Proposal for Solidarity with Occupy Oakland

This is a statement of solidarity with Occupy Oakland:

To our dear friends in the Oakland Commune,

We’re writing to you to express our unwavering solidarity with your
struggle and our gratitude for your courage and creativity.

While we in New York have made different tactical choices, we affirm
Occupy Oakland’s freedom to use whatever means necessary to further
your [and our] struggle. A diversity of tactics is necessary, and it
means that there is no correct method to resistance. We trust our
comrades to make your own choices for your own community.

We admire the courage and tenacity that the Oakland Commune has shown
in the face of massive police violence and repression. Your bravery
and strategic prowess have invigorated and affirmed our own struggles
here in New York. You have expanded what is possible in this
struggle, and we are grateful for that.

In critiques of the Oakland Commune’s tactics, many people question
your focus on the police. We believe that challenging the institution
of the police and the prison-industrial complex is imperative to any
coherent analysis of gendered, racial and economic inequality. The
Oakland Police Dept. disproportionately targets poor communities and
communities of color to further a process of internal colonization and
exploitation. Part of class struggle is challenging those who enforce
such exploitation, and protect those who benefit from it. This
structural violence is nothing new; many critiques have overlooked the
history of repressive police violence in Oakland. We recognize the
escalation of conflict between the people of Oakland and the OPD is
long overdue, and completely essential.

We strongly empathize with your struggle against a repressive
police force; we’ve read reports that a third person this week, an 18-
year-old black man in the Bronx, was murdered by the NYPD. This
violence is part of an ongoing campaign of intimidation and sustained,
institutional racialized violence against people of color in the United States.
We applaud our comrades in Oakland for naming and fighting this very system.

The preemptive, reckless, disproportionate and targeted violence of the police
against the Oakland Commune (including the children of organizers and
community members) is totally unacceptable and reprehensible.
This affront calls out for justice and accountability.

As for Mayor Jean Quan, words cannot
describe our anger and disgust at her complicity in the cycle
of racist violence and open warfare on the streets of Oakland. We are
contemptuous at her call for Occupy Wall Street to disown our comrades
in Occupy Oakland, and we reiterate our steadfast
support and solidarity with you.

We will fight, and we will win!

Feminist Direct Action at OWS

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