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RT @DailyOcc: Today’s GA preview & live page just went up: Tweets via @LibertySqGA. Check it out; starting soon …

Hi fam! The 6-month anniversary General Assembly of #OWS starts now. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, @LibertySqGA4! #M17 #NYCGA

Stairs: “Welcome back! It’s our 6-month anniversary!” Cheers! There are like 500 people here right now. #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs: “I know everyone here is really excited! I am too!” It’s Craig; asks permission to co-facilitate with Lady. Sounds good! #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “It looks like the crowd is very excited tonight, so we’re going to start with a chant: 1, we are the people…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…2: we are united! 3: This occupation is not leaving!” [Chills... electrifying chant commences. -Ed.] #NYCGA #OWS

Aaand the chant segues into “A! Anti! Anticapitalista!” [Tweeting, on steps, next to @CarrieM213, like old times. Aww. -Ed.] #NYCGA #OWS

We need 2 stages of the people’s Mic tonight! Recalibrating now. Stairs asking folks to get on stack for reportbacks. #NYCGA #OWS

First on stack for reportbacks: Amin and Nelini from DA: “We have 7pm Saturday trainings for +Brigades! They relate to clowning on..” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…the streets, making the police look stupid, and breaking the binary between police and protesters. We moved the training here!”

Cont’d: “…and I want to announce that we’re training for Spring!” Big cheers. “Every Friday, 2:30PM, meet here in the park!” #NYCGA #OWS

Nelini: “And we’ll also have a clown training tonight on the west side of the park! Thank you!” #NYCGA #OWS

Amin comes back to clarify: “We forgot to mention when. Since we promised people and we didn’t know this beautiful gathering was going to..”

Cont’d: “…happen, w/ your permission, it will happen simultaneously with this GA. So, ppl have an option.” West side for +Brigades. #NYCGA

Lady: “Today’s our birthday! We’ve had 2 marches and also a lot of other events happening during the day. What’s going to happen…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…right now is that there is a teach-in at the same time as the GA. It’s up to ppl to decide for themselves what they’d like…”

Cont’d: “…to do.” Lady requests that folks in front sit down so everyone can hear and see. #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “I need a volunteer to take stack tonight.” (Stack is our manner of organizing speaking order, weighted to empower traditionally…)

Cont’d: (…marginalized voices.) Stairs also assigning folks to assist with the second generation of the ppl’s mic. #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs: “Now, we’d like to review process. A refresher course! Human mic helps us amplify our voices so that everyone can be heard.” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “We need you to echo us. You don’t have to agree w/ what’s being said, but you’re allowing ppl to be heard!” #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “Really quickly, this is a 24-hour occupation! I’m gonna say it again: this is a 24-hour occupation!” Huge cheers! #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “If you know someone that’s not here right now, text them, Twitter ‘em, Facebook ‘em, Myspace them [laughs!], call: come here!” #NYCGA

Stairs: “Now we’ll review non-verbal communication!” Uptwinkles means “I lk that; I feel good.” Midtwinkles means “I’m on the fence.”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “Downtwinkles means, I don’t like that — respectfully, I don’t feel good.” A triangle w/ 2 hands means “we’ve gone off process..”

Cont’d: “…we need to get back on track. One finger up is a point of information. This means I have pertinent info that is factual…”

Cont’d: “…about what is currently being discussed.” Make a C with a finger to ask a clarifying question. “This is not an opportunity to..”

Cont’d: “…change a topic or assert a personal agenda!” Hero puts up a Point of Information: “We’ve had a little issue trying to get info..

Cont’d: “…about the #OWS text alert. If anyone has the information, can they please announce it through a mic check?” #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “I see a lot of points of process. What we’re going to do is check online for that info, Also, ComHub is down until April.” #NYCGA

Hand signals continued: “Rotating your hands means, move it along! Respectfully, we hear you! But we’re talking about something else.”#NYCGA

Stairs: “This is a block!” Arms crossed in front of you. “This means I have severe ethical or safety concerns w/ a proposal!” #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “There is also something called a standaside. You might feel that you are against the proposal, but don’t wish to block it.” #NYCGA

Stairs: “Now we’d like to move to the meat, and talk about the agenda.” Lady: “Tonight we have 3 items to talk about.” #NYCGA #OWS

First on the agenda: MayDay. Next, an emergency proposal to respond to NYPD surveillance of Muslims. Then, a new working group. #NYCGA #OWS

We’re moving to the emergency proposal first, actually. #NYCGA #OWS

Proposer: “Welcome back! My name is Caroline. This proposal is to sign a letter asking for a Federal investigation into NYPD’s blanket..”

