Tweets for Wed, 30 May 2012

We’re in Liberty Square, where the weekly #OWS Roundtable Reportback is about to start! Follow here for tweets! #OWSRR

“Mic check! Now it’s time for roundtable reportbacks! Let’s circle up right here!” #OWSRR

“Let’s make this really short so we can go bang pots and pans in #solidarity with #Montreal!” (8pm, every night, Wash Sq Pk!) #OWSRR

Haywood: “Trials have started! We need court support!” has a schedule! come help! #OWSRR

Cont’d: “Also, if you have court fines, the NYCGA will pay for them – some folks haven’t been paying fines if they don’t have money.” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “That’s bad! Don’t do that!” We’ll pay the court fees. #OWSRR

Brooke: “If any of you are interested in learning about Occupy Manifest, which is a training we’ve been doing w/ about 40 #OWS ppl…”

Cont’d: “We’ll be starting a new series in July.” A series of 3 3-weekend retreats, leadership training. #OWSRR

Cont’d: “There’s an application process, because it’s a lot of work to commit to, but it’s also a lot of fun!” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “You can go to to find the information about it.” Lots of folks here went to first round. #OWSRR

Hambone is next. “Who’s heard about the stop the fracking occupation that’s been happening in PA this week?” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “32 families are being kicked out of their trailer park outside Wilksbury Friday morning.” Water company that will supply… #OWSRR

Cont’d: …water for fracking are kicking them out. “The families have said ‘we’re not leaving’ and reached out to us for support.” #OWSRR

Ppl will be heading to help out tomorrow night, to fight these destructive resource extraction techniques & the subordination of human need.

They’ll go until friday night. Hambone asks again: “Now who’s thinking of going? YEAH!” Talk to Hambone if you want to come. #OWSRR

Next: “Who likes farms? Who likes food, first of all? If you like food, you like farms & don’t even know it.” #OccupyFarms is “going great!”

#OccupyFarms also needs a van. “If you or anyone you know has a large vehicle, we’ll take it off your hands — for free!” #OWSRR

Evan is also at an #OccupyFarms farm in Sheffield, MA, and invites folks to come join. “Waterfalls, farming, ponds, a place to stay!” #OWSRR

Next: “Occupy University, we moved our meeting times to 5:30 here so we can be here for this!” Occupy Algebra, Horizontal Pedagogy… #OWSRR

Cont’d: …and other classes will be happening. They’ll also keep working with Occupy Town Square’s pop-up occupations. #OWSRR

Next, Ravi from Project List: “Project list! Yay!” Grab a copy of the list; submit new projects by end of week to get in next ed. #OWSRR

Next, Tammy! “We’re here in NY, and there are people all over the country doing things like this, & we’re gathering in Philly 6/30 to 7/4.”

That’s the #NationalGathering or #NatGat- 5 days of skillshares, networking, organizing, brought to you by @Interocc. June 30-July 4. #OWSRR

Sam: “On the 4th of this coming month, the #FtheBanks crew will be going to an Obama fundraiser in Times Square!” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “We’ll be calling out fact that people working to investigate banks say they are being deprived resources needed to do their job.”

Cont’d: “They’re raising a bunch of money for the next election, but not doing anything to address the economic crisis.” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “That’s June 4th at the New Amsterdam theatre.” #OWSRR

Next: On father’s day, there’ll be a #StopStopAndFrisk march — 3pm, 110th St between 5th and Lenox. #OWSRR

Next, Earth Summit WG: “We’ve been working with Occupy Climate out of London and a # of other international occupations to put…” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “…together what we’re calling the Rio+20 petition.” That’s a huge international summit happening next month on environmental issues.

Cont’d: “There’s a website that’s been established —; is a learning center and will be a…” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “…social community around creating awareness of the earth summit,” which is about creating a green economy – their vision is… #OWSRR

Cont’d: …significantly different from our vision of a green economy. “And finally, our work group received formal recognition from the UN…”

Cont’d: “…last week; we’re special participants. Not sure what that means but #OWS has been recognized by the #UN.” #OWSRR

Drew, TechOps: “We’ll be revamping the events calendar to make it actually useful, which means we’re going to wipe it clear for the…” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “…most part. So, keep an eye on your inbox on — we’ll make it clear what’s going on.” #OWSRR

Cont’d: “ is producing content, and wants to have an open meeting at 7pm, Tuesday, 33 Flatbush.” Bring content ideas!

Cont’d: “Or you can send submissions to” The media archive is in beta right now, to catalogue all our…

Cont’d: …video and such. The NLG is apparently using it right now, & they’re “loving it” according to Drew. Email #OWSRR

Matt’s working group, the “paranoia advocacy group” (ha ha), is organizing a protest of the Bilderberg group — #OWSRR

“This is being planned by a group of people who have been focused on the 1% of the 1% for years.” Meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. #OWSRR

“They’ll be there for the next 4 days planning who’ll be the next President, who will be the next chairman of JP Morgan + the SEC…” #OWSRR

“It’s going to be a blitzkrieg, and those of us who have never experienced crazy bull horning or chasing down the CEO of Google like…”

Cont’d: “…I did last year in Switzerland, you’ll have a great time.” “I can’t tell you how fun it is to get in the faces of these evil ppl.”

Jared from End Corporate Personhood / Get Money out of Politics, part of Politics and Electoral Reform, is next… #OWSRR

They’re having a free screening on the 4th — email getmoneyoutofpoliticsnyc@gmail for more info. Also they’re petitioning Cuomo to get…

Cont’d: “…at least some kind of public financing in this state.” for more from them. #OWSRR

.@blogdiva notes that “Yo Soy 132″ is a protest movement that is happening in #Mexico now, kind of like #manifencoursNYC.

Think Tank has got all of their archived discussions and transcripts online, and are shifting towards research lk other think tanks… #OWSRR

#OccupyTheSEC let us know they’re calling for the SEC to prosecute Jamie Dimon under Sarbanes-Oxley and to refer him to the DOJ. #OWSRR

#OccupytheSEC is having an action Wednesday, June 6th, to support that call for action against Dimon. 5:30 in #LibertySquare. #OWSRR

Some folks are leaving for the 8pm #manifencours solidarity march in Washington Square Park! #OWSRR

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