Tweets for Sat, 15 Sep 2012

Tweets now from the #S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil in Washington Square Park! Shawn and Tess will facilitate. #OWS #S17

Shawn: “It’s the one year anniversary of #OWS! How do you feel about that?” Woo! #OWS #S17

Shawn notes that there will be another #S17 AG Spokes tomorrow at 1- meet at Foley Square, and we’ll walk somewhere else. #OWS

Tess: “We’ve been preparing our action for Monday, and we’ve been using a Spokescouncil so the groups acting on the day can coordinate…”

Cont’d: “…on our roles for the day.. and we use a Spokescouncil because sometimes at GA, you can’t be heard.” By using small groups…

Cont’d: …where you discuss and present ideas via a Spoke, it’s more directly democratic and more flexible. #OWS #S17

Tess and Shawn review the meeting agreements: “Step up, step back- if you’re a person who speaks a lot, be aware of that, and leave…”

Cont’d: “…room for others to speak. Respect each other’s time– we all have lots of things we want to do; don’t monopolize the mtg.” #OWS

Cont’d: “Trust that your voice will be heard.” Find the right moment and mechanism. #OWS #S17

Shawn notes that in AGs, where trust can be built, we can work together better. “An affinity group can just be you and your friends…”

Cont’d: “…or you can have affinity around an issue – health care, debt” — or a project, like coms or legal or medical. #OWS #S17

Tess: “We get into affinity groups because it’s hard to trust and work with 500 people” — small groups work together better, then connect.

Cont’d: “We’re just trying to break it down into as small units as possible, such that we can all coordinate together.” #OWS #S17

Tess: “So, for #S17, there are 4 thematic clusters.. taking on different zones of the FiDi. What we’ll do right now is…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: ..break up into 4 clusters- Strike Debt, 99%, Eco, Education. #OWS #S17

Tess: “We’ll go over the framework in a second, but what we want to try to do is get into physical spokescouncil formation.” #OWS #s17

Tess asks who is not in an AG – there’s a few. How many do? Quite a few! “Get into your AGs, which shld be affiliated with a cluster.” #S17

Linnea from Eco Cluster intros it. “Anyone who cares about stuff in the eco zone, environmental issues, come– we have lots of groups..”

Cont’d: “…that are open, and some that are closed. Anyone who wants should be part of the Eco cluster!” #OWS #s17

Matt intros the Education block: “We’re open to individuals as well as AGs; anyone who is interested in education, student debt..” #OWS #s17

Cont’d: “…we have some actions planned.” #OWS #S17

Next: Debt Cluster. Jerry: “We’ve been working for several months on the issue of debt, as something that we can move fwd with as a mvmnt..”

Cont’d: “So, if you are in debt, and are interested in rolling w/ the debt group, we’ll be over here.” #OWS #S17

Lastly, the 99% Zone, bottomlined by someone spoking for an AG called Rebels. “OK, w/ yr AGs, get into the cluster you want to roll with.”

Some review of how the clusters were formed: some issues had existing bottomliners who stepped up to facilitate zones. #OWS #s17

Shawn: “The zones are kind of an idea for you to plan what kind of actions and concerns interest you, so you can do actions in those zones.”

Tess: “So, right now, with our affinity groups, we’re going to go sit with whatever cluster we’ll be working with. Does that sound OK?” #S17

Yup- breaking out into clusters now. #OWS #S17

Jana explains the plan — “What we saw at this park this morning was amazing.” Has a big copy of the map! #OWS #s17

Jana: “This was created by a number of different groups that have been organizing and had a presence around certain issues in the last…”

Cont’d: “…few months– a big trend behind environmental issues, debt, and education issues.” Others in smaller groups are in 99% cluster.

Cont’d: “The plan for monday is — here you can see the #NYSE. These black circles are the checkpoints around it, around Wall Street..”

Cont’d: “…where you have to show some sort of ID to even get into this area. These are important spots we’ve dealt with before in actions”

Cont’d: “This is where the people’s wall will take place,” outside NYSE checkpoints. Map also highlights potential action spots. #OWS #S17

Jana: “When #S17 comes– 7am is the call to come down to the Financial District, and go into your respective zones.” Big emphasis on AGs.

