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#OWS is finally getting back the tents we lost in the raid!

RT @OWScom: Tonight: Spokes @ 110 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn, NY from 7p-10:15p #ows

Hey Fam! We’ll be live from the Quaker House at 110 Schermerhorn in Brooklyn for #ows #nycsc! Should be starting soon! Stayed tuned…

Reminder, if we go into Twitter Jail, swap over to @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 @LibertySqGA4 #ows #nycsc

Tonight’s Facilitators, Daniel and Danielle, asking spokes to gather their signs and move to the center of the room. #ows #nycsc

Stairs welcoming us & acknowledging that people are getting MetroCards. Library misspelled their Spokes Sign [Lulz. - Ed.] #ows #nycsc

Stairs asking for side conversations be kept to a minimum and introing the rest fo the team. Daniel & Danielle co-Facilitating #ows #nycsc

Uptwinkes on them, Melanie on time, & David on stack. #ows #nycsc

Danielle calling attention to the space, it is sacred to the people who have allowed us to be here. #ows #nycsc

Daniel – This space is free until 9:30, but will cost $40 if we go til 10:15. Passing around a donation box to pay for the space #ows #nycsc

Stairs – To open this space in an uplifting way, contributing to an awesome movmnt, asking how about doing a call/response song. #ows #nycsc

Singing – Power to the people, the mighty mighty people, the people’s power. #ows #nycsc

Stairs hopes everyone can help facilitate an awesome meeting. First up, Working Group reportbacks. Indivdual anncmnts at the end #ows #nycsc

Dave with InfoHub – Taken over the email for so we can now answer over 100 inquiries that come in a day! #ows #nycsc

Archives – Anncd that we’re looking for hard drives and received a donation! Yay! #ows #nycsc

Outreach – We had a really cool last couple weeks, talked to a lot of people, every Wed at 1p we go & talk to people… #ows #nycsc

Outreach… Meet at 60 wall st at noon! #ows #nycsc

Direct Action Painters – We painted the bus of the Occutrip, breaking our strike but wanted to see them off. #ows #nycsc

Library – We came up with an awesome action today. Book Bomb Tucson! They banned a ton of books, especially Hispanic books. #ows #nycsc

Library – We’re gathering allies here in the NY and have already gotten support from #OccupyTucson, and want to get as many… #ows #nycsc

Library – … copies of those seven books and bomb the heck out of Tucson! #ows #nycsc

Facilitation – On Monday there was talk about whether the freeze effected the payment of spokes spaces, and after talking… #ows #nycsc

Facilitation – … with Accounting any previously consensend upon ongoing budget expense is not effected by the freeze. #ows #nycsc

[I stepped in to help facilitation clarify that point. - @PoweredByCats] #ows #nycsc

There is a group exploring civil litigation regarding various issues of Brookfield’s rules in the park & suppression of rights. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – Continuing to be involved in any space where people are gathering, housing, squatting, public. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – Also keeping track of inventory of supplies. We finally got our military tents back! Yay! 8k lb weight lifted! #ows #nycsc

Sanitation – Working on fixing abandoned properties. Picture the homeless has been taking survey of abandoned properties in NYC #ows #nycsc

Sanitation – PtH believes that 1/3 of the abandoned properties could house all the homeless people in NY. We want to help people #ows #nycsc

Sanitation – get into these properties. Get in touch with us! [I didn't catch the email, check for Sanitation WG -ed.] #ows #nycsc

Jeff from Housing will now present a three part housing budget proposal, along with Yuri. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We’ve been in each of the three churches for at least three weeks and house around 150 occupiers a night. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Because of the budget freeze there is limited copies of the proposal, so please share. #ows #nycsc

The text of the budget can be seen here. #ows #nycsc

Jeff currently discussing roles of Housing WG – maintain sites, payment for supplies/utilities & maintain relations w/landlords #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Each community of occupiers is responsible for their own communities, thats not the role of Housing. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We will no longer pay for space at 86th St as a result of the proposal last week that set an exit situation. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – But we need to fulfill the responsibility to the landlord (part 2)

Jeff – We want to take consensus on the whole, after friendly amendments taken for each section. #ows #nycsc

[I was called upon to take a Facilitation role in trying to clarify whether this proposal fits into the perview of the budget freeze - Ed.]

