Tweets for Wed, 03 Oct 2012

In the spirit of Roundtable Reportbacks and the Asamblea Popular de Madrid, come to the #OccupyWallStreet Popular Assembly @occupytownsq

Break out around #globalNOISE #13O and discussion topics YOU are interested in. Need live steamers. 6p #LibertySq @StrikeDebt

The Popular Assembly is starting now in #LibertySq. Get here! #owspa

Agenda for the #OWSPA: Intros and role-filling, an hour of breakouts, and then reportbacks and People’s Speakout. #ows

Now taking suggestions for breakout groups. First: Occupying the Subways to do outreach to other communities. #ows #owspa

Another breakout: @smckeOwn wants to talk about #N6 and election actions. #ows #owspa

Another breakout: @OccupyTownSq wants to plan more workshops, actions, community spaces. #ows #owspa

Another breakout: For people interested in doing community support around the city, undermining the capitalist system. #ows #owspa

@tyfong919 To provide a discussion space and allow room for people to come together, share ideas and resources.

We are now breaking out for an hour to talk about the previously suggested breakout topics. #ows #owspa

RT @DiceyTroop: PSA: #OWS’ new Popular Assembly, inaugurated on #S17, meets Wednesdays at 6PM in Liberty Square (Zuccotti). Follow @OWSP …

Okay! Breakout groups are starting to come back to together for reportbacks. #ows #owspa

First reportback: Occupy Subways changed their name to Occupy Underground, plan holiday actions, need more people. #ows #owspa

Next reportback: Election day actions. One action is alternative exit polling. They need bodies to help poll. #ows #owspa

Election Day also plans Goldman Sachs victory party. Maybe moving to day before the elections to get more press. #ows #owspa

Occupy Town Sq talked about going to Astoria, Bay Ridge, and also helping #OccupyTrinity. #ows #owspa

The Mutual Aid group talked about helping street vendors, crisis response teams (an Occupy 311), debt resistance counseling, mental health.

Mutual Aid group also talked about helping with homelessness, & other service organizations we could hook up with. And lots of other things!

Announcements: A thank you to the ppl who helped with the recent Occupy Music night. Hope to do another one. #owspa

Announcement: #OccupyTownSq says at, you can see the doc “American Autumn” for free. #ows #owspa

Announcement: People went to a senior center and screened “American Autumn” and got a good response. #owspa

Announcement: Global Noise, the global day of action on #O13, is going to be awesome. #StrikeDebt is meeting at 8 to plan actions. #owspa

Announcement from Sean: The GA on Oct. 20 will meet to consense on dissolving the GA once and for all…until we agree to resurrect it.

Announcement: There are also Monday meetings to plan actions and movement building, and people should go to them! #ows #owspa

Announcement: Every Tuesday at 6 at The Commons there are events related to Occupy. #owspa

Announcement from Mark: The Free Store with @IOHNYC takes place on Fridays in Brooklyn and people should go pick up stuff. #owspa

Announcement: People should start getting their affinity groups together and plugged in for #13O. #ows #owspa

Announcement: Planning meetings for #13O take place Friday 7:30 in #LibertySq.

The location of the free store is corner of Lafayette and Marcy. Again, from noon to 6. People should go!

Okay, that’s it, folks! This week’s #OWSPA is over! Thanks for coming, and if you didn’t, come next week!!! Signing off, @CarrieM213. :)

RT @smcke0wn: @OWSPA That is being done by the Politics and Electoral Reform WG. Check for schedule and contact info.

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