Tweets for Mon, 17 Sep 2012

`Tweets now from the #S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil, now convening in Battery Park to check-in and discuss afternoon. #OWS

Marisa and Mark will facilitate the Spokescouncil, “with lots of other helpers. What we need to do is get into spokes formation.” #OWS #S17

Marisa: “Happy birthday!” Wooo! Mark says “we want spokes from each affinity group to report back on the day so far.” #OWS #S17

Mark: “We want to know how the day was for you, what was awesome,” and what didn’t work. #OWS #S17

Eco cluster AGs will report first. First AG: “We had a great day! We met up with the Eco cluster, we marched on Wall St, we all looked..”

Cont’d: “…out for each other, and we had wonderful time. We loved the way everybody could break off into different groups and take..”

Cont’d: “…the city. We also loved being able to meet up at 55 Water and stage actions from there. Tht worked really well. Thank you!” #OWS

Next: “Today, we also had a great time handing out money to corporate executives that worked on Wall Street, and celebrating our birthday.”

Cont’d: “However, there were some concerns about blocking traffic for working-class people. But overall, we were happy with the protest.”

Marisa reminds us to “really mic check” because “we’re a big group, and people need to hear!” #OWS #S17

Next: The Infinity Group. “We dumpster-dove for donuts & coffee, and set up a welcome stand for NYPD, & thanked them for blocking Wall St.”

Cont’d: “Our only concern was keeping large groups together, and thank you for coming out.” #OWS #S17

Next: “We found it also difficult to stay together, but found it effective to disperse.” #OWS #S17

OK, Debt Cluster AGs now. Red confetti fills the air! “We started out at 55 Water, moving in a large group only got us cops. So we…”

Cont’d: “…broke up. We civilianed to JP Morgan Chase- we threw confetti inside the lobby, with bouncy balls, and played ring around the..”

Cont’d: “…rosy, and read a letter to Jamie Dimon. Then we left! We hit EmblemHeealth and CitiBank- we covered their lobby w/ confetti..”

Cont’d: “…and stole a chair.” Someone: “No, you liberated it!” “Then we moved onto an intersection. We had a dance party, we stopped..”

Cont’d: “…a police truck. It was so much fun, we moved to another intersection and did it again! We have 2 concerns…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “1: The Celly loop is not working well. Our comms people are wondering about moving to backup on bicycles. 2, if someone..” #S17

Cont’d: “…could talk to comms from Legal, we kind of lost a lot of people in the Chase lobby.” There were undercovers. #OWS #S17

OK, more from Debt: “Mic check! We had a lot of success working in de-centralized groups, roving thru intersections. One tactic we had..”

Cont’d: “…was where one group would go up ahead, taking police with them, and one group would stay behind and hole the intersection.” #S17

Cont’d: “…one concern we had was that between actions, there was too much milling around, not communicating with each other and..”

Cont’d: “…our neighbors, and sharing stories. One of our members was arrested and we’d like to know where they’re being held.” #OWS #S17

Mark: “There will be a reportback from Mutant Legal later.” #OWS #S17

Next: “Our affinity group, and the free university cluster, marched with the debt group. We had a roving dance party with glitter and..”

Cont’d: “..a boombox, and we took over intersections and danced to Michael Jackson and Azalia Banks, and the police couldn’t do anything..”

Cont’d: “…about it, until they took our boombox and arrested one our membrs. Which suchs. But we still had a good time.” #S17 #OWS

Next: “The DEbt Boulder affinity group got tired of hanging out 55 Water, so we launched it up over our head& brought it down the sidewalk.”

Next, Feminist Force “shut down three banks and we melted in the CitiBank lobby and took their couch, and it was fucking awesome!” #S17 #OWS

Next: “The Vermont cluster had great success getting people amped on our song” about someone. “We made up a song about Roger Peon, who..”

Cont’d: “…if you don’t know, recently crushed 7 cop cars with his tractor!” #OWS #S17

OK, that was debt, now Edu. “We started out as a large group, but that wasn’t as successful, so we broke into smaller AGs and had..”

Cont’d: “…a great time taking intersections with Strike Debt and Occupy Boston. We threw confetti on an NYPD car and held them…”

Cont’d: “ the intersections. We did two actions, one where we blocked the doors of Berkeley College and condoned charter schools…”

Cont’d: …and one at a high school. Lost some folks, will do jail support, concern was with milling about, “but we had a lot of energy!”

Correction: “When I say condoned, I mean condemned! Free public education!” #OWS #S17

OK, 99% group now. “Hi! I was with Occupy Faith and the Veterans for Peace! I was by no means one of the leadership.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “But they’re all in jail now, so I’m here to talk to you. We were very successful this morning in shutting down key intersections..”

Cont’d: “..north of the Stock Exchange. We lost almost all of the veterans for peace, and most of occupy faith, but those of us who…”

Cont’d: “…are left, would like to ask for your help in staging a mass sit-in of non-violent civil disobedience. We’d especially like..”

