Tweets for Sun, 16 Sep 2012

Tweets now from the final #S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil. #OWS

“Last year, we didn’t even know we would occupy a park for weeks. We are trained to underestimate ourselves… don’t- we are powerful.” #OWS

Nicole: “Tomorrow, we’re breaking up into 4 strategic clusters- groups that have been doing work for awhile.” #OWS #S17

“Education, Environment, Debt, and the catch-all, 99%, are the four clusters.” “Who here is not in affinity groups?” “That’s OK.” #OWS #S17

We’re organizing into our clusters so we can build any of the remaining needed affinity groups. #OWS #S17

Livestreamers are breaking out into a support group, as well as the clusters. #OWS #S17

“Right now, we’re organizing into small groups. As soon as you get into yr grp, choose a Spoke. We’ll form a circle with Spokes in front..”

Cont’d: “…and that way we can have a really democratic process!” Also asks groups to choose a name & try to write it on a sheet of paper.

“The reason we organize in small groups is that we don’t want an assembly model for this action. NVDA or people-powered…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…movements shutting down” many things “have used this model.” Grps can more easily decide how to participate, plug in. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Then in the streets, someone’s got the water, someone’s got the protein bars, some1′s got ppl’s stuff,” you have each others’ back.

Plan A was already consensed on Friday- “but we do need to get some sense from you all on proposed alternatives: Plan B and C.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Does that make sense?” Yeah! “To be clear: a cluster is generally a collection of affinity groups.” Started as individuals. #S17

Cont’d: “This decision-making process,” Spokescouncil, “can be used to make decisions” on the ground, as well as beforehand. #S17

Cont’d: “So, you’re all in affinity groups, grouped into clusters.” Plan for Monday now. “We have divided Lower Manhattan into 4 zones…”

Cont’d: “…Education, Debt, Eco, and 99%.” Asks each cluster to make some noise, and raucous whoops result. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Each Zone has a meet-up site on the map– we have many copies.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “At 7am, we meet up at the meet-up zones on the map. They are designated by little hearts.” is the map. #OWS

Cont’d: “Meet there, get coffee, set up, checkin. From there, we move to the People’s Wall- a blockade of key intersections around Wall St.”

Cont’d: “Some people will do an arrestable action there. Those of us who don’t will go outwards and turn into the 99 revolutions.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “In our affinity groups, we’re going to do dance parties in the intersection– maybe we’re into food justice and want to…” #S17

Cont’d: “…distribute food in intersections. Others might want to go into Bank lobbies to deliver letters to CEOs.” #S17 #OWS

Lots of sites are listed on the map. “It’s totally legal to go into a lobby, so take advantage of that.” #S17 #OWS

“At 10am, the Eco block will do an action at the Bull,” that folks can participate in. After the conclusion, Spokes will come together.

Cont’d: “We’ll check in, see what we want to do, go from there.” 11, 11:30, after the Eco action. “Does that make sense?” #OWS #S17

“At 12, there’ll be a meet-up at Liberty Square,” for an assembly with labor allies. At 6, a people’s assembly at Foley. #OWS #S17

“You’ll have a chance to talk in your groups to go deeper, but any major questions?” None. OK, communications now. #OWS #S17

Shawn: “There’s a lot of ppl here, and we all need to stay in touch, to know what’s going on not just in your zone but all around.” #OWS

Shawn: “How many people are on the text loop?” Lots. “What I want you to do: pull out your cellphone text @S17NYC to 23559. #OWS #S17

That text loop will keep you informed about any key changes, or events, or occurances. You can also text it to request Medics or NLG. #S17

That info will go to info point ppl for each quadrant. “And each quadrant also has a text loop: @S17EDU, @S17Debt, @S17ECO, and @S17.99.”

Cont’d: “If you’re in a specific cluster, get on the loop for that cluster, and info people will get you info about that zone you’re in.”

Main text loop will be only for info pertinent to all; cluster loops will relate to those specific quadrant. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “You can also go to the assembly points at each quadrant and give them info as needed.” #OWS #S17

Nicole: “OK! Go Comms.” We’re short on maps, but more on the way, and at “It’s also in the @nplusonemag Gazette.”