Cont’d: “..and unwarranted surveillance of Muslim communities. The letter has been written and circulated by Muslim advocates.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “It has already been signed by dozens of civil rights, faith groups, and community groups. They have reached out to #OWS and asked..

Cont’d: “…us to sign in #solidarity!” Cheers and “solidarity forever” break out in the crowd. #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “I’m going to open stack for clarifying questions.” First CQ: “Are you going to read the letter, so we know exactly what we’re…”

Cont’d: “…agreeing to?” A: “I”d be happy to read the letter. It is 3 pages long; it starts out by saying that local officials…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…have failed to act. It then goes on…” Speaker forgot about the second gen of the human mic; resetting. #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs asks someone to ask the drum circle to move back. “This is just like the old days now,” @CarrieM213 observes next to me. #NYCGA #OWS

Someone invites the NYPD to help us with the human mic. Lady reminds us of one more hand-sign: Respect the house. #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “What we’re going to do is have the proposer sum up the letter that we are agreeing on.” #NYCGA #OWS

Caroline: “As I was saying, the letter begins by describing that the NYPD has appeared to have targeted Muslims only for their faith.”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “It goes on to describe the reports that’ve been in the news, detailing different efforts of infiltration and surveillance..” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…of student groups, mosques, cafes, community centers, etc. It goes on to say this casts suspicion on an entire faith community.”

Cont’d: “It describes the screening of a hateful film. It goes on to mention letters written by congressional representatives…”#NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…local leaders, and so forth. It goes on to say: state and local officials haven’t been successful in holding NYPD accountable.”

Cont’d: “It asks finally tht the Department of Justice ‘vindicate our society’s cmmitment to equal justice under the law, and the…’”#nycga

Cont’d: “…prohibition against” discriminating based on religion. “That’s pretty much the sum of it.” Craig asks for clarifying questions.

CQ: “Where can we read the letter in its entirety?” A: “I’m going to ask, but I was told that it is now on .” #OWS

CQ: “Did you use the term ‘illegal surveillance’?” A: “I can check in the letter to see if it is there.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next, Jennifer. “My only concern is that we make sure that this is a request for individual investigation and not from the direct…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…accusations against the NYPD. I personally think that they’re guilty, but we can’t come to that conclusion until a…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…Federal investigation is done.” A: “I can answer both questions now. I do not find the word ‘illegal’ in this document.” #NYCGA

The questioner feels that word should be there; proposer apologizes for not being able to get prints — she did try, she says. #NYCGA #OWS

A, in response to second CQ: “I want to say that the letter is asking for the Federal Investigation that you want.” #NYCGA #OWS

CQ: “My question is, who will be doing the investigation?” A: “The letter is addressed to the United States Attorney General, Eric Holder.”

Cont’d: “It asks him to direct the Department of Justice to conduct the investigation.” Next: Lee. #NYCGA #OWS

CQ: “My clarifying question is, who would be the official politician, if you can give us the name, who are not co-operating with…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “..our cause and the courage of our movement that once was born at this sacred location, September 17th.” #NYCGA #OWS

Lady notes that that question is not pertinent to this proposal, suggests he get on stack later during Soapbox. #NYCGA #OWS

CQ, Jason: “My clarifying question is on this petition, what will we actually be signing? As the #OWS movement, or all of our names…”

Cont’d: “…individually, or what?” A: “That is a good question. However, it is not a petition; all the signatories are groups.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “I am open to some discussion about how this group would sign its name.” Suggests that it would say something like… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…Occupy Wall Street, consensed upon by the General Assembly in Zuccotti Park on today’s date.” “Liberty Square.” #NYCGA #OWS

Lorenzo’s POI: “This is the NYC General Assembly in Liberty Square, at Occupy Wall Street.” Station identification! #NYCGA #OWS

That’s it for clarifying questions. Stairs: “We’d like to open stack about concerns to be addressed. Please get on stack.” #NYCGA #OWS

First concern: John. “While I agree with the sentiment, I think the power of #OWS is its attempt to create an alternative power structure.”