Cont’d: “…to recruit people who are willing or able to get arrested. Come find us after the spokes, we’ll come plan.” #OWS #S17

Next, “I’m from Affinity for Object / Library Intelligence Services; you didn’t see us in an intersection because we’re your eyes, ears.”

Next: “We’re from the Labor Swirl! We swirled around various intersections all around Wall St. Our goal is to not get arrested.” No one did!

Cont’d: “But we were able to successfully take intersections by swirling around them. This was really fun! We ended at Jackson…”

Cont’d: “..and Lewis, one of the biggest union-busting law firms in the nation. We had one concern, just to learn this tactic a little…”

Cont’d: “…bit better. We found it effective to keep it moving. We did not find it effective to talk to the cops.” #OWS #S17

Marisa: “Are there any other actions that happened today that people want to report on?” #OWS #S17

Someone wants to share something “they were not part of, but was a witness to. I think what these people did will speak volumes to..”

Cont’d: “..the larger public about the courage and goodness of our movement, and the wrongness of those who oppose us.”

Cont’d: “I witnessed 4 or 5 of our comrades in wheelchairs get corralled by the NYPD near Liberty Square, and then get wheeled into..”

Cont’d: “…a vehicle, and wrists tied with white handcuffs, surrounded by people shouting shame and filming the shame of the NYPD, and..”

Cont’d: “…seeing the goodness and courage of our whole movement, exemplified in these 4 or 5 comrades in wheelchairs.” #S17 #OWS

Next: “We did something we haven’t done before, to my knowledge- stood up in a circle, and played theatre games, to block intersections.”

Cont’d: “For instance, one person would say “AUGH!” and the next would repeat it. It was playful, and effective at confusing the cops.” #S17

Next: “According to the NLG, there have been somewhere between 75 and 85 total comrades arrested.” @MutantLegal up next. #OWS #S17

Next, Camille from @MutantLegal. “I hope everybody is doing alright, staying hydrated, fed, and checked in w/ medics as needed.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “So, the arrest count is at about 104 when last we checked. We really need folkst to dispatch for jail support. If someone is…”

Cont’D: “…missing from your affinity group, first call them into the guild, and then go to 1 police plaza, the 7th precinct, or 100 ctr.”

There are folks in all three places, most at 1PP. “There are two exits where we might catch people, so try to either go to chatham Square..”

Cont’d: “..or to where we had our Spokescouncil last night, right off of Foley Square. People are putting out calls for flipflops…”

“…because a couple of people have lost their food. But be sure to bring food, water, cigarettes, and tons of love and support.”

Cont’d: “Please remember, #jailsupport is for your comrades — it is an anti-repression strategy, but not time to stick it to the man..”

Cont’d: “…so don’t get arrested doing jail support, it’s important we can remain there. A quick note about security culture…”

Cont’d: “ sounds like people’s actions went great. But if you did anything illegal, don’t shout it! There’s tons of cameras.” #OWS #S17

Tom: “So, our estimates on how long ppl will be in jail are varying. From 1 Police Plaza, we believe ppl will get out in 1-14 hours.”

Cont’d: “If they’re not out in 14 hours, then they’ll be transferred to 100 Center St. If you want to follow more closely: @MutantLegal!”

Cont’d: “There are two hashtags you should also folow: #jailsupport and #js4ows.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “2 more numbers, if you don’t have them yet, NLG: 212 679 6018; Jail support: 774 2-JS 4OWS.” “If you plan an action after this…”

Cont’d: “…let us know, so we can dispatch legal observers.” Mark: “Are folks ready for the next wave?” Marisa says we have some possible..

Cont’d: …actions. “We want you all to consider them, but possibly also have your own ideas. We’ll break out into our clusters after..”

Cont’d: “…a brief presentation.” Lisa: “Good afternoon everyone! You mean we’re not tired and want to go home?” Hahah. #OWS #S17

Lisa reminds us of the assembly at 6, asks what we want to do before. “Where do we want to go? Together? Cliusters? Civilians?” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We could go to Chase plaza, we could go to Goldman Sachs, we could go back to the NYSE, we can do whatever we want!” #S17 #OWS

Cont’d: “We can do it together, or in clusters. I heard that the NYDN’ headline is that there was chaos on wall st- I think we did our job!”

OK, so we’ll talk in clusters now about what we want to do next. Someone reminds us to drink a lot of water! #OWS #S17

OK, reportbacks! Medics: “First of all, I want to say, happy anniversary!” Wh00p! “I also want to say, you guys are doing a wonderful job..”

Cont’d: “..taking care of each other! Keep it up! Drink lots of water, by any means neccessary!” If anyone needs care, “Yell medic, and..”

