Proposal for Printing May Day Poster

Budget Proposal for


May Day Poster

This proposal is for Printing for a May Day Poster to be distributed widely throughout NYC.

The print shop we will be using is union run and the paper is recycled newsprint.

We are looking to print 1000 copies on recycled newsprint, 2′x2′

We will wheatpaste the posters all across the 5 burroughs to raise awareness about MAY DAY

Occupy LA and Occupy Oakland are also printing this poster for their MAY DAY General Strike.

The cost for printing is $750. Shipping is $50.

An additional $200 would go to cover cost of paint, canvas, grommets and wheatpaste.

Total budget is $1000

There is a time pressure to get this printed asap.

Contact Person: Lopi

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