Foley Square will be the safe zone. Lisa: “That plan was created by a lot of ppl at a lot of meetings, with a lot of love…” #S17 #OWS

Cont’d: “…it’s pretty damn good, right? It’s so damn good, in fact, that the cops are going to set up checkpoints around the FiDi.” #S17

Word tho that they might not be that intense. “But what if” we can’t get in? “If one Zone is clear, we’ll all go to that zone.” #S17 #OWS

Cont’d: “But if we can’t get anywhere, we want people to communicate in clusters and help determine if we need to do Plan C.” #OWS #S17

“Plan C: We stay in our clusters, redraw zones, and we go north and take Midtown.” WHOOO big cheers. #S17 #OWS

“That way, if the cops take Wall Street, we’ll take Midtown.” “We want folks to discuss in their grps if they think this is the right plan.”

We already have maps, from May Day, for Midtown — they just need to be zoned. “So take 5 to 6 minutes, see how yr group feels.” #S17 #OWS

So, to recap: Plan A is the map. Plan B is, if barricades leave one or more zones accessible, all grps go there. Plan C: Take Midtown! #S17

[Map shows that among many targets, there's one major bank in each potential "Plan C" Midtown zone, which is perfect. -Ed.] #S17 #OWS

Here’s the Midtown map for potential Plan C — imagine it split into 4 quadrants, one for each cluster. #OWS #S17

OK, coming back. “OK, so we’re going to check in with all of the AGs… get a feeling for where everyone’s at with contingency plans.” #S17

First: “We are the Chupacabra AG! We think all of the plans are good; we have no concerns.” #S17 #OWS

Next: “We are ICU- ask us if you want to know what it stands for. We have an amendment for Plan C — we want to transpose quadrants up to..”

Cont’d: “…Midtown, so horizontal axis would be 45th St, and vertical would be 5th Ave.” Keep cluster orientation. #OWS #S17

Next: “I’m with the Bard College AG, and we’re fine with the plans.” Next, Big Red Dog: “We have one question! If, like in Chicago…”

Cont’d: “..they take down the cell towers, how do we communicate?” Lisa: “Bikes! Best thing we’ve got. Bike Cluster can run info.” #S17 #OWS

Rad Parents, next: Concern with B/C is, “if our friends get kettled, should we help them? We’re really excited about going to Midtown.”

Next: “Hi, we’re Feminist Force!” Like plans, but concerned about Plan C, b/c “it’s not as easy for all of us to get to Midtown.” #OWS #S17

Next, Strike Debt — “We’re pretty much in consensus on the plans; concern on B is it’s a little vague and if there are a limited number..”

Cont’d: “…of access points, won’t it get a little congested?” Too many people, might be hard to “work that out.” “Do we plan that ahead?”

Cont’d: “Plan C, might be some tactical issues. Might need a really good tac team to make that work on the fly.” #OWS #S17

Next, Debtasaurus. “We’re all pretty much in agreement, share a lot of the concerns from other groups.” “Also equally excited.”

Cont’d: “We’re the Nice AG, and we think we can work within the plan.” Next: Weird Street, like it, same amendment as ICU. #OWS #S17

Next, Big Jaded Elephants are down for the plan. Next, 99% [something], some concern about logistics of getting to Midtown. #OWS #S17

Next, Debt Boulder group likes plan, a little concerned about how decision on which plan will be made. #OWS #S17

Next, Occupy Faith / Vets for Peace: “We are mostly very happy with the plan; we want to meet at cube, but a little concerned…”

Cont’d: “…about not being able to get there, and we have some people that feel strongly about participating in a sit-down action..”

