Tweets for Sat, 07 Jul 2012

Hey fam! Just got word from our prospective facilitation team that #NYCGA has been pushed back to 8 PM.

Currently about 20 ppl standing by at #LibertySq, though it is threatening to rain and we may have to consider moving to the Atrium.

Going to check back in with y’all in about 30 minutes. If you can get down to #LibertySq by 8 come on down, we’d love to see you! #NYCGA

OK, change of plan. Looks like group consensus is to get started now. Lady is facilitating, Dan on stack, Michel on minutes. #NYCGA

Also @Stopmotionsolo is on livestream #NYCGA

Starting with announcements and reportbacks. #NYCGA

First up, Sumumba shouts out @occupytownsq tomorrow in Bushwick tomorrow 11a-7p, Maria Hernandez Pk.

@smcke0wn announces that we will be trying to frame the work week by marching on Wall St. #NYCGA

We’re going to be marching on Wall St. Mondays for opening bell 9:30a & closing bell Fridays 4p #NYCGA

Stephan giving a reportback for the Restorative Justice WG. Talking about how they’ve been working…

… On perfecting a discussion process based on indigenous cultural practices, using a speaking totem. #NYCGA

@Stopmotionsolo and @smcke0wn announcing meetup for bus rides from Union Sq. to #KochParty in Southampton

Tomorrow at noon. There will also be a barbecue when we arrive in Southampton to protest the #Romney fundraiser.

Lady asks for new faces to introduce themselves… #NYCGA

Welcome to our family in town from #OccupyAlbany #OccupyOakland #OccupySF #OccupyTucson #OccupyElPaso! #NYCGA

Some of the folks from out of town could use a place to crash, Sumumba says ppl are working to get the House An Occupier program going

So if you can help out with a place to crash, maybe get in touch with Sumumba to coordinate that. #NYCGA

On to our agenda… First item is a discussion of plans for #S17 #NYCGA

David from #OccupyElPaso discussing whether it makes sense to focus on banks for #S17 actions. Mentions the West Coast port actions…

as an alternative to actions focused directly on Wall Street and actual bank offices. #NYCGA

Dan (our stack taker) notes that it may be more effective to focus on midtown banks so there can be a lot of outreach rolled into actions.

Sumumba discussing plans for a #RedMonday action to move money from banks to credit unions for #S17 #NYCGA

@smcke0wn and Billy from #OccupyTucson discussing the idea of a mortgage strike since banks need…

…the cash flow from payments on our debt to continue operating. #NYCGA

“Fear is what they use! We gotta not use fear! We gotta show people something better… Empower them!”

Billy continuing with some words on social aspect of the #Occupy movement #NYCGA

@smcke0wn putting out a call for anyone w mortgage law expertise to help w that strike idea BTW. #NYCGA

next up, Aaron Black discussing how #OWS does not belong only to 200 people that lived in a park. #NYCGA

Now discussing the #PeoplesPicket action planned for #S17 #NYCGA

There are plans to have 20-30K people for a moving picket around the entire Financial District on #S17

Aaron points out that organized labor and people from several Occupies are involved. #NYCGA

Aaron stresses that #PeoplesPicket should not be the only action for #S17 but one of many! #NYCGA

Conscious speaking on the importance of supporting those who sat in #LibertySq and now at Trinity

…with a tent, and now with just a sign, living the direct action of #OccupyWallStreet #NYCGA

David speaking on the importance of finding concrete, achievable and effective means of striking at banks

Talking about empowering workers, empowering students, empowering each other rather than focusing…

…energy on the banks all of the time. #NYCGA

Stack is closed for #S17 discussion. Some crosstalk going on about moving on… #NYCGA

Robert PoPs “Facilitation cannot alter the process without the consent of the group!” #NYCGA

Seems like there is some disagreement on whether stack should have been closed for #S17. Reopening stack. #NYCGA

@smcke0wn notes that intent of the discussion was to get a better outline of the vision of our community inre: #S17 actions #NYCGA

@CyMadD0x notes that #S17 is also the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution. Says that even if we in #OWS …

Don’t respect or value the Constitution, we should respect that the people we say that we support and want to help do respect it. #NYCGA

Jonathan says that when we consider the PATRIOT Act, NDAA, voter suppression, he questions what we do stand for…

… If we don’t stand for respecting the Bill of Rights. #NYCGA

Next, Bill exhorts the group to speak out as much as possible not only on #S17 but every day. Can’t possibly do this speech justice on LT.

Much twinkling and clapping for Bill. Now more crosstalk on whether to close stack on #S17 #NYCGA

Sumumba proposes that we table further discussion #S17 until next week. Consensus… Moving on. #NYCGA

Next, a discussion of values-based consensus. #NYCGA

Sumumba giving a brief explanation of values-based consensus for the group. #NYCGA

Sumumba notes that our consensus process broke down when we stopped having regular GAs. #NYCGA

“Our GAs were not a safe space, we didn’t even have a community agreement.” #NYCGA

Robert notes some differences between VBC and our previous consensus process. #NYCGA

“there are no blocks in VBC… Concerns are heard and when all concerns are addressed the proposal moved forward”

Stephan notes that values also include values regarding how we treat each other within the meetings.

Tony mentions he is working with an affinity group to train VBC facilitators, he will take contact info if interested

Steve notes that we may also not be using electronic resources to the fullest and need to work out…

How that fits in with VBC and however our process evolves. Notes will be a Think Tank meeting to flesh this out.

Sumumba notes that there is a small mostly male group here, and maybe we should revisit VBC before…

Stairs propose that those present “On Conflict and Consensus” and other works by CT Butler for more info before we revisit topic. Consensus!

Last agenda item: Accounting. Naz speaking about how hard it has been to get information regarding the #NYCGA accounts…

Naz feels strongly that we need to find an accountant to help us sort out exactly what is going on with #OWS funds and tax status. #NYCGA

Sandy notes that a good deal of money was sunk in to housing at the churches that could have been better spent on other housing arrangements

Lady PoIs that there is information regarding temporary housing for Occupiers in the current issue of the Catholic Worker. #NYCGA

Tony speaking about information he got from Cynthia Price saying that somewhere btwn $35K and $1M in donations “went missing” #NYCGA

RT @DanShockley: .@LibertySqGA Corrxn: consensus was that VBC wld be explained next week just before a discussion on adopting it for dec …

@danshockley thanks fam!

Reviewing the outcomes of the meeting before moving on to closing soapbox. #NYCGA

Moving on to soapbox – this might go on a while so catch that on @Stopmotionsolo’s stream. #NYCGA

Thanks for following along fam! Questions, comments, critiques hit me up @CyMadD0x. Peace!

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