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Hi fam! Tonight, we’re going to livetweet the second @WOWSNYC #FeministGeneralAssembly. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3. #OWS

“Mic check! Welcome everyone to the 2nd Feminist General Assembly. Happy Pride Week!” #OWS #FemGA

“The first thing on my mind this week is Cece McDonald”, a transgendered woman held in the mens’ ward. #OWS #FemGA

“She was violently attacked at a bar in Minneapolis. Today, #WOW shows solidarity with… a woman… another victim of violence.” #OWS #FemGA

.@gomelanie asks folks to take a seat. “Some of you may have heard about a representative in Michigan named Lisa Brown, who…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…dared to use the word ‘vagina’,” for which was was forced to leave the floor. “In #solidarity… I’d like us to chant…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…the word ‘Vagina!” #VAGINA #VAGINA #VAGINA #VAGINA! Woo. “Welcome to the 2nd Feminist General Assembly.” #OWS #FemGA

Eve: “Mic check! Those of us working on the #FemGA and other struggles struggle how to best refer to individuals and groups respectfully.”

Cont’d: “Terms like sisterhood, slut, feminist, queer, gay, war on women, are sometimes challenging. So we wanted to bring this…”#OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…to the #FemGA, and ask what some of your experiences have been, and what are some ways to address these issues?” #OWS

Cont’d: “The question we bring to you: what words, names, or terms have you had trouble using or receiving, or been criticized for using?”

So, in groups of three, we’ll have a brief discussion about this question. #OWS #FemGA

@SaboKitty steps up: “@Ustream, which we use to make sure people far away can participate or hear what’s going on, is still a corporation..”

Cont’d: “…and I hate corporations. This particular corporation apparently will not allow me to tweet ‘vagina’. It told me…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…”that’s inappropriate language.”" Asks folks to shout vagina into his Ustream feed. #OWS #FemGA

OK, time for breakout groups. “These breakout groups are going to address two formats: you may talk about your experience if you want to..”

Cont’d: “…but these are questions about today’s theme, the LGBTQ. And that means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer.” #OWS

Cont’d: “And we want to talk about the connection between Feminism and these other or same movements, b/c this is #PrideWeek.” #OWS #FemGA

Each breakout will “choose a note-taker, a facilitator if there is a want, a timekeeper, a stack-taker if necessary, and someone to write..”

Cont’d: “…the report back. Now, I’m going to read the questions. And these will be 45-minute discussions.” #OWS #FemGA

The questions: “1. How do the feminist and LGBTQ movements influence each other? 2. How can we collaborate towards goals of gender…” #FemGA

Cont’d: “..and sexual justice and freedom?” “We’d like each group to share some insights from your discussions. We have 2 ways to do this..”

Cont’d: “…first, in your report backs, share some language or some understanding your group reached together. And also…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…a new possibility for collaboration, to help us move forward from here. And second, on the Internet, your group can choose and..”

Cont’d: “…agree on the most important points of your discussion, to post on the web- email to” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “We have facilitators! So, go!” Breakouts now; we’ll have reportbacks later. We’ll RT any replies you all may have at home. #FemGA

#FemGA is reassembling. “So, now we’ll have report-backs, but before we do that, Tess and Becky have an announcement that concerns..” #OWS

Cont’d: “..all of us.” @tesselizaTC: “Today wrapped up the #D17trial. 8 ppl were standing trial. 7 of those ppl were sentenced to 4 days..”

Cont’d: “…of community service. One person, our good friend and comrade @emarkadams will be spending up to 45 days in Riker’s Island.” #OWS

Cont’d: “We are sad about this. #D17, for those of you who don’t know… there was an action at Duarte Square; an attempt to take space…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…all of the charges involved trespassing.” Becky: “Tonite, a group of our friends are organizing a march to Rector Cooper’s house.”

Tess clarifies: “Rector Cooper being the reverend of @TrinityWallSt.” Becky: “They’re leaving now from Foley, and you’re welcome to join..”

Cont’d: “…them after this is over at 37 Charlton Street for a speakout called #CoopervilleConfessions about how we feel, whether…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…personally or politically, about Mark being in prison today.” OK, “now we are going to have reportbacks” on ?s. #OWS #FemGA

First reportback begins: “Our group, we talked about the African-American civil rights movement, the gay pride, and feminist movements.”

Cont’d: “There needs to be more cross-discussion about queer and feminist issues. We talked about how we need to have more discussions…”

Cont’d: “…about common issues that are not just about identity, and we talked about questions around gender & that there needs to be…”

Cont’d: “…more discussion about the relationship between gender and trans and queer people. We also talked about…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “ minority feminists have led the discussion during the third wave of feminism about white privilege and racial issues w/in..”

Cont’d: “…feminism.” OK, next group. “Hi! #Vagina!” Everyone repeats. “We went off-script, because the question supplied…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…assumed queer and feminist activist groups were separate. We asked our own questions: what are the practical things happening..”

