Stand United Proposal

There are a wide variety of reasons that have brought us all together: debt, corrupt government practices, failing democratic processes, soul-crushing educational institutions, unconstitutional infringement of rights, etc. However, the sheer recognition of these issues does not resolve them. While much progress has been made to educate and inform those who would otherwise remain ignorant to the movement’s reasons, there has also been much confusion as to what the focus is on.

Throughout the past year, Occupy movements across the country (and even the world) have been questioned for their vague demands and lack of leadership, and focus. I, and thousands (if not tens of thousands) still retain much optimism and hope for our lives, this movement, and the movement of this country. Because of this, I believe entirely, that it is our sole responsibility to learn from our mistakes and to refine our movement’s practice.

We got the world’s attention; we’ve made them recognize that we’re angry, we’re disheartened, and we’re ready to fill the streets with reform. But it is also nothing new that if we do not direct our government where we see fit, they will not give us the benefit of the doubt. It is absolutely imperative that we harness our combined energies and focus on a single issue at a time.

There is plenty of time to change everything that needs changing, but until we focuses our voices, we will only be losing the pressure that keeps us going.

I have a suggestion for a main-focus issue–inspired by the seemingly unanimous issue of the movement–the democracy-defying corporate lobbying.

It is only appropriate that, while rallying on Wall Street, we not just point our fingers and picket signs at the vague concept of the corporate fat cat, but toward the fat cat’s actions. We need to focus in on what EXACTLY is being done that we refuse to lay down and accept any longer.

Our energy will not be effective if we spew it around like wild fires, to cause a ruckus, but dissipate in the night; our efforts must be precise, direct, and focused on results, like a laser guided missile.

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