Cont’d: “..if possible, form a privacy circle and wait for a medic. Or, if they need emergency attention, call 911!” #S17 #OWS

OK. “So, now we’re going to hear some ideas from the different clusters and groups. So, from Eco, one of y’all want to report back?” #OWS

“We’re from Jellyfish Brigade”, largely unarrestable/international. We want to do a lunchtime action at Stone St to joyously disrupt…”

Cont’d: “..Wall St while they eat! We’ll sing and have some waiters offer specials of the day: economic justice, money out of politics!”

Next, “Chupacabra AG would like to participate in a large march or a sit-in in solidarity with our comrades who have been arrested.” #OWS

Next, “Debt decided as a cluster that we have energy behind going to the world financial center and, as separate AGs, doing actions…”

Cont’d: “ buildings that house AIG, Merrill Lynch, Brookfield,” other favorite targets. “Other groups may go to intersections…” #OWS

Cont’d: “Since many of us don’t know the area, we will go civilian, scout the area, and meet back up [yeah sorry cops not sayyin'] #OWS #S17

Next, Education block “has gotten a little small, and generally felt that we’d like to do a larger action with other people!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “So, we’ll most likely tag onto something else.” #OWS #S17

Next, 99% cluster. “A number of affinity teams in the 99% are really stoked on the debt cluster! Go figure! We want to go to Goldman Sachs!”

Cont’d: “The 1% of the 1%! We’re not sure if we’re down with waiting an hour, we say let’s go civilian and take the [hahahah nope]…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…and shut the whole shit down!” Next, someone is developing a group to sit in front of the doors and risk arrest.” #OWS #S17

Next, “a small group of us are meeting right here to go to the [yikes]. We have multiple ideas, please join us. Idea 1: marching around it.”

Cont’d: “Idea number two, a sit-in. If you’d like to join us come talk!” #OWS #S17

Sandy: “There’s pizza and labor allies at Liberty; if you don’t want to do an action, go there; if you want to do a march, go there.” #S17

“Choose your action!” Next: “I’d like to make a very, very exciting announcement: 2 friends from our AG got engaged today during an action!”

Cheers! Lisa: “So iit sounds like we’re having lunch at [oops], banking at [oops], civilianing to the West side where capitalist..”

Cont’d: “…elite are, having pizza in Zuccotti with allies, sitting down in a strategic place on Wall St… and I have a feeling that..”

Cont’d: “…as the rest of you go and do what you do, there may be other intersections or lobbies in your future. But let’s remember..”

Cont’d: “…at 6pm, we’re regrouping at Zuccotti. And if you’re not sure what to do, you can go there and organizing folks there!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Do people need anything else other than the report about celly?” #OWS #S17

George: “I’m going to give a reportback about comms. I’ve been listening all day to what people are doing.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “It’s going really well, but when we send info to celly, ask our point people to do that. If we send too many, it becomes…”

Cont’d: “…inundated. And if you talk to people on this call, they can more easily disseminate information.” #OWS #S17

OK, George leads us in his favorite chant to close the spokes: “A! Anti! Anti-capitalista!” Have fun this afternoon y’all! #OWS #S17

It’s TIME! “Welcome to the Popular Assembly!” Livetweets now from the 6pm #S17 assembly. #OWS

“A year ago today, we came to this park, and we renamed it Liberty Plaza.” Two waves. “For the last yr, we’ve been involved in..” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…we’ve been involved in many campaigns. We’ve seen this movement grow to become a movement of movements. Now we’re coming..”

Cont’d; “Here, back to where we started, because ALL ROADS LEAD TO WALL STREET.” #OWS #S17

“We’re going to do brief introductions.” Mark Adams: “My gender pronoun is he, my spirit animal is the Otter.” #OWS #S17

Nathan: “I’m Nathan. My gender pronoun is he or they. And I’m excited to see you all here!” #OWS #S17

Marisa: “I’m Marisa, and she or they is fine. I’m just so happy to see this park filled with people again!” Big cheers, back to front. #S17

Christina: “I’m Christina, and we’re going to be the facilitation team for tonight!” #OWS #S17

Christina: “It’s been a long day! It’s been an amazing day! We want to keep the assembly brief. We’d like to start with an update…” #S17

Cont’d: “…from Legal, so that everybody can get on the same page about what happened today. We’d then like to move into breakouts…” #S17

Cont’d: “…to give you all a chance to talk to each other. We’d then like to end with a people’s speakout, to give you a chance to tell..”

Cont’d: “…each other about the awesome work you’ve been doing. Does that sound OK?” Uptwinkles! #OWS #S17

Tess: “Hi! I’m Tess! I work with @MutantLegal! We work with the NLG. According to the NLG, the total number of confirmed arrests.. is 160.”