Cont’d: “…and within AGs, organize who’s arrestable, who isn’t, who’s coms, etc.” #OWS #S17

Jana continues: “7am, coming into the FiDi, each zone has an assembly point marked with a <3. These are meet-up zones.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We realized we’d need a multiple-tier communication system to connect everyone to each zone and the whole.” #OWS #S17

Jana: “Each assembly point will have an info table where you can show up, find actions, find support roles.” Ppl there can assist. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “That’s where the 99 revolutions comes in. So, stepping back to the points around the SE- at 7:30, a group that has been wanting..”

Cont’d: “ do civil disobedience trying to stop Wall Street will build The People’s Wall. We’ll lock down; it’ll be an arrestable action.

Jana: “So, 7:30, there’ll be a sit-in — when police order dispersal, those who wanna be arrested will remain seated.” Others should bounce.

Jana: Those who leave will start the 99 revolutions, and will do actions in small groups, as they desire. #OWS #S17

Shawn: “The idea is, you can come to one assembly point, get info about targets and actions,” messaging. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The idea is you can plan actions with yr AGs at these points, or have them already. Work w/ ppl you trust to plan world you want.”

Jana: “At 7am, we assemble; at 7:30, the ppl’s wall. The 99 Revolutions can begin immediately as well. 10am, Eco Cluster has event at Bull.”

Cont’d: “That is going to be a creative theatrical event that everyone will come together for, and then following that, we’ll have a Spokes.

The Spokes at 11:15 Monday will hhelp us see where people are at and what we all may want to do. “We may want to take a break, go to Foley.”

Cont’d: “So, that’s the morning, and then there will be a whole free gap until 6, when there’s the Popular Assembly.” Any questions? #S17

The action plan and map we’re organizing within is available at #OWS #S17

Jana: “There’s a lot that happened [tonight] that wasn’t planned,” so we don’t have #s we should, but “tmrw’s Spokescouncil is REALLY impt.”

Tess: “The AGSpokes tomorrow is at 1pm, and we’re meeting at Foley Square.” Everyone should come. Everyone shld come. Everyone should come.

OK, now a rundown for Infrastructure/Services, to explain what they’re doing for the day, how ppl can benefit and plug in. #OWS #S17

Nathan from the Mutant Legal AG: “We organize with the NLG and run the jail support line.” 212-679-6018 is NLG. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The two main things: legal training tomorrow, 10:30am, Foley. And the NLG number” from last tweet. Write on yr arm! #OWS #S17

Mutant has little cards with all the info you need, also — keep an eye out. Camille: “The way this action framework works is really…”

Cont’d: “…empowering to AGs, but we expect they’ll follow all the way through,” designate jail support point people who stay free. #OWS

Cont’d: “Because that wasn’t working for tonight’s march, there are arrests happening right now.” If you can do jail support tonight…

Cont’d: …it’s really, really important. “We don’t know where people are; there’s literally a sweep going on right now.” #OWS #S17

Camille: “Remember: don’t post people’s legal names without their consent, nor their arrest video/pics.” #OWS #S17

Jerry: “Hi! While you’re having a great time Monday morning, there’ll be a group of ppl getting and giving info to/from you.” #OWS #S17

First coms thing: Text @S17nyc to 23559! That connects you to the main coms loop that everyone’s on. May be crucial texts Mon AM. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We’ll be getting info to your AGs so you know what’s going on in your quadrant.” At assembly point, get info- or AG can skip it.

Cont’d: “But either way, before then, your AG should be plugged into the loop for your quadrant.” #S17 #OWS

Elizabeth, on media: “The Yippee Cafe at 9 Bleecker will be a public media center” for anyone who wants help processing media. #OWS #S17

Elizabeth says has a lot of information on it that is pertinent to all of this. #OWS #S17

Shawn asks Elizabeth how to become a livestreamer. “It’s very easy! Anyone with a smartphone can livestream.” #OWS #S17

Elzabeth: “You want to livestream the police — #filmthepolice. That’s kind of my goal, to make them accountable.” #OWS #S17

Elizabeth: “Don’t livestream people doing illegal shit- it goes up right away. Be very aware where your camera is.” #OWS #S17

Elizabeth: “If I record something and I’m nervous about whether it should be out there, right away I make it a private video.” #OWS #S17

PR asks that folks think about their groups’ messaging. “They’re here as a resource to tell our story.” Will get input at tomorrow’s Spokes.

