Tweets for Fri, 12 Oct 2012

RT @OccupyWallSt: Write to the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters via @OWSTactical #grandjuryresister #solidarity

RT @DiceyTroop: Live minutes for tonight’s #OWS #13O Action Spokescouncil starting soon, prepping for tomorrow’s actions in NYC: https:/ …

About 30-40 people here for the #13O Spokes Council, just getting underway. #ows

. @MutantLegal says they will do #jailsupport and know-your-rights trainings at Columbus Circle before the action tomorrow. #13O

The Strike Debt group says it had planned for a 7:30 march but is now suggesting it be earlier, for better exposure. #ows #13O

The Strike Debt group is now suggesting other tactics for #13O that I am not going to tweet publicly. #ows

The Strike Debt group is discussing going civilian to actions tomorrow and if we should reconvene for a Spokes Council somewhere. #ows

Our groups are now breaking out to discuss concerns. #ows #13O

One group has concern about the timing. Why are we starting at 4 pm when the rest of the world will be doing actions earlier? #ows #13O

Another concern: About the security of the targets for #13O. #ows

Another group has concerns about whether we’ll convene at Lincoln Center or Times Square–which is a better idea? #ows #13O

Concern: Whether to take the march to the west side or the east side of Manhattan, and how to focus the messaging. #ows #13O

A group wants to know about making tactical planning and legal trainings available in Spanish. Answer: We can do that! #ows #13O

Concerns: Have we been doing outreach? How can we get more people? Do we need trainings if it’s going to be the core people? #ows #13O

Concern: Have we printed fliers? Because this is like the Casseroles marches and we did great outreach on those. #ows #13O

Ingrid talks about how we can at least ATTEMPT to have security culture around this action. Like not giving out a map till day of. #13O

Talking about how certain targets for actions on #13O are more sensitive than others, and we need to be strategic. #ows

We are discussing how we want to keep the #13O targets close to the vest, so how/when do we also get that info out to participants? #ows

Now a POI about why we decided to center our actions at Columbus Circle: to take our noise to where the 1% live, work, and play. #13O #ows

Strike Debt group is answering questions about why the whole action is starting so late, and if we should shift the schedule. #13O #ows

We just had breakouts to discuss the timing of the action, and then consensed on the framework. Yay! #ows #13O

Just had a discussion about the question of outreach: do we have fliers? Have we talked to the press? And comms: Do we have a celly?

The answer to all of those questions was: Kind of and maybe. #ows #13O

We just consensed on adopting the same action agreements as we had on #S17 for #13O.

Now going over needs: lazers, flashlights to make a bigger splash. #13O #ows

An offering! We now have a celly loop! Text @nyc13O to 23559 to join! #ows #13O

Another need: To add websites to the flier we’ll print. Now popcorning them out. #ows #13O

A need from Strike Debt: That we have a tactical team in place for on-the-ground decisions. #ows #13O

Another need: There will be a debt burn. So bring debt to burn. #ows #13O

An important need: We think we’ll only have 2 livestreamers there tomorrow. We need more people to stream and tweet! #ows #13O

For livestream of #13O tomorrow, follow @stopmotionsolo and @ows_casper. #ows

Announcements: Kitchen has food for #OccupyTownSq for #13O and needs ppl to help bring it. Talk to @emarkadams or @sabokitty to help.

Announcement: We’ll be doing letter writing for the Pacific Northwest grand jury resistors after this meeting. #ows #13O

. @MutantLegal reminds the affinity groups to organize their own #jailsupport. And the NLG is at 2126796018. #ows #13O

Okay! The meeting is over! Thanks for reading the tweets! Hope to see you at #13O tomorrow! #ows

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