Opening stack on clarifying questions – Outreach – Do we know what % of people in Park Slope are in WGs? #ows #nycsc

Yuri – I’m one of the occupiers in PSlope, I don’t like lying to people who are staring at me, ~1/2 of the people participate #ows #nycsc

Yuri – in working groups or the movement, we’ve tried to get people involved but met resistence. We’re still trying. #ows #nycsc

CQ – DAP – As I understand, every group gets 7 metrocards. Jeff – At one point that was true, but it changes week to week. #ows #nycsc

CQ – DAP – How does my working group get on that list? Where do leftovers go? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We used to do 150, and there were leftovers, and they went back to Finance. And we checked them back out. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – There is a process explained online, & use of financial point people to help us determine who is eligible. #ows #nycsc

CQ – PoC – So this is partly a back pay thing and part 2 is about moving forward? We don’t understand the prepaid phone part #ows #nycsc

Jeff – There needs to be communication btwn spaces and allowing people into the space for the first time via a housing hotline. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We don’t buy phone time for everyone, its only for people who are manning the hotline. #ows #nycsc

PoC – 490/week for utilities is for what? Jeff – gas/hot water/electricity $70/night documented in previous proposals. #ows #nycsc

PoC – $3500/week for unlimited metrocards is a lot of money, what are these actually being used for day to day? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – These are actually being allocated independent of Housing, they are authorized by WG point people. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – This is effectively the metrocard stash for the whole movement. Housing wants to give this job to Transportation. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Library – @HelloFrances My understanding after that #nycsc we could only bring a proposal to pay back the last 2 week. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Library – This seems to not be that, because its a recurring budget. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – The proposal that night was brought by the community staying at West Park Church, not Housing. That cmmty accepted FAs #ows #nycsc

Jeff – That proposal was not made by Housing and doesn’t effect Housing’s ability or need to meet its obligations. #ows #nycsc

CQ – OWS En Espanol – Why not use monthly metrocards instead of weeklys? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We’ve discussed it, but people lose them, & thats less problematic with weeklys. This is very transient, so its easier… #ows #nycsc

Jeff – … to get into a rhythm and be more accountable with weekly’s than monthlys. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Anti Racism – In the 2nd section, is this recurring forever? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – This recurring budget will have to be renewed every 4 weeks. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – I don’t think theres enough clarity on the spending freeze (reads language of the freeze from Minutes.) #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We don’t like ongoing forever recurring budgets so we’ll be back in 4 weeks politicing if the freeze is still in effect. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We are reevaluating the number of metrocards based on our precious experiences. We’re open to FAs asking for more. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Outreach – We heard that the person who engaged in violence at Brecht perhaps is staying at Park Slope Church. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – The churches & communities have to abide all resolutions consensed by the OWS community at large. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – However, the pastor is allowing the person to stay there. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We are looking for space who may be displaced by the exit strategy at W Park incding bus tickets to go to nearby Occupies #ows #nycsc

CQ – Restricted Diets – with 1/2 of Park Slope not involved in Working Groups is there a way we can get people involved to stay? #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – I dont want to make it a rule in order to stay in NY you have to be in a WG, our process is dehumanizing. #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – But it should be required to stay at these spaces, which helps with community and accountability. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – I have concerns with putting up requirements to housing. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Minutes – When we talk about WGs is that the new pruned list or the 140 imaginary list of WGs? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We feel we are now going by the list of active WGs as established by Info/ComHub. #ows #nycsc

CQ – WOW – There was supposed to be mediation between Housing/SaferSpaces/WOW. What happened? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Some people thought notice was too short, & our mtg time changed, members were ready, we were told it be rescheduled. #ows #nycsc

Stack is now closed on CQs. Moving on to Concerns, spokes can take 5 minutes to discuss. #ows #nycsc

[As a note, Facilitators barely had to speak during that process, things are very calm and orderly. - Ed.]

