Proposal from Vision and Goals

Proposal from Vision and Goals to present the latest version of this statement (below)

A Vision of the People’s Movement of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street assembles to protest the unjust laws and rules manufactured by
less than 1% of the Earth’s population.We come from everywhere in America and
abroad; our views are as diverse as our origins, but the one idea that has brought us
together is our shared wish to see a better world based on human dignity.

Although we do not always agree on the world we want to see, there are strands of
vision that unite us all. Many of them are listed below. We are working together with all
of humanity to refine and complete this beautiful vision.

Occupy Wall Street, by its existence, creates the possibility of a future where the world
emerges in continual transformation as People, Nature, and the Planet live in harmony;
each providing for the welfare of the other.

All that we need is already here.

Vision of the peoples General Assembly (February, 2012)

Occupy Wall Street, by its existence, creates the potential for a future where the world evolves in a continual transformation of Humanity and Nature thriving on our planet in a harmony where each element of the system provides for the welfare of the other elements.

All we need is already here.

Basic Human Needs as a top priority:

War is Obsolete;
Conflict resolution, rehabilitation, and support.
Basic Human Needs are a top priority
Systems favor mutual aid and collaboration to distribute resources
Healthy food.
Health care for everyone
Education is free and of the highest quality.

Human resources; we are the valued resource
A philosophy and practice of mutual aid.
Contribution is valued as work
All to benefit all people: The world’s resources are used for everyone’s well being.

Environmental care and respect

People  live harmoniously with nature and planet
Conservation of and sharing of resources
Shared resources,
Bioregionalism; locally based smaller communities all over the world.
A non-proprietary respect for Earth
Tubes in the ocean to harness the power of the currents.
A Sustainable environment where we work with the earth and not just take from it.
No more fossil-fueled polluting automobiles.

Beneficial Social Structures

Fulfilling and meaningful work.
Healthy lifestyles as the new normal.
Everyone has the freedom to go anywhere in the world without discrimination.
A Society that encourages inclusion instead of competition
A Society where Cooperatives thrive over exploitative systems.
Complete equality
3 parties, 4 parties, 5 parties…
Self-Governance through Direct Democracy

Priority of intellectual and religious harmony

Celebration of our Culture over profit margin
Emphasis of We culture that we appreciate
A Culture of Spirituality and a sense of humanity
Power from within instead of power to control others.
Freedom of religion

A new world ethic

No us/them – no more separation.
The practice of active listening in our communication
We have real relationships for a true human connection

In the future: A free and wonderful Life Paradigm

We have the freedom to go anywhere.
And live a balanced life.
With access to nature and city.
To Travel anywhere and have food from everywhere
In a world that  is stateless, borderless.
We live without discrimination and see truthfully that everyday justice prevails.
By Valuing and celebrating other cultures; the human experience is Dialectic,
Informative, Transforming and Becoming.

As Occupy Wall Street we are busy creating the potential for a future that finds ways to evolve positively with the continual transformation of Humanity and Nature on a Planet that lives in harmony;  each element providing for the welfare of the other elements.

All we need is already here.

All the contents of the main body of this document were created by a February General Assembly in an excercise where Occupiers shared their Vision for the future world they hoped to see. It is important to state that this is meant as the first version of a living document that is meant to improve itself as we learn together as an occupation and enhance our wisdom of the ideas and systems involved in this vision.

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