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#OWS Reportback roundtable now starting at Liberty Square! Follow here for livetweets.

Christina first! “There’s a group of people who’ve been working w/ the Transforming Conflict Lab, which began as a grievance process…”

Cont’d: “And they’re holding a teach-in on restorative justice, Friday, June 1, 6-9pm, at the Commons on Atlantic Ave b/w Hoty and Bond.”

Cont’d: “So, please come” if you’re interested in working on building a restorative justice process for use w/in our communities. #OWS

Mark asks that folks indicate who they’re spoking for, so people can get plugged in.

Next, Tammy for @interocc. They’ll have mtg re: new tools, the National Gathering (6/30 – 7/4), & Occupy caravan. 6:30, tmrw, 388 Atlantic.

Also, June 5th, Judson, 8pm, folks are coming to talk about coordinating re: the DNC. And, working towards child care… #OWS

They’re working on a google list for who can provide / who needs childcare. Talk to Tammy! #OWS

Next, Hambone w/ the #FightBofA crew. “We’re working on a new strategic plan, new platform, after having kicked ass in Charlotte a…”

Cont’d: “…few weeks ago. We’ll roll out some new political targets; will soon go after Organizing for America, Obama’s campaign apparatus.

They went to AG Schneiderman’s office to inquire about ongoing investigations of Wall Street, found, surprise, there’s none.

They’ll also do an action where they bring $1 to Obama fundraisers, but earmark it for investigations of Wall Street. #OWS

Next, Vision and Goals. “We brought one vision statement to the GA; it didn’t reach consensus. After that, we went to GA again, and asked..”

Cont’d: “…the GA what kind of world” they’d see, if they could go into a time machine and see the end of the movement. #OWS

They worked to consense upon a new version, but since the GA isn’t meeting, they’re focusing on “enhancing the intellectual dialogue…”

Cont’d: “…around the ideas we have in this second vision statement.” Starting with interrogating “basic human needs,” meeting Tuesday…

Cont’d: …Thursday, and Saturday at 5:30. “We’ll be envisioning an ideal world that’s at harmony with spirit of this mvmnt.” #OWS

Next, Caroline with a group called “meet the 99.” “The idea of the group is to give different working groups and groups organizing…”

Cont’d: …access to researching tools, to understand their audience better. Will be “introducing people to research methods they can use..”

Cont’d: “…for communication” and organizing tool. It’s June 20th at 666 Broadway, at Indy Kids’ spot. Hopefully just the first. #OWS

Cont’d: “We’ll be promoting it and asking groups to RSVP, so it can be tailored” to participating groups’ needs. They’re trying to get…

Cont’d: …a website off the ground. “We’re the Messaging Research Laboratory.” Want to adapt marketing concepts to use of #Occupy. #OWS

Cont’d: “Finally, tomorrow, we’re having a content-planning meeting, where we’ll plan structure of and activities in workshop.”

Cont’d: They hope that conversation will make sure that it fits into the needs and philosophy of occupy. Tomorrow, 7pm, Yippy Cafe.

Next, Earth Summit Working Group, working to prepare for Rio UN conference on environment. Rio + 20, 20 year follow up on UN Earth Summit.

Cont’d: “It’s a very important conference globally; been talking to Occupy Climate, a London-based group, & other international occupiers..”

Cont’d: “…to put together a Rio statement.” There’s a 10-point statement; it’s being discussed in London and once consensed on will go..

Cont’d: …to other occupations. Also, #OWS

Cont’d: During the week of June 18th, they’ll have activities, especially near the UN plaza. #OWS

Devin, Tech! “ is alive and ready to serve the community! We need content — want to make movement look awesome.”

So, he wants to “work with groups, find out about work they’re doing, get it out there, make it look good.” If you want to talk about it…

Cont’d: …email Also, has great open source tools for the movement. Need help maintaining.

They also have a mailing list system available; newsletters aren’t the easiest to build, he says, but the system exists. #OWS

If you’re interested, email;he’ll help you build a form for your newsletter email. Bring TechOps problems to solve! #OWS

Cont’d: “We’d like the community to demand more general tech support from us.” That’s TechOps.

Leah, OccupyFarms! “We have ~10 farms in the network; it’s ever-growing!” Want to do 2d, 2mnths, etc, work on a farm?

Cont’d: “It’s warm outside; let’s get out of the city and start growing our own food” for the revolution! #OWS

Sean for Direct Action — “SDS — not the student movement from the ’60s — the Summer Disobedience School starts this Sat, Bryant Pk, noon.

Cont’d: “It’s going to be a place where people are empowered to bring actions,” learn about DA, get involved. #OWS

SDS will be focused on planning for Black Monday, September 17th, 2012. #OWS

And Tonight, 8pm, in Washington Square Park, there’s #manifencours solidarity march. #OWS

Lena, from MetroOccupied! “We are a daily rag newspaper, as another method of talking to New Yorkers and the world!” First issue was about..