Opening stack on Concerns (people can combine in Friendly Amendments) #ows #nycsc

Anti-Racism Allies – PoC was concerned about power relations w/in the mvmt especially Jeff’s role & the amount of time he speaks in #nycsc

Jeff shakes his head and doesn’t respond. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – In reply to TechOps FA – we had been approached about a proposal about time banking but there are limitations. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Its not a perfect system, we’d love participation from other groups who r better at these things. It needs to be in place #ows #nycsc

West Park – We’re concerned that the spokes decision to close the church for housing may not be shared by the pastor #ows #nycsc

West Park – Would this spokes consider rescinding that decision and also add more metrocards? #ows #nycsc

Jeff asks for group temperature checks on accepting Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycsc

Daniel – FA on increasing number of metrocards from 120 – 150. Temperature check very negative. Jeff rejects. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – The FA had no relation to housing, was proposed by this body to the WestPark cmmty & was accepted to form exit strategy. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – It is not up to Housing to undo that decision or find a new location for that cmmty in finding new space. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – That community can work out an agreement with the landlord/pastor and disassociate with #OWS in order to make an arrangement #nycsc

Media – Concern – Serious concern over part 2 – paying Park Slope. I stay there, I’m apart of housing & media. #ows #nycsc

Media – Its an unsafe space, indvdls are violent, the pastor isnt able to remove people, I need help from the body. #ows #nycsc

Daniel – Asks for us to to hold what just happened and what we heard for a moment. Danielle – Acknowledge the gravity of it. #ows #nycsc

Stairs asking for Media to clarify her earlier statements. #ows #nycsc

Media – At Spokes on Wed a man named Will attacked people, stole a metrcard, flipped a table, came back to the church & went to sleep #nycsc

Media – He threatened to murder someone, & has been sleeping at the church. He got into a fight while another person held the victim #nycsc

Media – But he isnt the only violent offender in the church, & its not always physical. People yell at me every day. #ows #nycsc

Media – The pastor looks to us, & we look to him, & to GA & Spokes, we don’t know what to do. We need help. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – FAs – No funding unless we have a way to deal with violence, & an exit strategy. In ParkSlope empower the pastor #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – Say that Nan, Michael, & Will must be out by Thurs night or we cut funding. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – FA – West Park, we will house 50 active occupiers for the month of February & thats it. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – I have brought this up to the Park Slope Community. Everyone is met w/abuse. People look to me for enforcement. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – Im sitting here for guidance, what can we do? Disruptions have got to end. #ows #nycsc

Housing accepts the amendment – That funding will not passed unless Nan, Will, Michael leave before tomorrow night. #ows #nycsc

Media clarifies that this will also apply to people in the future. Housing says yes, we will not abide violence. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Asking for an additional month at WestPark is not within our power bcuz it goes against the agreement made by the cmmty #ows #nycsc

Housing is uncomfortable making this decision, and says the pastor has concerns as well. An agreement was made already. #ows #nycsc

Housing asks for a temperature check on the WestPark FA (extending through February for 50 occupiers) – Very negative #ows #nycsc

WOW – We applaud the anti-violence amendment. We have concerns about the amendment that jeff still hasnt stepped back & the lack #ows #nycsc

WOW – of mediation that has happened btwn Housing/WOW/SaferSpaces. Don’t like the term ‘Occupier’ not applying to everyone in mvmt #nycsc

Outreach – Blocking concerns that we’re keeping that space open after removing violent people. [I missed the rest, twit probs, Sorry! -Ed.]

Jeff – We need to address violence as a community. We’re putting too much on the pastor. #ows #nycsc

PoC – We’re talking about kicking people out of space, we need to be very clear about ‘violence’ when we remove people from spaces. #nycsc

FA – Split the metrocard proposal part into a separate proposal to be consensed upon tonight. #ows #nycsc

Media – Clarifying the violence that has occurred by various individuals. #ows #nycsc

Stairs – The question is not whether violence has happened, but what violence is. There are meek, clean ways we can be violent. #ows #nycsc