Cont’d: “Asking the Federal Government to help us runs counter to that.” #NYCGA #OWS

POI: “We’re not asking the Federal Government to help #OWS. This is not our petition, or our letter. They are asking for #solidarity…”

Cont’d: “…from us, not our intervention.” Next Concern: “I don’t believe that asking the attorney general means we are looking for…”

Cont’d: “..their help. I believe we are asking them to make sure the NYPD is following the laws that it claims to operate under.”#NYCGA #OWS

Next on stack: Paul. “Why doesn’t #OWS send its own letter?” A: “That’s a good question; I suppose we could. As it stands, we…”#NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…have been asked to sign along with many groups that have already signed this letter. If you wanted to do that, it would be…”

Cont’d: “…a separate proposal.” Stack is now closed on Concerns; Stairs says we’re moving forward to consensus, but… #NYCGA #OWS

….someone point of processes and reminds Stairs to ask for friendly amendments, so they do. Opening stack. #NYCGA #OWS

One friendly amendment. “Hi everyone! I’m in support of the letter; I think we should sign. I wonder if there’s any way to add in our…”

Cont’d: “…signature some kind of demand related to stopping stop and frisk as a related struggle.” Isn’t sure how. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d; “I’m going to check right now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Stop and Frisk is mentioned in this letter already.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “I know Muslim Advocates works on issues like that. Don’t know that we can change the letter given 100 groups already signed.”

FA: “I’m not suggesting we change the content of the main letter; I’m wondering if, in our signature, there can be some way of…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…indicating the ways in which #OWS connects the two struggles.” A: “I would suggest that perhaps we should release a..” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…a press release when the letter does go public expressing our reasons for solidarity.” Will talk to folks interested.#NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “Also, the letter does mention stop and frisk.” Stairs: “Are there any other friendly amendments?” No. “Awesome!” #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs: “Now, we’d like to attempt to build consensus about whether or not we’d like to sign in solidarity w/ this investigation.” #NYCGA

Stairs: “Are there any standasides?” No. “Apparently not!” Stairs: “Are there any blocks?” NO! “We have consensus!” CHEERS. #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “Can I get a temperature check on moving to the next proposal?” Up-twinkles! #NYCGA #OWS

Marisa: “Hi! It’s good to see Zuccotti Park, full of all these wonderful people! I’ve been working to plan MayDay. May Day comes from…”

Cont’d: “…the Haymarket riots in 1886. It’s a time for the entire movement to show solidarity in the streets. Here in New York, we made..”

Cont’d: “…a call in support of a day without the 99%, in support of the call for a #GeneralStrike! So, on May 1st, we’re going to..”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “…hit the streets! We’re going to take the fight directly to sites of injustice, sites of capital. We’ll hit the streets!” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “So if you want to help, please come to our planning meetings!” Wednesdays, 33 West 14th, 6:30!” #NYCGA #OWS

Marisa proposes we break out for 10 minutes to request. The plan is to have a pop-up occupation, and then meet with union and immigrant..

Cont’d: …groups, and then take “more militant action. So use your imagination, and break out, and talk about” what you want to do! #NYCGA

OK, so we’ll break out for 10 minutes and then we’ll report back to the larger GA. See you in a bit. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, we’re back! Stairs: “Please keep reportbacks under two minutes for respect of time.” #NYCGA #OWS

Lou’s group reports back first: “My grp discussed a few things; we discussed the tactic of the living room into the banks action…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…should be brought out into public parks and sites around NYC. We also discussed that everybody wear black. We discussed..”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “..more coordination w/ labor unions, more shutdown actions i.e. Occupy Oakland. We also discussed to reach out to the bankers…”

Cont’d: “…and financial workers to join us on that day (May Day). And we discussed gaining support of non-occupiers or..” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…people sympathetic to #OWS.” Next: “My group discussed the phrase, ‘a day without the 99%’. Some people found it…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…straight-to-the-point; others found it a little confusing. It was suggested that the message “a day without cooperation of…”

Cont’d: “…the 99%” could be added to messaging. It was also suggested that “people who’ve been subjected to police brutality..”

