Proposal to establish a grievance council

Violence in the GA is Unacceptable


Lately, every other General Assembly seems to have an assault. This is an extremely disturbing development. If General Assemblies cannot be conducted without violence, Occupy Wall Street is over because most people will not want to come to a place where a few people are allowed to bully others. It doesn’t matter if those enacting acts of violence are of color, being a so called minority gives you no special rights. In fact, certain violent perpetrators have been perverting topics such as marginalization , racism, and homelessness and using them to hide behind violent and criminal acts. Just as one’s skin color gives one no special rights, living in a home or being homeless gives no one the right to commit acts of violence. One cannot justify bad behaviors by saying someone is homeless.

Those who commit acts of violence, particularly repeated acts of violence, quite clearly do not care about principles of solidarity. While we cannot bar them from parks, we can decide not to put them on stack on the GA, that they not be allowed to bring proposals to the GA, not to give them free metrocards, and not to allow them in spaces controlled by Occupy such as spoke council, for a period of two to 4 weeks or more, depending on the grievance process. This proposal will establish a formal grievance council, who will determine the road back.

While this is up to the victims of the assault, this group of proposers urges victims to file police reports and seek restraining orders, if need be. To those who speak about the crime of excluding anyone, by including violent people, you exclude others. People have left the movement because they feel unsafe and will continue to do so unless this matter is addressed. Most occupiers have been wonderfully kind to each other. We cannot allow a few people to destroy everything for everyone in this movement.


solidarity working group

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