Cont’d: “30 people have gotten out so far. Easton, over here, is going to talk about jail support for tonight.” #OWS #S17

Easton: “Hi Everybody! So, right now, as Tess said, a lot of our comrades are locked up. We need to show them some love! There are two…”

Cont’d: “…main places where we need to go. One is 1 Police Plaza, which is down that way.” Tess: “By Foley Square.” #S17 #OWS

Cont’d: “We need people there. That is where people will often get released when they get a desk appearance ticket.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d; “The second place is 100 Center Street, which is about a block and a half further down from 1 police plaza.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We’re going to need people there overnight and into tomorrow. So, some of you, save your energy to do overnight shifts and…”

Cont’d: “…to do shifts tomorrow. One more thing: there’s going to be a healing space tomorrow from 11 to 5:30 at 16 Beaver, right down..”

Cont’d: “…the street. There’s going to be massage therapists, good food, therapists, and lots of love, so go there and tell your…” #S17

Cont’d: “…comrades to go there, especially right after they get out of jail.” Tess: “A quick note on doing jail support…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “When you’re doing jail support, please behave yourselves! You don’t want to keep those who are in jail in there any longer.” #S17

Cont’d: “And they will be kept in there longer if the cops are super annoyed with us at jail support. If you guys have…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…any questions for legal, you can come talk to us up at the steps after the assembly.” Cheers for @MutantLegal! #OWS #S17

Mark: “At this point, we’re going to go into breakout groups. Christina is going to tell you a little bit about these breakouts.” #OWS #S17

Christina: “So, we’re going to invite you to break out into small groups, 5 or so, with the people around you. We invite you to check in..”

Cont’d: “…check in with each other. A lot’s happened today– make sure people are OK. But we also invite you to talk about the future..”

Cont’d: “…to talk about moving forward together. What are you excited about? Imagine a world without Wall Street!” Cheers. #OWS #S17

Christina: “We’ll give this about a half-hour, but we’ll check in with you close to that time.” #OWS #S17

Marisa: “So, everyone find the closest 5, 10 people, make a group, and talk to each other. It’s a really big crowd! We can hear each..” #S17

Cont’d: “…other better if we form small groups! Go!” OK, back in 30! [We'll RT your own visions of a world without wall street!] #OWS #S17

OK, we’re coming back together! Nathan temp-checked whether to extend, and folks are ready. #OWS #S17

Nathan: “There’s a lot of groups here who’ve been doing a lot of work they want to tell us about, and there’s also..” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…a lot of individuals who’d like to talk about projects they want help with to move forward and build.” #OWS #S17

Opening stack. Ethan: “Hi! I’m Ethan! I’m taking stack! If you’d like to speak, we’re going to form a line right here.” #OWS #s17

Next, Nick! “It’s great to see you all here. I’ll be taking stack over here.” Ethan and Nick will take names, call on people. #OWS #S17

Nick: “We’re also going to implement progressive stack, which is when we feel we’ve been hearing from the same person too much…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…and we want to hear other voices, so we’ll put folks who have been less talkative in the front of the stack.” #OWS #S17

Nathan: “So, if we could begin those lines on either side, we can move into speakouts. Once more, we’re talking about..” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “..projects you’re working on righg now that you’re really excited about, conversations that came out of your breakout..” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…and organizations that are looking for help moving forward.” #OWS #S17

First: “My name is Marty. I work with the OWS Labor Outreach Committee, and I want to echo a chant: union-busting is disgusting!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “As an example… a shop with 14 immigrant workers who formed an independent union and are negotiating a $1-an-hour wage.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Most workers at Hot N Crusty make about minimum wage. The millionaire owners decided they don’t want a union anymore.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “They shut down Hot N Crusy, at 63rd and 2nd Ave, and laid off every single worker. Those workers and their families no longer..”

Cony’d: “…have a job. We are out on the streets protesting, and we opened a Worker’s Justice Cafe on the street next to Hot and Crusty.”

Cheers for that. “That enables us to talk to the people in the neighborhood. Now, #OWS has been involved in the struggle, and they…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…carried out a brief occupation about a week and a half ago. The police arrested about 6, but they’re out now, and on the…”

Cony’d: “…picket line, struggling with the Hot and Crusty workers. We need more ppl on the picket line. It looked like we would win..”

Cont’d: “…this one,but we need your solidarity every day. 53rd and 2nd Ave. And show these goddamn bosses that working ppl have rights!”

Nathan: “People are telling me that the people in the back can’t hear, so let’s practice a second wave of mic checks.” #OWS #S17

Nathan uses “Union busting… is disgusting..” to tune up the 2nd wave! #OWS #S17

Next, Rock Opera. “I’ve been involved with this movement from day one. I’m happy to see all my family here. Happy birthday!” #OWS #S17

Cony’d: “Can everybody put their ones up in the sky like this, and say “world peace”? Hahah. #OWS #S17

Next, Gwen: “Hello everyone! Happy Birthday! Given our current topic, I thought it would be appropriate to sing Imagine.” #OWS #S17

OK, so that happened. Nick: “Next on stop is Brian from Washington!” #OWS #S17

Brian: “I have been a part of #Occupy from the start. I noticed a change, like the way you may feel. First, an idea- an idea in the making.”

