Tweets for Thu, 26 Jan 2012

We are experiencing technical difficulties right now, but hope to be back on track soon.

Two new working groups created tonight via consensus. 1- Food Justice WG. 2 – Global Justice WG (breakout of Movement Building) #ows #nycga

Movement Building wants to focus on domestic issues, Global Justice will look internationally. #ows #nycga

Formation of Occupy Your Workplace Working Group via consensus of the GA. #ows #nycga

This GA reached consensus on cutting one day of the GA meeting schedule. #ows #nycga will now only meet Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

RT @NaSh12: Just arrived at GA (60 Wall St.) @PoweredByCats and Brian from Facilitation presenting their proposal to reduce the number o …

RT @NaSh12: Correction 4 members of Facilitatio presenting. Also including Christina, David and Alia. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: FA to move the time up on Saturdays being denied as it would exclude people who respect the Jewish Sabath.

RT @NaSh12: Proposal is to reduce the GA’s to 3days per week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Patrick stating that Structure has discussed this proposal and believe that this would open up days for tiger types of meeti …

RT @NaSh12: Patrick offering FA that when temp is below 50 Degrees GA’s be moved to 60 Wall. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Cont. believes that this would open attendance up to older people. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Facilitation asks when the temp would be taken. Discusses and decides that that Gould be left up to the Ga to decide on any …

RT @NaSh12: Cont. also states that it may be part of a larger thought out proposal, and sugests Structure may want to work on such a pro …

RT @NaSh12: Trish offers FA in tow parts 1) stay with 4days and allow GA to decide what I do on 4th night. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Or go to 3days and someone offers a proposal for a 4th night of meetings #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Facilitation states they would like to leave that day open for the community to fill, not as part of this proposal. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: FA to change the 3days. Facilitation responds that the last time this proposal was presented, these days were decided by a s …

RT @NaSh12: FA from Evelyn that proposals be decided on by straw poll. Stairs states that this does not fall within parameters of the pr …

RT @NaSh12: FA stack is closed. Facilitation restating proposal. #nycga temp check positive to move forward with proposal. No stand asides.

RT @NaSh12: No blocks. We have consensus! Moving to announcements. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: 1st announcement. About appalachian forrests. has a phone number for employment opportunities to help preserve the forrests. …

RT @NaSh12: Yoni makes announcement about #occupytheprimaries. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Occupy Mediation makes an announcement declaring their autonomy from NVC. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Next announcement re: trans pacific partnership, Nike loves it, Pfizer loves it, actions being organized in San Francisco an …

RT @NaSh12: #solidarity action to be held in New York outside of Pfizer HQ. Wednesday at noon. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: VG announcement discussing Vision Statement. Didn’t get to do breakout tonight, but offering copies and asking for contribut …

RT @NaSh12: Next announcement re: Open Space tomorrow at 6pm. Food, no process, open conversation. Doors close at 9:30. 235 W. 23rd 2nd …

RT @NaSh12: Safer Spaces announcement: they will be attending open space to discuss community agreements. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Ocuppy Farms: scouting lots for urban farming for #Occupylot this Sunday. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: GSD affinity group will be meeting at 60 Wall everyday at 4pm. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Catholic meeting 60 Wall Saturdays at 6pm. GA is over. #nycga

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