Cont’d: “…and might want to do it in Lower Manhattan rather than going to Midtown,” want thoughts on that. #OWS #S17

Next, Affinity 99- happy with Plan A, Plan B, concerned about comms, want to know how they work, and how we move to Midtown. #OWS #S17

Next, Affinity for Library Intelligence Services — into Plan C especially and concerns have been voiced. #OWS #S17

Next, Labor AG, down with the plans, concerned about decision. Next, Team Meg is good. #OWS #S17

Another AG was down for all the plans. Next, Miles Horton Pyramid Scheme, “We think plan C is the most brilliant shit in the world..” #S17

Next, Snuffleupagus — “We’re happy with the plan and think we can work with it.” #OWS #S17

Next, Occupy Las Vegas, happy with the plan, “happy to be here!” Education is a Human Right are “OK with the plan, wondering what we’ll be..

Cont’d: “…doing when we’re at the Intersections, that’s all we want to hear about.” Want to know what folks are doing. #OWS #S17

Next, Act UP NY — “We’re happy with the plan; in fact, we have a beautiful midtown target.” #OWS #S17

Next, Middlebury Clown Nose, down for plans, want to know how to get to Plan C. #OWS #S17

Another one has confusion about B, some clarification needed. Agreed w/ quadrant amendment. #OWS #S17

Next, they’re good. Next, something Warriors, they’re good. “Unaffiliated Affinity” next, “nothing to add.” #S17 #OWS

Next, “Jellyfish Brigade,” down for plans, will be Polar Bears on Bikes. Next group is cool. Yo Man AG is also cool. #OWS #S17

Next: “We are The Affinity Group,” share concerns about getting to midtown Laffs at the name! #OWS #S17.

OK, that’s it. Lisa suggests we go over concerns and then go back to groups again. #OWS #S17

On Plan C: “Let’s say the cube is good, and another one, but Strike Debt are shut down and Eco cant’ get to Bowling Green.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Get on Comms, and we’ll” say which areas are open, and go there. “But at convergence place, we might need a street spokes…”

Cont’d: “ coordinate and redistribute the zone,” maybe change from many intersections to one, or whatever is appropriate. #OWS #S17

Sorry, those were about Plan B. For Plan C: “One group proposed we march; another possibility is to try to collect money for Metrocards..”

Cont’d: “..or maybe your cluster itself can figure out an alternative strategy. So probably, if we’re dealing with Plan C…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…if the clusters can deal with it, great, otherwise, maybe there’s a regroup and we march. Long fucking march.” Ha. #OWS #S17

Someone proposes we regroup at Foley and march up Broadway from there. Lisa: “We’d have to figure out timing for regroup then.” #OWS #S17

Lisa: “Several people asked about the decision-making structure. You heard the coms plan- in each cluster or zone, you all should..”

Cont’d: “…determine a set of ppl- maybe representative of AGs, or people who’ve been organizing, or new people, to be tactical…”

Cont’d: “…point p[eople to talk about whether we should shift, and communicate with other clusters, and figure out what to do." #OWS #S17

"The bottom-line is to know there's a communication structure to link people together to help make that determination." #OWS #S17

We'll know if itt's plan B or C based on whether we can even get into a zone. "We came to shut down Wall Street. right?" #OWS #S17

Cont'd: "So if we can, we're doing it, and if not, we'll go to Midtown." This is the advantage of this kind of distributed model. #OWS #S17

RE: sit-in prepped for Wall Street. "We think we can do that, but should we not be able to, again in yr cluster, you may want to look at.."

Cont'd: "...Midtown, and try to do a mass CD there, or maybe in different locations." Spokes at Bryant would be part of plan. #OWS #S17

"Bryant Park is where we'd go for another quick meeting" to see where we're at, in the case of plan C. #OWS #S17

Lisa has a concern that the proposed map division "geography is too big." Asks spokes: "Do we think we can divide now into zones, or.."