Cont’d: “…in people’s lives, like queer and youth homelessness, and can we work together, as intersectional feminists, to come up with…”

Cont’d: “…solutions? How does poverty affect gender oppression, and vice-versa? How can the #occupy movement bring an analysis…”

Cont’d: “..beyond a few classic poverty issues? Who’s here, and who isn’t here, and why? Why is not all of #Occupy here? Why is the…”

Cont’d: “…crowd smaller today? Is it because of the #LGBTQ focus? Some people work on LGBTQ issues all year, and don’t want to come here..”

Cont’d: “…to educate others. Thanks!” #OWS #FemGA

Next! Nicole: “Hi! OK, so the first thing we talked about was that there’s a history that’s not exactly well-known…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…and that maybe we’d benefit from a reading list… that there’s a history that’s being suppressed, including…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…black women leading and gay men being treated as if they were taking the role of a woman. We talked about how we need..” #OWS

Cont’d: “…to have allied movements, not combined movements. And on the second question, we had support for each others’ actions…” #FemGA

Cont’d: “…and that we also need to dig deeper in our self-interest for doing so. Thirdly, we want to call out social dynamics while we’re..”

Cont’d: “…in the group. Not in a way that attacks people, but by creating a situation of care, where calling something like that out…”

Cont’d: “…is positive and productive. Cool.” OK, next group: “In our group, we talked about how movements inspire each other. We need..”

Cont’d: “…more privilege workshops and canvasses about queer rights and oppression. We need outreach — we need to break through.” #OWS

Cont’d: “We need rights, to be who we are, and to have those rights defended, and not by marriage.” #OWS #FemGA

Next group: “We began with a discussion of the history of movements, but we felt we were not experts on the history of these movements…”

Cont’d: “…and it would be better discussing how we felt these movements interact now. Some of us felt these movements cannot and should…”

Cont’d: “…not be separated. We also talked about the great and positive impact of feminism and LGBTQ on ppl who don’t identify as either..”

Cont’d: “..and how the younger generation somewhat takes these movements for granted. We also discussed notions of capitalism and its…”

Cont’d: “…impact on feminism and LGBTQ movements. How it appeases many while maintaining a lot of the oppression.” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…and we get small and incremental gains. We feel some solutions are assembly discussions like this that open up the topics to…”

Cont’d: “…more people. We think we need to challenge capitalism and the way it corrupts social movements, and that the movements must…”

Cont’d: “…stay together. We mentioned that it’s important not to compartmentalize injustice. We should use our social media networks to..”

Cont’d: “…promote feminism and LGBTQ ideals together, and to continuously call out people who stigmatize others when they do so. Thank you.”

Next: “In our group, we discussed the fundamental problem of the economic structures that separate the 99% from the 1%…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…reflected in the inequalities among gender and other identities. We nd to address this interconnectedness and support each other.”

Cont’d: “We also need to raise ?s that can unite us in discussions. We also should find a way to influence or join the #NewValuesGA to…”

Cont’d: “…bring a feminist voice. Another idea we had was to integrate the Theater of the Oppressed.” #OWS #FemGA

Next: “We began by discussing the ways that feminism has questioned, exposed the rigidity of sexual roles, challenged authority…” #OWS#FemGA

Cont’d: “..and constantly opened up areas of critique. We ask the difference between equality and justice: what does it mean, for example..”

Cont’d: “…to be just like those we are critiquing? What does it mean to be represented by professional advocacy groups?” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “How do we become our own experts and set our own agenda? What role do power and privilege play?” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “What brings us to #OWS, we said, is the collective and individual experience of oppression, and what brings us here is to fight..”

Cont’d: “…against the fight that restricts our ability to free ourselves. Our underpinnings, we suggested, must be horizontally-based.” #OWS

Cont’d: “This is how we will collaborate towards the role of justice. We asked about the role of art and artists, because we are…”

Cont’d: “…frustrated by our seeming incapacity to reach more people. We want to see revolution, hear each other’s voices, engage in…”

Cont’d: “…direct action, we want to reinspire solidarity. That’s why we came to Occupy Wall Street. That’s why we will continue to come…”

Cont’d: “…to general assemblies, and continue to spread the word!” Big cheers! #OWS #FemGA

Someone adds: “We want to see not only revolution, we want to see evolution. We want you to evolve.” #OWS #FemGA

Next: “In our group, we discussed about the meaning of inclusion, that we need to consciously think about it and what it means.” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “Economic issues connect everyone. We need to focus on our shared values, such as minimum wage, health care.. we believe that…”

Cont’d: “…hot-button political issues are being used to keep us from organizing on our shared issues. We need to focus on the root…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…of the problems, and why these things are happening. We also need to be aware that we have privilege that we are allowed to be..”

Cont’d: “…here. Other people can’t be here because some are incarcerated, some are afraid of being deported, and some have to be at work.”

OK, that’s the end of the reportback. We’re going to take a #FemGA family photo! I think that’s it for tonite. #FreeMark! #OWS! #Solidarity!

An announcement: The next #FemGA is scheduled for one or two months from now, and the theme will be women of color. Email wowsnyc@gmail #OWS

Photo: The 2nd #FeministGeneralAssembly, Washington Square Park, June 18th, 2012. #OWS #FemGA

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