Tweets for Wed, 17 Oct 2012

Introduce your projects to the movement. Express your visions, grievances. Popular Assembly continues today 6p #LibertySq @OccupyWallSt

@emarkadams mic checks that the popular assembly is beginning. @Captnick_ and @emarkadams will be tonight’s facilitators #owspa

@emarkadams explains what the popular assembly is

Thinktank, occupytrinity, occupy mental health,election day alternative actions inside voting locations are some of the break outs #owspa

Discussion around election day actions. Permission from board of elections to protest inside voting locations. #owspa

Think tank breakout group. Located in its original location of the park. #owspa

RT @rightnowio_feed: Discussion around election day actions. Permission from board of elections to protest inside voti… …

Lots of great discussions taking place right now. #owspa

Discussing election day actions. Looking for 25 groups for that day for more information #owspa

#nypd learking around the park like always. #owspa

Non-smoking breakout group. #owspa

#occupytownsq break out group. #owspa

Occupy mental health break out group. #owspa

RT @nathanleighsays: stalking the @owspa from tech rehearsal in boston. wish i were there! #ows

Discussing thanksgiving plans with #owskitchen #owspa

Roughly 25 people at this popular assembly. Come down and join us! #owspa

At 8pm, Immediately following this popular assembly will be a #13O debrief. #owspa

Discussing #occupytownsq plans for the winter. Suggestions include an indoor space that allows tabling. #owspa

10 more minutes of break out groups and then report backs. #owspa

Think tank breakout group. #owspa

Now discussing preliminary action plans for #n6 #n7 and #n17. #owspa

Report backs now beginning. Think tank was discussing how to get events such as #n17 off the ground. ie: outreach #owspa

Reportback from occupy mental health discussed lack of access to mental health care, as well as veteran issues with pds. #owspa

Report backs. #owspa

Report back from electoral reform. Discussed an alternative voting experiment as well as actions on election day. #owspa

Moving on to announcements. #owskitchen will be serving food in #libertysq on thanksgiving #owspa

This Saturday at 1230 there will be a speaking on underpaid college students. 56 bogart street. #owspa

#n17 global solidarity. Giant potluck at noon then rallying to stop cutting money on education as well as other issues. #owspa

Healthcare for the 99% is having an action tomorrow. Both Obama and Romney will be in town. At Waldorf Astoria 530 pm. #owspa

Occupy yoga / meditation for 10 minutes after this popular assembly. #owspa

meeting on #n15 to remember the sad events that took place during the eviction and to show #ows is still alive. Holding a small vigil #owspa

Non smoking breakout group thanks everyone for not smoking in this meeting space #owspa

Moving on to speak outs #owspa

Someone here from Australia wants to push the idea to push our president and congress to … (cont)

Info table at occupy trinity “confiscated by a gang of thugs who happen to wear uniforms” please help replace it or get it back. #owspa

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