be a challenge to look for sleeping accomodations for forty people, but we can have everyone back on Sunday if this GA agrees to release 2860 dollars for forty Greyhound bus tickets.

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