Cont’d: “Last year, we were like a rock- rough around the edges. This year, we were fluid, like gasoline. Getting in all the cracks.” #OWS

Cont’d: “Next year, we will set it on fire! This is how you use their own resources against them. Happy birthday!” #OWS #S17

Nathan notes that Jason, the timekeeper, “so we can respect all the people, suggested we allow 2 minutes for all of us to speak to one..”

Cont’d: “..another through this speakout. Please keep an eye on Jason when you’re speaking, who’ll compassionately let you know when you..”

Cont’d: “…have one minute remaining, and when your time has come to completion.” #OWS #S17

Tammy: “Hi! I’m Tammy! I work with! Raise your hands if you don’t live in New York!” So many many hands raised. #OWS

Cont’d: “Raise your hands if you’re working on a project that you want to plug others into!” Many hands. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Raise your hands if you’re working on a project that you want to let the whole movement know about!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “@Interocc hopes to keep everyone together using coordination hubs, so ppl can work together on conference calls + other web tools.”

Cont’d: “So, please sign up for our newsletter! Please start a coordination hub! So you can share all the wonderful work you’re all doing.”

Next, Katherine from Occupy Maine! Ethan announces that after Katherine is done speaking, “we’re going to close stack.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “So, if you’d like to come speak, please come see Nick or myself right now.” #OWS #S17

Katherine, Occupy Maine: “I’m doing a reportback for the discussion group that met right here!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We would just like to say what an amazing day this has been. Some things that we found especially effective…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…were breaking up into small groups for actions. And something that was particularly great was the playful nature of the…”

Cont’d: “…events today. And speaking as someone who is from out of town, I would encourage everyone to bring this positive energy home..”

Cont’d: “…home with them to the Occupy groups they represent.” Stack is closed! #OWS #S17

Next, Ethan! “Hi! Our breakout group agreed that Occupy as a whole should coalesce around some of the issues integral to its original..”

Cont’d: “…message of economic justice. First, we believe that America needs a progressive reformation of our tax code.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “One that includes income tax returns, capital gains assessments, and a fincncial transactions tax. In order to control the volume..

Cont’d: “..of trading on Wall Street, and prevent the boom-and-bust cycle we are unfortunately all very familiar with.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Thank you! Happy birthday! Keep occupying!” #OWS #S17

Next, Cher from LA. “Hi! Thank you! I want to thank everybody who is here who started the movement a year ago. You really inspired me.” #S17

Cont’d: “Some things I’d like to see moving forward this year are us focusing on a toolkit- a metaphorical toolkit- as if we were Habitat..”

Cont’d: “…for Humanity. We need tools to build the 99% movement. And we have to learn how to use these tools. 2 suggestions: crucial..”

Cont’d: “…conversations, a way to talk to each other, and then the other: strategic planning & strategic messaging. Thank you!” #OWS #S17

Next, Lacey. “Hi, I’m Lacey! I’m from @OccupyDC! One year ago, I was here at Occupy Wall Street. This energy feels the same…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…in many ways. We need this. I went back home, and we started @OccupyDC. We’re celebrating our 1-year anniversary too!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “In 2 weeks, we have a music festival in front of that, called Rockupy. Saturday, Sunday, 2 weeks from now.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d; “Then, October 1st, we’re shutting down K Street! Wall Street is where they make their billions; K Street is where they spend them..

Cont’d: “…on lobbying. Come to DC and join us! I’ve got flyers; come see me, and thank you.” #OWS #S17

Next, Paul from Astoria. “Hi! My name is Paul, from Occupy Astoria LIC! We’re working on a campaign to repeal NDAA 10-21!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We want to connect with Occupies across the nation to get them to tell their congressmen that indefinite detention will not stand!”

Cont’d: “If you’re interested, come see me or Jerry. We’ll be standing by that tree. Thank you!” ["Yeah, that one," someone says.] #OWS #S17

Next, Jerry. “This year, I worked with Direct Action, Mutual Aid, and Strike Debt! I learned a lot from a lot from a lot of very smart ppl.”

Cont’d: “My grp talked abt how we have to come back nxt year for the next anniversary with even more skills to amplify our power!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “See you all year, and next year! Thank you!” Next, Shawn from Occupy Santana. #OWS #S17

Sam: “My name is actually Sam; I’m from Occupy Orange County Santa Ana. Where I live, it’s a very conservative neighborhood.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We’ve had four arrests since our inception. I came here by myself, and I was afraid of getting arrested, and no one knowing…”

Cont’d: “…where I’m at! I got arrested, and I just got released. And I have to say that New York City’s Occupy Wall Street’s…”

Cont’d: “…OWS’ #jailsolidarity is close to none. We banged pots and water jugs, and the revolution is alive in there!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “After the next speaker, we’re going to take a little musical interlude. Next on stack is Janet.” #OWS #S17

Janet: “Good evening! I’m Janet from Occupy Oakland! I facilitated that group over there — yellow shirt guy.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Our reflections on today: we are energized, exhausted, still processing, familial. We learned a lot today, and this year.” #OWS

Cont’d: “Next steps- 7 points: use tools on keep the dialogue going! Look for points of leverage with those in power.”