Cont’d: …taxes, released tax day, 5,000 copies distributed at subways. Next focuses on “law and disorder”, 10,000 copy run. #OWS

Cont’d: “The content is shaping up to be really fantastic. We need help fundraising — if we can’t get it printed, we can’t get it out!”

Cont’d: Also, talk to Lena or email metroccupied@gmail if you can help hand them out! #OWS

Next, Mel, Safer Spaces. “We meet every Sunday, 5-7pm, Union Square. Find us on FB,” Also:

They’re also working on a Take Back the Night event, to recognize radical organizations who do transformative support for sex workers….

Cont’d: …victims of sexual violence. #OWS

Next, Outreach — they’re doing outreach on subways, handing out flyers, holding down info table in Union Square. #OWS

Cont’d: “I’m also working on a calendar that’s a little more comprehensive than” – i.e., PROP event tonight. #OWS

Cont’d: “People need to know about” that sort of thing, “so I’m just trying to make that happen,” and working to get students involved.

Next: For first time ever, international monitoring organization came to US b/c of concerns about suppression of Occupy. #OWS

Cont’d: They went to Chicago, and now are in New York — open forum is Friday, 16 Beaver, 4pm to hear from them and discuss #repression.

That group was OSCE — Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe — and get ahold of for more info. #OWS

White Hat’s been working to provide projection capabilities to actions or events — “We can project video and text,” are mobile. #OWS

Cont’d: “Also, we’d like to coordinate with media and direct action about the content” that will be displayed on the projector. #OWS

For more on the projection project: #OWS

Next, Christine from Accounting, reporting back aobut the bail fund. “We’ve gotten through May Day and now Chicago with >$50k in bail fund.”

Cont’d: “It’s available” when needed; court costs are eligible to be covered– please make sure you pay them to avoid warrants. #OWS

Cont’d: “We do still have about $30k in general fund, but no #GA, so not spending it.” If we someday “magically get a decision-making…”

Cont’d: “…body back, great — if not, will not be spent on anything but bail.” Exceptions: the Ppl’s Library was promised funding…

Cont’d: …for their suit against the city. Also, TechOps’ server costs. “Other than that, Gen Fund not being used.” #OWS

CQ: “What about print costs?” A: “There’s no ongoing budget; we did have $ allocated for May Day printing in last GA, but…”

Cont’d: “…other than that, people have been fundraising.” But “other than that we don’t have a specific budget.” #OWS

Ravi, from #OWS Project List — working on issue #3. Want to get better at including groups planning and doing direct action.

Cont’d: Email them at, get your project listed and get people involved! #OWS

Shane, from the Press team: “If you’re planning actions, doing stuff and want to coordinate with press, email:” #OWS

Cont’d: There’s also a blog, with info about how to submit info, but “getting us involved early is great.” #OWS

Tasha, Orientation: “We have been meeting to help people who have been more involved with Occupy.” Moving forward, will be holding mtgs at..

Cont’d: …events — Saturday at SDS, and at Occupy Town Squares. “We want to take people who want to be plugged in and connect thm to you.”

Cont’d: “We work a lot with the project list and newsletters, but if there’s a contact person for your group, we’d love to talk.”

Next, Occupy Museums, dedicated to calling out the “corporatization of art and culture.” Going to Berlin for an event, will plan actions…

Cont’d: …call out “cultural imperialisms at places lk Deutsche Bank Guggenheim.” Also, petition vst Sotheby’s at

Next, Immigrant Working Justice. “We just learned that secure communities has kicked in in NYS.” Can’t avoid it any longer. #OWS

Cont’d: “This means ppl processed in jail” will hv their immigration status checked, may face deportation. Consider intrsctn w/ Stop/Frisk.

Next, Environmental Solidarity just learned that the SPECTRA pipeline was approved, to run gas thru West Village. Will regroup, get louder.

Also, Environmental Solidarity pretty well outnumbered pro-nuke people at meeting in Tarrytown recently. so fighting frakking, nukes. #OWS just finished busing people to and from Chicago, working on Occupy the Inauguration. Want to help w/ Black Monday. #OWS

Next, Diane, Political Action. “Right now we’re coordinating for transportation to the RNC in Tampa, Aug 27-31st, and DNC, Sept 1-6.”

May also help rent van for National Gathering, June 31st. Look for her and talk! #OWS

Occupy Town Square. “We had 2 in month of April; we helped support CityWide Assembly in Central Park.” Next: outer boroughs. #OWS

Cont’d: “The next one will probably be Staten Island.” Then Queens. “Look for that in the coming weeks.” #OWS

RT @HelloFrances: @LibertySqGA Don’t know if anyone from @OWSLibrary is there but we’re holding a press conference at 11AM tom to announ …

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