Cont’d: “ invited to do a soapbox.” Also suggested that arrests be avoided early in the day to keep numbers for later, and to maintain..

Cont’d: …space for people who want to avoid arrest earlier in the day. “It was also discussed moving to march time from 5:30 to 6…”

Cont’d: “…I think we’ll probably leave at 6 anyway.” Next, @lmnopie’s group. “Our group had a very passionate and excited discussion.”

Cont’d: “Things that ppl wanted to see: empty workshops, empty stores, all the people in the streets. We want to see May Day as…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…the biggest day of action yet for #OWS, and the coalition w/ the unions and immigrant labor who have all been planning…”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “…this together; they’ve adopted a horizontal structure for their meetings. So, also, there’s a teach in Sunday night at…”

Cont’d: “…Judson Memorial at building affinity groups.” 7pm. “Also, more things ppl wanted to see: free subway for the day, truckers…”

Cont’d: “…shutting down bridges, and the Actor’s Equity Union to shut down Broadway, Hotel Workers’ Union to shut down the hotels…”

Cont’d: “…construction workers to shut down all construction sites in the city, such as the Freedom Tower!” Cheers. #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “Our group was very creative, and had a lot of ideas, so we put them down in a couple of summarizing points. We should have…”

Cont’d: “…a lot of fun activities w/ educational value. We should do flash mobs, we can hand out flowers w/ info; we should get the…”

Cont’d: “…students to join us as well, like OccupyAlbany. We should pay attention to the spots that we’re going, value their history…”

Cont’d: “…and observe what happened there. We should take this as an opportunity for outreach and mass civil disobedience…”

Cont’d: “..and we should definitely take advantage of lunch breaks, and 5:00 when everyone gets out of work. And we hope that we can..”

Cont’d: “…make something that people can wear so those that aren’t participating in the strike can still participate by…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…wearing a badge or button.” Next: “My group talked about visual messaging and imagery. We talked about using imagery from..”

Cont’d: “…’30s workers’ movements and railroad workers’ movements, b/c Bryant Park was Andrew Carnegie’s home.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d; “One idea was the use of the fist drawn in ASCII characters w/ workers’ rights issues.” Also, depictions of John Henry…#NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…and railroad workers in general.” Next: “Our group, and maybe some of you, would also like to see the occupation of workplaces..

Cont’d: “… and universities on MayDay. We’d also like to see a shutdown of Midtown,” organized via affnity groups, with an AG spokes.

Cont’d: “We’d also like ppl from nearby towns to come here and participate in this action. We’d also like to emphasize that May Day should..

Cont’d: “…only be the beginning.” Also want to see mutual aid networks throughout city “so we can support each other and not…”

Cont’d: “…look to corporations or the state to provide for us.” Next: “We talked about having feeder marches addressing…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…a broad array of issues affecting New Yorkers and ppl around the world, including stop and frisk, austerity measures…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…student debt,” more. “Also, doing outreach to specific sectors that would hurt the 1%, like taxi drivers who move their asses.”

Cont’d: “There was also interest in reaching out to precarious workers like domestic workers, and other labor that’s generally not..” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…valued, or organized, and help them organize.” “Also, there’s a lot of excitement for a dance party.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “There’s a 24-hour knit-in planned for the Monday before May Day, from 5pm til 5pm on May Day.” Here in Liberty Square. #NYCGA

Cont’d: “We’d like to get at least 1000 people to be knitting. Please contact the Fibre Arts working group if you have skills! We’ll be…”

Cont’d: “…teaching people how to knit and make their own clothing! I don’t know how to knit, so you don’t have to know how to knit.”#NYCGA

Stairs: “Are there any more reportbacks from the breakout groups?” No. Marisa: “Thank you everyone! I hope you see you on May Day!” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “Please go to our website,!” Sign up for listserv, etc. Meetings Wednesdays, 6:30pm, at 33 West 14th Street.

Cont’d: “We hope to see you there! Also, if you’d like to form an affinity group w/ ppl you trust and have affinity w/ and want to do..”