Cont’d: “Work in neighborhoods. Last thing: peaceful revolution through peaceful revelations. Thank you!” #OWS #S17

Nathan: “So, now, we’re going to take a little break, & enjoy a little music.” Someone intros: “We do not consent to tyrants or violence..”

Cont’d: “…with silence.” The refrain is “We Occupy!” #OWS #S17

“All right! Thank you.” Turning the ppl’s mic back on. “Next on stack: Servius!” #OWS #S17

Next: “I am Servius, from Rhode Island! I am a student, very much like many of you. We’re all struggling as students under this capitalist..

Cont’d: “…system! We need to build cohesive student unions and also taking a look at the cradle-to-prison pipeline that affects…”

Cont’d: “..people of color, and work to eliminate all forms of repression. Students from K through 12 need to go to higher ed. We can only..

Cont’d: “…do that if we stay connected and united! Solidarity and power to the students!” #OWS #S17

Nathan: “There’s a lot of space up in the front! Maybe if folks moved up to the front, we might only 1 generation of the people’s mic.” #S17

Nick: “Next on stack is (Vasul?) from New Jersey.” Vasul: “I wrote a poem: Revolution, in February last year.” #OWS #S17

The poem: “Bread, bread, bread… make the new better things. In the year 2011, in the people’s land, so many revolutions we have to bring.”

Cont’d: “Long waited the deprived, ignored mass, without jobs, food, medicine or shelter. How dare they make all of us harassed…” #S17

Cont’d: “Why do we live without health care? We build the world with our labors, with talent, innovating new products.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Companies fail due to bad managers, by the wealth the greedy CEOs suck. Thank you!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “On 29 September at 2pm at the Hudson Park Library, we will take part in 100,000 poets for change.” #OWS #S17

Next, Marcos from Free University. “Good evening! Happy birthday! One year ago, we gathered here and many groups were created…” #OWS #s17

Cont’d: “…of the celebration of this anniversary. It’s going to be held at Madison Square Park from tomorrow! Everybody’s welcome.” #S17

Cont’d: “…working on a broad range of issues. What came out from this movement included a Free University.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The Free University is an open university; everybody can come in; it doesn’t cost money. The Free University is part..” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “There’s going to be teach-ins, there’s going to be professors… thank you.” #OWS #S17

Natasha is next. “I’m from a project called Strike Debt. A few of you were part of our action in the morning.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Next weekend, on the 23rd of September, we have a debt assembly at Washington Square Park at noon!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “If you want to know more about what Strike Debt is doing, get a copy of Tidal. And also, look out for our Debt Resistors’ Manual!”

Cont’d: “If you can’t find it here today, come on the 23rd, or on! See you in the streets!” #OWS #S17

Kevin: “I’m here to Occupy art as money. My message is symbolic; it’s a symbol of love and truth.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “And we owe you nothing, Wall Street!” Next, Kevin. #OWS #S17

Next, Goldie. “Hi! I’m Goldie! 2 quick reportbacks… Yesterday, we recorded the last song performed, when everyone was onstage.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “That song is online, with donations accepted, all proceeds going to the #OWS bail fund, which we may need tonight.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The website is” #S17 #OWS

Cont’d: “Also, we are putting out an Occupy Card, really cool co-op for poor people who can’t afford banks!” Debuts in 2 months. #OWS #S17

Next, Echo. “You are perfect already! Feel that! Know that! Look around you, and reflect that! It’s been a long year.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Of multiple lifetimes, and life lessons. Think about what you learned; what worked and what didn’t work. The entire world looked..”

Cont’d: “…to us for something new, something they could believe in. That’s each other — transparency, trust, and trut.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Today, a Mayan Elder spoke here. He emphasized that this is a truly new phenomenon. He also emphasized the creative power..” #OWS

Cont’d: “…of respect, and being respected. Practice compassion in action, support one another, so we can evolve!” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The world is hoping we do this. We can do it. Love you!” #OWS #S17

Marisa: “The facilitation team has realized that the rest of the people on stack sre predominantly white men.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “In Occupy Wall Street, we have, as one of our principles, to step up, and to step back. We do this to recognize that we all…”

Cont’d: “…have different levels of privilege, that are largely determined by systematic oppression. So, we are inviting…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…the people who are currently on stack to think about stepping back. We are also inviting people who haven’t spoken…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…specifically, people who experience systematic oppression, to step the fuck up, so we won’t continue to be such a white mvmnt.”

