Voters Registration Drive Discussion

Proposal for Voters Registration Drive Discussion

Proposer: Justin Samuels

I propose that Occupy Wall Street has a voters registration drive.  Occupy Wall Street was originally about pointing out and fighting economic injustice.  This message has been lost due to nightly battles with the police officers at Union Square.  I propose that instead of focusing on trying to hold union square at night (something that occupy will lose) that occupy focus more on changing things within the framework of the system we have.  If the public thinks that the NYPD is too brutal, we can vote in a mayor who has different policing policies.

For any “anarchists” who say they don’t want to work with the system, I don’t think they mean that.  I notice when against the system occupiers get arrested, that they are more than happy to accept whatever bail money and representation that will get them out of jail.  That’s the epitome of working with the “system” to save your own skin.
Also, those of us who work or go to school cannot even attempt to occupy all day every day.  Occupy should focus on actions that’s easier for working people to do.  Voting is one action.  Another action is boycotting.   Remember the Bank Transfer Day in the fall that got large numbers of people to change their accounts to credit union accounts?  These were all positive actions that one could easily present to the general public and get good numbers of people to participate.  The fights against the policemen need to stop, its pointless and a waste of our time.  We’re here for economic injustice, not here to get our friends locked up in jail.
 This is intended for discussion.

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