Tweets for Fri, 14 Sep 2012

Tweets now from the #S17 Affinity Group Spokes happening near the SI Ferry terminal. #OWS

Lisa is describing what we’re trying to do Monday- filling in details of action plan. #S17 #OWS

Lisa: “We have to be willing to take direct action” to assert our rights to our land and communities. #S17 #OWS

“We’ve got three days to keep integrating and building and learning and making sure we have enough ppl to do what needs done.” #S17 #OWS

The action framework was reviewed earlier- 4 zones around the Stock Exchange, themed by issue, and a CD “People’s Wall” in middle. #S17 #OWS

After the civil disobedience, we will break out into a distributed “99 revolutions” built on a small-group framework. #S17 #OWS

RT @TesselizaTC: You know it’s a real spokes council when @DiceyTroop starts livetweeting on @LibertySqGA (and the cops show up) #S17spo …

We’ve broken out into affinity groups and/or issue clusters to discuss this working plan for Monday morning. #S17

In our affinity groups – small groups of trust based on common goals or principles + deep knowledge – we are discussing our needs for #S17.

Christina: “That’s 15 minutes; if your spoke can come back to the middle and sit down in a circle, we can hear what you talked about.” #S17

[As you can see from the map I uploaded, we start at 7AM in different places depending on zone. Actions proceed from there.] #OWS #S17

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