Next: Queen Mother. “I first want to say to all of you, as the Council of Elders at Occupy Wall Street, that I am here. I’m just coming..”

Cont’d: “…from the United Nations, which I have been there all day, thinking about you, and reminding the world community that you are..”

Cont’d: “…the future leaders of the world. It is important that the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, hear from you at the United Nations.”

Cont’d: “It was wonderful to speak to the President of the General Assembly, who’s been very open to hear from you. We all went to Rio…”

Cont’d: “…and Brasil for the Earth Summit. Parallel, we had the People’s Summit. We was able to get the People’s Summit…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…into the World Summit in Rio… because of you. I ask God Allah, the Creator, the Divine Voice of All Life, whatever name we…”

Cont’d: “…may call the force greater than ourselves, to protect you and guide you. And I love you, and I thank you.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “Coming from the Elders: we love you!” #OWS #S17

Next: “I’m Jared from Occupy Wall Street. I’m here to tell you a very practical way to press the banking cartel w/in the year.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The Swiss, German, and French banks have an inordinate amount of Greek, Spanish, Portugeuse.. bonds.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “The places we should really be concentrating on around the Mediterranean.” #OWS #S17

“If we can get even half of those countries to default on that debt, we can… effective collapse” the banking cartels. #OWS #S17

Next, from Occupy Rhetoric. “I started an account, Occupy Rhetoric. It was intended to address how this movement is changing the world…”

Cont’d: “..through what you are saying, and how you make your voices heard. I just want to let you know that this occupation exists…”

Cont’d: “…and will continue to, as long as there is something left to say. You can find us on Twitter to let us know how your speech..”

Cont’d: “…is moving to yourself and others. And please know this: an entire discipline and study that rose with democracy…” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…in Ancient Greece is beside you and has yr back. Because our rhetoric and speech.. can work as a positive force in this world.”

Next, Kristen from Harlem. “Hi everyone! I wanted to make an announcement about an action after this assembly. After this assembly..” #OWS

Cont’d: “…a bunch of us are going to 1 Police Plaza to rally and give jail support. Those in jail need us to be outside.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “To join with us, meet at this orange statue after this assembly. Thank you.” #OWS #S17

Next: [Mitu?]: “I just have a small message to share… there are those that say Occupy is dead, but look around you: on S17, I do…”

Cont’d: “…not see death, I see solidarity, I see life. We have all come together as part of a community that dreams of a better world..”

Cont’d: “…and demands a better tomorrow. We have come here together to fight against a common enemy of injustice, inequality, and..”

Cont’d: “…a system of dominance and exploitation. Brothers and sisters, we must stand together- we must fight in solidarity.”

Cont’d: “They can take our books, our tents; they can cuff our hands, but they can never take our idea. The idea of Occupy must live on…”

Cont’d: “…and can usher in a better world. We are unstoppable; another world is possible. Thank you.” The familiar chant is picked up.#S17

Next: Brian. “I am B Love. I came here for the birthday of an eco village, to occupy consciousness with a novel that depicts the future..”

Cont’d: “…of this movement. I’m publishing on paper made of hemp, which is illegal to grow in the United States, although it affords us..”

Cont’d: “…a sustainable source of food, and fiber to transition us from the GMOs and the other machinations of the corporate empire.” #OWS

Cont’d: “We call ourselves the 99%, but my wish is that what we’ve seen so far is only the first 1% of the mvmnt we will ultimately create.”

Cont’d: “I’m going to share some familiar words that were written on paper made of hemp.” It’s the Declaration of Independence. #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “…deriving their powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any government becomes destructive… “

Cont’d: “…it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and form new government… and organizing its principles in such a form..”

Cont’d: “…as shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Thanks be to Occupy, thanks be to America, amen.” #OWS #S17

Next: “King of America.” “Hello, I’m the King of America. I just wanted to say how proud I am of all of you. Your courage is what’s going..”

Cont’d: “…to forge this country in the future. I just want to tell you how much I love you. Please tell me how I can serve you better.”

Next: “It is becoming harder and harder for musicians to make a living doing what they do in musicians. Join the Musician’s Solidarity…”

Cont’d: “Join the musician’s solidarity council: It’s taken me 1 year in Occupy to find my voice. I am now no…”

Cont’d: “…longer afraid of the surveillance systems and face-recognition software. I highly recommend that all of you stand up..” #OWS

Cont’d: “…and speak your hearts.” Ethan: “Thank you so much for listening to each other.” Last on stack: Negesti. #OWS #S17

Negesti: “Hi! I would like to say, today was beautiful. You are amazing. Keep on fighting. But, look around. We are mostly white. That..”

