Replacement of current Accounting/Finance team

For any number of reasons

800,000 raised, apparently spent, and nothing to show for it
Months with no reports
Failure to file legally required audit
Closed working group, meeting in secret,
Refusal to honor GA requests, or to attend GA’s as mandated

It is time to have a new team formed, with more specific criterion, that will be open, and responsible for funds when the bail funds return. This new group should include advisors with degree and or professional experience in managing financial affairs.

All reciepts, bank accounts, trademarks, and assets, with dollar amounts, and locations should be put into a spreadsheet, and any paper documents shall be transferred to a location of group knowledge, and scanned in and available electronically.
reports shall be generated no less than once per month, and preferably once per week.

This shall be implemented, with a transfer of all accounts to 2 new parties, advised by one of the current members, preferably Diego on current methodologies, and a completely new team of at least 5 members by October 15th.

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