Cont’d: “ action with them, we have training tomorrow night at Judson Memorial Church.” #NYCGA #OWS

.@CLongenecker notes MayDay also meets on Saturdays, but it’s in flux so check listserv. “Sign up at” #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs: “We have one more agenda item, which is to create a meeting of the minds. It’s not a working group; it’s a group…” #NYCGA #OWS

Proposer: “My name is Rayshawn, and here is my proposal. Meeting of the minds is a group intended to create mass action…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “..within #OWS. Meeting of the minds encourages groups to agree, so they can move forward on a massive scale.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “Meeting of the minds has an objective to have mass action pushed through the GA to direct action at least once a month.” #NYCGA

Rayshawn’s reasons: “There are people that don’t get along in the GA, and a lot of ideas get blocked for that reason. Even tho differences..

Cont’d: “..of opinion are good, sometimes that can bring the movement to a complete halt.” MotM would “prevent that from happening.” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “Meeting of the minds is on the 31st of March, at 60 Wall Street.” POP: “Here at #OWS, we encourage ppl to organize themselves..”

Cont’d: “..among their communities.” No need for a proposal for this. OK, Rayshawn will “table it and work on it a little better.” #NYCGA

Stairs: “We’d like to move to announcements. If anyone has an announcement, please get on stack.” #NYCGA #OWS

Ted: “@OccupyFarms is gathering together over 2000 acres upstate. This is enough to feed 30,000 people, and we need yr help!” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “We have a little coalition of people like me who are invested upstate, who’ve lived up there. It’s also our home…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…we want to treat it that way, while we invite #OWS to cultivate food for this movement.” Encourages we start growing seedlings.

Cont’d: “We’re going to plug that into the 2,000 acres, and if you want to help out, come find my, go to, find on FB.”

Ted notes that “if you believe that #OWS doesn’t need money and can provide things we need, join Occupy Farms!” #NYCGA #OWS

Next, Leo: “I want to announce an event called Open Space that we do every other Friday. At Open Space, we don’t make any decisions…”

Cont’d: “…there’s no agenda; you talk about what you want to talk about. If other ppl also want to talk about it, they come talk to you.”

Cont’d: “If this appeals to you, come this Friday from 6pm to 10pm at this address: 235 West 23rd St b/w 7th and 8th!” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “We’re making a new commons; come join us!” Next, Danny: “Happy 6 Month anniversary, #OWS. We’ve all been thru…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…a lot in the past 6 months. For some of us, it feels like 6 years. I help run a website called” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “Our goal is to archive and amplify ppl’s first-person experiences in the movement.” If you’ve a moving tale, go to the site! #NYCGA

Next, Scott, visiting from Vermont. “There’s a nuclear plant in Vermont called Vermont Yankee, run by a corp called Inter-G, from LA.”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “…they don’t care about Vermont’s wants; they have trampled on states rights and eroded democratic process.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “On Thursday, March 22, we’ll be protesting at Entergy’s Brattleboro, VT headquarters, and hope you join us.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next, Shawn: “Glad to see you all! I just wanted to share with you a way to stay in touch and receive important announcements, like the..”

Cont’d: “…one that went out about an hour ago to 5000 people via text message, saying that Liberty Square has been reoccupied!” #NYCGA

Cont’d; “We have an alerts text loop called OccupyAlert, and you can get on it by texting @OccupyAlert to 23559.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “It doesn’t text you very often, but when it does, it’s really important! So, once again, that’s @OccupyAlert to 23559.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next, Ty. “I’m from Occupy New Haven! We just challenged our eviction with an injunction and won!” In 2 weeks, face another… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…another potential eviction, and invite you to join us once again. It’s the 28th of March.” Folks being encouraged… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …to stay in the park. “Stay here,” folks chanting. Next, Billy: “There’s a march on the way to the park right now! Stay and…”

Cont’d: “…welcome the march! Also, as we move towards midnight, we’ll be passing out blankets! We’re asking you to spend the nite!”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “Call yr friends, Twitter yr friends, come down, this is a 24hr occupation. & FYI NYPD: Does this look like a mvment that’s done?”

Lady: “I have reports that Cornell West might be coming to the park. Also, Michael Moore might be coming to the park.” He’s here now! #NYCGA

Lady: “Thank you for a wonderful GA!” That’s it, fam! Back to the re-occupation! Hope to see you here tonight. <3 #NYCGA #OWS

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