Cont’d: “…is a problem, because the world we want to create is not only white. We need to think about how we can outreach and better…”

Cont’d: “…do messaging, so next year, this group looks even better. I love you, stay safe, and keep on.” Big round of applause. #OWS #S17

Nathan: “So, there were two people overlooked oon stack, so we’re going to respect the fact they waited and let them talk.” #OWS #S17

Next: Justin. “I’m only half-white, and I’m also gay. I’m here from #NYCGA. That is New York City General Assembly.” #OWS #S17

Cont’d: “We’d like to invite you back to Liberty Plaza this Saturday and every Saturday at 7pm. Thank you.” #OWS #S17

Last, Kobe. “Hello, lovely people! I’m sorry to keep you here; I have a very important announcement to tell you. I started the…”

Cont’d: “…Environmental Working Group in Philly last fall. On Sept 20, the leaders of the gas industry are meeting for a conference..”

Cont’d: “…in Philadelphia. After this, they are meeting for a shale gas (?) to be convened outside the convention center from 12-2.” #OWS

Cont’d: “Fracking sucks! Fracking fracks up our water. We cannot let the 1% do this to us, so I invite you to come to Philly on Thursday…”

Cont’d: “…and have an anti-fracking party with us. Peace and goodnight!” #OWS #S17

Ethan: “Lastly, we have Lady.” Lady: “My name’s Lady, but now I’ve started using my real name, because I don’t want to be identified..”

Cont’d: “..with this movement, the reason being that when black people came to the table, they were looked down upon because…”

Cont’d: “..of their educational level. They were not allowed to speak because they couldn’t express themselves perfectly…”

Cont’d: “ the way society wants you to express yourself. The reason musicians don’t make money is that society doesn’t listen with..”

Cont’d: “…our hearts anymore. We’ve lost feeling because as long as the system exists, with the same ppl in it, you’ll have same results.”

Cont’d: “If you don’t want to change, stay here, occupy Wall Street forever and ever. But if you want to hear music, start listening…”

Cont’d: “…with your heart.” Cheers, whoops, applause. #OWS #S17

Mark: “Take a moment to look around you: this is beautiful. I, as an individual, would like to dedicate this day, this Assembly, and…”

Cont’d: “…my participation in this movement to my inspiration, an amazing radical, a dedicated anarchist, a strong feminist…”

Cont’d: “…a New Yorker, and an activist who dedicated her life to fighting for unions, workers, and a better world: Emma Goldman.” #OWS

Nathan: “I just want to thank everyone that came here tonight and lifted up the voices of your friends, your comrades, and the people…”

Cont’d: “…working with you to create a better world without Wall Street. It’s been amazing. This concludes the Popular Assembly.” #OWS#S17

Cont’d: “If anyone tonight doesn ‘t have a place to go back to, the housing people have asked me to read this” – directions to the space.

Cont’d: “As you can see, there are a lot of police here. We want to end this night with all the positive energy that we brought into…”

Cont’d: “…this space. So, please take advantage if you need it. Remember, we also have a lot of ppl still in jail; you can also go…”

Cont’d: “…support those people at the 7th Precinct, 100 Center, and 1 Police Plaza.” #OWS #S17

Marisa: “One more thing, before you all leave: a year ago today, we occupied this park, and we’ve come a long way, and we can really make..”

Cont’d: “…Zuccotti Park everywhere. That said, some of you may be intending to stay. If you are, we want you to be informed about the..”

Cont’d: “…nature of this park. This park is open 24 hours a day for general access. But that does not include sleeping, or having any..”

Cont’d: “…kind of structure. So, that’s the law- you should keep that in mind. You’re taking on risks. Also, there are a significant..”

Cont’d: “…number of cops around the perimeter of this park; there are barricades, and it is very unlikely that we would be able to hold..”

Cont’d: “..this park. So, in Occupy, we have supported very different tactics. The facilitation team does not want to endorse one tactic..”

Cont’d: “…or another, but we do want to encourage that whatever tactics people may take, they think about the consequences…”

Cont’d: “…and that they meet together, and have a plan, and feel safe.” “So, these Assemblies are not over. We’ll be meeting…”

Cont’d: “…every Wednesday night in this park for Popular Assemblies, from 6-8. Assemblies allow us all to communicate with each other..”

Cont’d: “…about our ongoing work, to help build this movement. So, let’s come and assemble and amplify our voices.” #OWS #S17

Marisa: “So, to close, Happy Birthday!” Everyone sing along at home! “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR OCCUPY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” #OWS #S17

RT @shawncarrie: Some people at liberty square are trying to lead a rogue march to 100 Center. Many of these people are from out of town …

RT @shawncarrie: Many of us who have been here at #OWS since the beginning think this is a seriously BAD idea. For SO many reasons.

RT @shawncarrie: 1) We have been in this SAME situation so so many times before. #O15,#D31, #D10, #M17!!!!!

RT @shawncarrie: The police will relish in beating and arresting more people tonight. In the park or in the streets.

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