Stairs – Violence is obvious & sometimes its there all the time. #ows #nycsc

Taking a few deep breaths to clear some tension from the room. #ows #nycsc

OWS En Espanol – Violence hurts your body, your mind, its simple to register, theres nothing complicated. Perhaps bcuz this is…#ows #nycsc

OWS E Esp – a new mvmt, we want to seem inclusive & are afraid of setting boundaries. I understand my liberty ends where yours starts. nycsc

Archives – Im very concerned w/the length we’re paying for housing. We didn’t have an occupation this long. Every space we’ve… #ows #nycsc

Archives – funded has turned into a violent space and we’ve ruined it. This needs to stop. #ows #nycsc

Minutes – Support everything the Anti-Racist Allies said, FA want to split off the metrocard proposal & give cards to WGs to allocate #nycsc

Jeff – Thats been proposed w/in Housing, but we’re concerned about accountability of who gets the cards & not. We have a system. #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – Im going to talk low and try to keep it short. A lot of people talking about concerns & others close to taking.. #nycsc

Restricted Diets – responsibility. I have asked for help in space, i wasnt calm, but i was asking for help. In order to flip… #ows #nycsc

Rest. Diets – it around on you guys, we put restrictions on others but when restrictions are put on us, we dont show up. #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – Financial Assembly, no one showed up. Mediation w/WOW no one showed up. FA we add a stipulation about a… #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – a grievance process to hold emotional violence accountable. #ows #nycsc

PoI from Stairs – At the Open Space event on Friday there will be discussion on establishing a Grievance Process. #ows #nycsc 235 W.26th St

Library – Oh boy! I have a blocking concern, I’m willing to be the bad guy. I cant pay my rent & am unemployed. Bring it. #ows #nycsc

Library – We are not equipped to fix the homelessness problem in NYC we don’t have the capability. We didn’t have an occupation this long.

Friendly Amendment that we stop paying for housing after this weekend is accepted by Housing. #ows #nycsc

DAP – Echoes Library blocking concern & Anti-Racist Allies concern that Jeff is always the point person for housing… #ows #nycsc

DAP – Asks Jeff to step back so that others may step up. #ows #nycsc

Occupiers – Darryl – Concerns w/how housing is being talked about. All the people complaining about $ do not live in the church..#ows #nycsc

Occupiers – … they didn’t live in the park. They came after. Last month we spent 200k on non-housing & 10k on housing. #ows #nycsc

Ronny breaks process to say that the spoke for Occupiers is not speaking for him (as an occupier.) #ows #nycsc

Stairs asking for restatement of proposal with Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycsc

Part 1 of the proposal remains in tact (please check website link from earlier), Part 2 is cut, no funding past this weekend #ows #nycsc

Part 1 – $4000 to cover this week & last week. We have 15 minutes to finish this process. Asking for stand asides. #ows #nycsc

1 stand aside – Arts & Culture; 3 Blocks – People of Color Caucus, De-Escalation, Anti-Racism Allies #ows #nycsc

To clarify, all sites will be cut off of funding past 1/27. This is to pay our current bills up to that point. #ows #nycsc

PoC feeling like we need a transition period of 2 weeks for Park Slope. #ows #nycsc

De-Escalation wants a homesteading class for people who will be removed from housing. [Lots of cross talk, hard to follow. -Ed.] #ows #nycsc

PoC asks for a process of accountability not just kicked to the curb. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Additional 700/week to create a 2-week exit strategy for Park Slope & withhold funding if Nan/Michael/Will are allowed to stay #nycsc

Jeff acknowledges that Housing can’t create a grievance process on its own, needs help, but supports it. #ows #nycsc

De-escalation lifts its block because Housing is exploring other options for housing including homesteading, other occupations, etc. #nycsc

Library & PoC make a deal on 1 week extension for Park Slope. Park West still ending 1/27. Violent people out by tomorrow. #ows #nycsc

Part 1 of the proposal passes via consensus. #ows #nycsc

Part 3 – the metrocard part – 5 stand asides. No blocks, consensus.
#ows #nycsc

[That's it fam! Sorry for truncated ending, have to be out at 10:15. Comments, questions, love, meet me over at @PoweredByCats] #ows #nycsc

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