Cont'd: "..use Spokes once we get there to determine which groups want to do" which actions and where? #OWS #S17

Lisa: "We have 33 affinity groups, by the way. So do we want to do another round of checking about the zones, and Foley as a regroup?" #S17

Lisa: "I think the question about transportation for everyone is real. Maybe this could be dealt with in the clusters..." #OWS #S17

Cont'd: "...if you can solve that transportation issue in your clusters," that's best. Someone shouts out that AGs should take care. #OWS

Lisa likes that, but says "some people have more resources than others. This is where we talk about strategic use of privilege." #OWS #S17

If some ppl have more money than others, they can throw down for others to get Metrocards. 3 more minutes in AGs to discuss. #OWS #S17

[POI: As usual, if @LibertySqGA reaches Twitter limits and is blocked, we'll duck over to @LibertySqGA2- find us over there! -Ed.] #S17 #OWS

OK, we’re coming back from breaking out into our affinity groups, to report on discussions about zones and getting to Midtown. #OWS #S17

Lisa: “So, I want to see if we can expedite this question about zones in Midtown. I want to do a straw poll first.” How many want zones?

Lisa: “How many groups think we need the zones in Midtown?” Spokes raising hands to rep their groups’ feelings. #OWS #S17

At least 8 want the zones. “How many AGs do not want the zones?” A lot more people don’t want the zones. “I think it would be…” #S17

Cont’d: “…unfortunate to go to any big decision-making over this, b/c it’s not that important- we want to go to Wall Street.” #OWS #S17

Lisa: “But if people really want zones, bring your turf to Bryant and we’ll work it out. Does that work for everyone?” Spokes raising hands.

Lisa: “Does it work for you if we figure it out at Bryant in the Spokescouncil?” Yes! Lisa: “OK, I think we have a fucking plan!” Consensus!

OK, Camille from @MutantLegal is going to do some Know Your Rights training to prep us for the day. #OWS #S17

Camille: “If you’ve not yet been to a legal solidarity training, please stick around for 10 minutes after we’re done here.” #OWS #S17

Camille: The legal training “can really save you a lot of time in the coming year.” Hahah. Asks AGs to choose legal point person. #OWS #S17

OK, next, Media. “One thing that’s very important: please charge all your equipment before you leave tomorrow AM!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “You want to make sure that your AG has some kind of media present– phone, disposable camera, whatever.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “When you guys are filming arrests, try to get badge numbers. And please be kind to the media.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “And if you have anything you’ve taken pictures of,” send it to Legal, communicate with them first before distro. #OWS #S17

Media group will announce their text loop soon. Marisa: “We need to firm up our plans,” in each group and cluster. 3 minute breakout…

Cont’d: “…we need to know numbers: how many in each zone, how many arrestable, and think about roles: logistics, coms, legal.” #OWS #S17

Lisa: “And in about 20 minutes, Occupy Faith wants to speak to us about what they’re doing tonight and have a procession.” #OWS #S17

So, now we’re breaking out into clusters, which will sit in the Spokes model with their internal AGs- a spokes within a spokes! #OWS #S17

RT @DiceyTroop: Bishop George Packard is addressing us now: “I’m Bishop Packard, and I like to jump fences! I want to jump the fences to …

RT @DiceyTroop: The Bishop says that almost 100 members of Occupy Faith will be there tomorrow, with us in all ways. #OWS #S17

RT @DiceyTroop: Packard: “Deep down in this movement, there is a moral core, because we are filled with anger, b/c we don’t like what th …

Susan Wilcox is now speaking about the Catholic hierarchy recently accusing nuns of being radical feminists for interest in social justice.

“To me, it seems like Occupy and nuns are allies in the struggle, and I know many Nuns were in the encampments all over the country w/ you!”

Ends with “a special message to Catholic NYPD. There is a rumor that police strategy for tomorrow is to target the aged and elderly…” #S17

Cont’d: “…for brutality. Officers, let me remind you, your faith cannot be separated from your official duties. If you are ordered to..”

Cont’d: “…brutalize anyone, you have a moral obligation to disobey that order.” Human mic: “DISOBEY THAT ORDER!” “God bless #Occupy!” #S17

OK, now we’re learning a song by Pat Humphries. The beat made someone start singing “I want candy” lulz. It’s really “Keep on walking fwd.”

Lisa announces we’re going to close the meeting and let clusters continue to break out. “ALL DAY, ALL WEEK, OCCUPY WALL STREET!” #OWS #S17

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