Request for Solidarity with The Line

Request for Solidarity with The Line

The Line is the world’s longest unemployment line for 14 minutes - 1
minute for each of the 1 million currently unemployed Americans.

TUESDAY, MARCH 6th, 2012
 8:14- 8:28am

Join 5,000 citizens to form the world’s largest unemployment line
stretching on Broadway from the bull on Wall Street to Times Square.
We will hold pink slips above our heads for 14 minutes in solidarity
with the 14 million currently unemployed. The action will be a
stunning visual evocation of the need for policies that encourage job
creation versus tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest one

We are looking for collaborating organizations to help turn out people
for this action. We need between 40 and 70 people per block. Each
organization will also be responsible for designating a “block
captain” who will be in communication with the logistics team for the

We are also looking for experienced organizers, though we already have
a number on board.

We are looking for people willing to stand in for the unemployed for
14 minutes March 6, 2012 at 8.14am.

Participants should arrive at 8 AM on March 6th at their assigned
location. There they will be given their pink slips and will form a
line on the sidewalk of their assigned block. They will hold the slips
above their heads for 14 minutes.

Please email if you or your organization wants
to take part.

You may also visit our website at:

facebook event invite:

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