Shawn explains street medics: “They’re trained in street medicine to help out in situations you may experience” during actions. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “People can have seizures, people can have asthma attacks,” cops attacking can be stressful. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “If you get pepper-sprayed, you should call a medic.” They have a solution called LAW – Liquid Antacid and Water- to help. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “if a medic’s not around, use your coms tools to call for a medic. Don’t if someone is not in danger.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The first thing you should do is get that person out of there, so a medic can treat them in a calm environment.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Medics will be all over the place and on the ground so they can be dispatched where needed.” #OWS #SS17

Tess: “Thanks infrastructure groups!” Now we’ll break out and discuss plans for Monday, “how you want to move, who’s unarrestable…”

Cont’d: “..and also, all of those roles we talked about” – coms in particular. There’ll be a facilitator for each cluster. #OWS #S17

OK, we’re breaking out into clusters, will reportback later. #OWS #S17

OK! “We’re going to come back, hear from the Spokes, report back, and close out the Spokescouncil.” #OWS #S17

First, Eco Cluster: Micah will reportback. “We have some AGs that are closed, and some that are open.” #OWS #S17

Eco group is open- come to spokes to join, tmrw, 1pm, Foley Square.

Next, Education, still completely open to anyone. Consented to structure of mobile platforms, demoing “world you’d like to see.” #OWS #S17

The 99% Zone cluster has some AGs and folks who want to form them- come join! “Most ppl are feeling kind of medium-ish arrestable.”

Cont’d: “We had a lot of convo w/ new ppl about what it means to do jail support, what affinity groups do for people in them.” #OWS #S17

Debt had 5 affinity groups at tonight’s mtg; 1 in formation. “We have currently 2 arrestable AGs, 3 w/ some arrestables, 1 not.”

A couple of the debt affinity groups are open. One of them will have a boulder of debt, to “show the 1% what it actually looks like.”

Another AG has an action around the CEO of Chase, to “challenge the financialization and crashing of the economy.” “Give that shit back.”

And in addition, Debt AGs have banner drops and plans to address inequality and housing. #OWS #S17

Debt: “We are ready and willing to assist and support our comrades in the struggle on the day.” #IOWS #S17

Debt: “Also, red-paint kiddie pool sit-in- go back to your childhoods, and if cops lay hands on you, they’ll be red too.” #OWS #S17

Tess: “Great reportbacks everybody!” “Obviously, this meeting has been unwieldy we’re hearing rumors of stuff maybe coming here…” #OWS

Cont’d: “So I just want to thank folks who stayed and reiterate the importance of coming to the AG Spokes 1pm at Foley tomorrow…”

Cont’d: “…we need to be super-prepared, super-focused, and super-informed, and we won’t be able to do that if folks don’t come together.”

Sam: “One rumor partially true is that Trinity was bounced by police tonight; some are coming here and trying to go to convergence space..”

Cont’d: “…and some of them don’t have money for Metrocards to get there.” Will pass a hat so folks can help out. #OWS #S17

NEXT: “A group of #Occupy activists dropped 99 banners from Albany to DC on overpasses: 99 reasons to get money out of Washington.” Woo!

Cont’d: “We’ve retrieved some of those banners and have them in NY; we’ll meet tomorrow in Foley to plan what to do with them.” #OWS #S17

Becky: “I’m a bottomliner for housing this evening; if anyone is planning on staying there and doesn’t know how,” go with her or Casper.

Announcement from Nathan: “There were a # of ppl arrested tonight; we believe they may be at the 7th precinct, Broome and Pitt.” Go support!

Austin: “There is a DA training tomorrow at Foley at 10am!” Also a legal training at same time. Aimed at EVERYONE! #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The more we’re trained,the safer we’ll be, and the more we’ll kick the 1%’s ass on Monday!” Training 10am, AG Spokes 1pm, Foley.

Shawn reminds us to talk to our friends, family, neighbors, let them know what we’re doing and ask them to come down! And get on text loop.

OK, we’re closing for the night — see you all tomorrow at 1pm for the final pre-#S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil in Foley Square! #OWS

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